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WWE Survivor Series (Nintendo Game Boy Advance) – Royal Rumble

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This is the Royal Rumble from the game WWE: Survivor Series for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance (GBA)
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  1. September of 2008, I remember taking a road trip from South Carolina to Colorado and all I had to keep me company was my GBA SP and this game. I remember my dad driving nonstop until 4 in the morning and me in the backseat of the mini van playing this game for hours!

  2. I had Road to Wrestlemania growing up, only just learned this one existed. The difference in visuals is something!

  3. Traded this game to a friend for “Fire Pro”. Never regretted it but damn this was a great game

  4. They move like robots or cyborgs from terminator. Lol.

  5. please can someone tell me how to use finisher and cover for pc please

  6. Royal Rumble it must easier to win All you just do is Irish whip towards the rope and closeline them out of the ring it superduper easy

  7. The finisher how to used press+ A for the PC emulator press backspace

  8. They made a plug and play version of this game too, it was called wwe smackdown/raw I think

  9. Even i video games, Cena always wins. That's sad.

  10. 8:49.; The last I checked, there are no rope breaks in the Royal Rumble match…

  11. Literally my whole childhood this game was a classic.

  12. I feel so old watching this. I loved this game as a kid. I remember taking on the bus and all my friends playing matches on my gameboy sp

  13. I'm not gonna lie. Dousnt look good. You guys should have got smackdown vs raw when this came out.

  14. This Game Brings Me A Lot Of Nostalgia With My Nintendo When I Played With Undertaker Xd

  15. Never got tired playing this game back then. It got me playing while charging my gameboy.

  16. Cena was just a punching bag for most of his time in the ring in this game lol

  17. The detail on each wrestler is impressive for GBA, but what the fuck happened to Shawn Michaels, lol?

  18. I love this game and WWE Road To WrestleMania X8

  19. It's funny that they gave Cena green wrist bands in this one. Makes it look a lot like modern Cena.

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