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Wood-grain “Game Boy” that’s also a DS?

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This portable emulator by Anbernic runs on RetroArch and can play pretty much everything up to and including Nintendo DS games.

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  1. Hi, is this device able to run fine all PS1 games? Like Gran Turismo, Vigilante 8 and Driver?

  2. Nice review. I already owned the RG351P so the V wasn't an upgrade worth me buying, but whilst it is hardware internally identical it does improve 2 things over the P. A larger resolution screen 640×480 vs 480×320 and it brings back the twin SD card shots the same as the 350M, making it far easier to play around with roms. The 351P and M only have a single SD slot.

    But compared to the P/M the V does lose a tught analogue stick and only has a single speaker vs the stereo one on the others.

    I also own a Retroid Pocket 2 because it has slightly more power than the 351 and all the other systems based on the same hardware, and it runs on Android. But since buying the Anbernic I've not really used it much. The Anbernic systems have by far the best build quality and just feel premium. And their firmware is really polished.

    There are also a lot of alternative firmware OSs you can install on the Anbernic RG351P/M/V range incurring ArkOS and a new one that runs on Android!

  3. I absolutely love my 351V. I also have the wood grain one, but i took the case off, and wrapped it in some of the leftover automotive wrap i had one of my cars done in.. So, now its a really pretty deep burgundy with a hint of metal flake. Looks amazing.

  4. Was definitely not expecting to hear ZUTOMAYO in a wulffden video

  5. Switch to custom firmware it will fix the slowdown

  6. Don't buy from RetroMimi. They are crooks. Item was out of stock and never gave me a refund and stopped replying to my emails.

  7. If you have the RG351 (M/P/V) There is a wonderful custom firmware for it called 351ELEC. You tube how to install it. It runs everything like butter with zero configuration, just ready to go 🙂

  8. What’s the song he plays during the ad sequence no one watched?

  9. the only problem is online play and getting panned

  10. what song does he use at the start of he video its so chill and I remember it from somewhete

  11. So should I just email my card I or what man? Because I want one that thing is cool.

  12. damn that wood finish looks so convincing

  13. This is a poor review I have an RG 351 these kind of consuls are tinker toys you have to tinker with them to get them just right but if you tinker with it and learn how to use it it runs great obviously he just unboxed it and start playing with it and didn’t put much effort into figuring out how the system works

  14. Can anyone confirm this, but are the other 351 models (the P & M) basically the same as this?
    It should be the same hardware but with a different layout right?

  15. Do you always see the cursor on the screen when playing DS games?

  16. you are highly confused about how isps and vpns work….vps wont fix isp issue.

  17. they never work on an one console to make it perfect. they just keep releasing multiple nonfunctional consoles.

  18. I wish I didn't live in a third world country and our currency wasn't so devalued so these devices wouldn't cost $300,000.99 🙂

  19. The fucking cursor in the top left heart gold lmao

  20. 640×480 on a 3.5mm screen? Now that's what I call crisp. I didn't realize that you were such a tiny guy, though…that thing looks full sized in your hands.

  21. Why didn’t they call it the grain boy

  22. Videos like this are what made me purchase this little gem immediately! I love it. But boy it took me forever to figure out how to turn it off properly and close my games the right away. I love that I can play all the original SNES games. The library is so big and beautiful. I’m thinking of ordering the MP next – that blue is 😍

  23. Thinking about how CHEAP DSes and R4s are now, it just amazes me that this product has buyers.

  24. Idk. Imo, if it doesn't have two screens (one of witch being a touch screen) it doesn't run DS. Too many games require the touch aspect and constant use for me to say otherwise. I basically want one emulation device and then a 3ds because nothing else does it justice for me.

  25. RG351v runs retroarch in both 64 bit and 32 bit , the use of snes9x, 2010, 2005, 2005+ and 2002 are important to specific games. 2010 runs Super Mario rpg the best out of 9x cores, 2005 is needed for Seiken Densetsu 3, 2002 is needed for Super Gusson Oyoyo 2. Retroarch is separated between 32 bit and 64 bit cores, the reason being that the rg351v is not a powerful device and certain games run best with the slower 32 bit cores.

    Currently with the update to 351elec, there is also beetle supafaust, a core made from a fork of bsnes one of most accurate emulators for snes. Although, I still use 9x for certain games.

  26. Dude If we were friends it would be my obligation as your friend to tell ya. Just let the hair go already it wants to leave let it.

  27. What website do you recommend to download roms

  28. Is heart gold and soul silver unplayable on this one? With the dual screen switch issue

  29. What is the emulator that displays the system and games like that? The ones on the 350M don't display them like this.

  30. looks like, but also looks like a phone cover and 95% underpowered for the price.

  31. I saw the title and was excited because that sounds awesome then I saw the release date

  32. ..2.5 mins in… still nothing about the subject of the video…advert about vpn……. i'm out… you had your chance /gorman/ (aliens reference)

  33. Psp is on its own emulator too
    And the ports are labeled on the back very light. Also get cfw

  34. Your Video Makes Me Feel Better About Buying This In 2022 !!!

  35. Why does everyone like the woodgrain? Is it because it was the free review copy? Classic grey or black is best.

  36. The plugs are labeled….just woodgrain wrap is probably covering it.

  37. Just ordered mine… im upgrading from the OG Pocket-Go lol

  38. The moment I saw this I had to buy. The form factor brings back the nostalgia feels

  39. I am in india Its very expensive becuz 6500 rs shipping It's like 80 to 90 dollars
    And 9800 product whick is about 120 dollars Sad 😢 I love thisss

  40. Wuleff, new subscriber here. I love to watch your ads 🙂

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