You LOSE You TWEET (Gang Beasts) -

You LOSE You TWEET (Gang Beasts)

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  1. "taco language" we all now mully edited this video

  2. I’m eating a Klondike bar and they just said “Klondike bar”

  3. You guys are racist why are you talking about poor people

  4. video idea: real life gang beasts. watch narrator use his military training to whoop the others lol

  5. Mully is the most kawaii of the group. Narrator is the narrator. And Eddie is the mexorcist

  6. Hey if you flip the thumbnail upside down

    It's sus

  7. 𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝓰𝓲𝓻𝓵𝓼 𝓮𝓶 says:

    Yes I noticed that 😂

  8. Did you know if you jump and hold square you can tackle people

  9. josh: what are you going to say to joe biren right now

    me: aswdfootemaaafootefootwhscuseme

  10. 20:50 lolEddie forgot he made that tweet for Molly and he’s just complimenting himself without realizing

  11. Is funny how the boys be saying funny sh!t to Eddie and I'm Hispanic too 😂

  12. i like mullys background is pink and red like valentines day

  13. you know what the best part of this video is? 19:17 when mully looks up and sees everyone laughing and he smiles at it

  14. These peaple are …… THE BOYS with the Mexican the narrator the guy who hates poor peaple the guy with big eyes and the cracked out guy that likes juice boxes

  15. Love how when ever Eddie talks taco it says taco words below in subtitles

  16. I am eating Doritos while watching this lol

  17. The fact about Eddie getting picked up by mully at 7:11 mins through the video bro

  18. Mully: we chillin
    Me: your in kristys hous stupid

  19. I like you, Molly this is embarrassing😞🫤😶

  20. Everytime I start a joshdub video I hear "PENIS TIME!" In the other room idk why tho

  21. Juicy saying I win right after losing had me laughing so hard at 9:48 and then the fact that he kept saying it later on

  22. Also not juicy casually getting hit by a train twice and surviving

  23. WTF is going on in Mulley's living room??? Does he live in a brothel?

  24. Mully i have never had mrbeast burgers either

  25. Was the train the vehicle Eddie used to cross tha border or did he do the Mexican clime

  26. its not fair juicy,josh and eddie 3v1 em 🙁

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