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Wood-grain “Game Boy” that’s also a DS?

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This portable emulator by Anbernic runs on RetroArch and can play pretty much everything up to and including Nintendo DS games.

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  1. What website do you recommend to download roms

  2. Is heart gold and soul silver unplayable on this one? With the dual screen switch issue

  3. What is the emulator that displays the system and games like that? The ones on the 350M don't display them like this.

  4. looks like, but also looks like a phone cover and 95% underpowered for the price.

  5. I saw the title and was excited because that sounds awesome then I saw the release date

  6. ..2.5 mins in… still nothing about the subject of the video…advert about vpn……. i'm out… you had your chance /gorman/ (aliens reference)

  7. Psp is on its own emulator too
    And the ports are labeled on the back very light. Also get cfw

  8. Your Video Makes Me Feel Better About Buying This In 2022 !!!

  9. Why does everyone like the woodgrain? Is it because it was the free review copy? Classic grey or black is best.

  10. The plugs are labeled….just woodgrain wrap is probably covering it.

  11. Just ordered mine… im upgrading from the OG Pocket-Go lol

  12. The moment I saw this I had to buy. The form factor brings back the nostalgia feels

  13. I am in india Its very expensive becuz 6500 rs shipping It's like 80 to 90 dollars
    And 9800 product whick is about 120 dollars Sad 😢 I love thisss

  14. Wuleff, new subscriber here. I love to watch your ads 🙂

  15. Animal Crossing wild world ds, plays horrible on it. Some how the stylus and the cursor way out of sync? I was so happy at first. It's still a nice system.

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