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WiFi Game Boy Cartridge

there oughta be
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I created a Game Boy cartridge with built-in WiFi. At the moment, there are only two demonstrations, a simple serial communication and getting articles from Wikipedia. However, getting to this point was not as easy as it might seem…

Schematics, source code and detailed explanations can be found at

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  1. man, you did what gamefreak failed to do
    good job 🙂

  2. So I'm a year late to the party, and maybe this has been done/suggested, but here goes. If you used a RPI Pico W, there would be several advantages. Its a 3.3V device, so power becomes easyer to deal with, buck converter or even a voltage divider. The PIO pins don't use the CPU cores, so you could use 2 for clock and direction. That would leave 24 pins if you use the 3 ADC pins. Also, the chip can be overclocked, so you could bump the frequency when its trying to communicate with the GB.

  3. you know if it were possible to load the rom for lets say Pokémon yellow and code it so it uses the Wi-Fi receiver as a wireless link cable i honestly think that would be sick cause back in the day is was really annoying having to sit right up close to each other to trade.

  4. The gameboy's screen was designed to be played under light, and endure sunlight.

    If you needed to play in darkness, however, there was an official acessory that included speakers and a light for the screen.

    I'd love for it to have a backlight simular to wrist watches though.

  5. Just wondering if you had looked at a cheap/small FPGA for offloading the bus signaling to make it more ESP friendly. The cost of a LCMXO2 starts around $5 US nowadays (not sure how much they were when you did the project).

  6. okay but how fast could a Gameboy Advance get Wikipedia articles?

  7. You fucking madlad….I'm so proud of you!

  8. Maybe this can allow you to play pirated game boy ROMs if the data was fast enough to play game boy ROMs and potentially you could play a game boy ROM on it I feel like this has more potential for playing pirates games then actually you know don't matter stuff

  9. Are two port memories not a thing anymore?

  10. now all we need to do is downgrade Pokémon and make it a MMP game
    orrrr STEAM: Gameboy version

  11. im not sure if your project was first or the pico gb. but instead of just a wifi cartridge you could use an raspy pico w or an arduino nano, and insert your code. im far away from an expert but i like your project. I just asked me, with your knowledge you surely be able to do it better. even better than the Pico GB Project. but also i think im totally out because i dont know how much power is delivered over the cartridge contacts.

  12. "because I can" is literally one of the best excuses to do "stupid" shit like this – you learn so much about things this way. Glad to see somebody else sharing this attitude.

    A fellow "because I can-er" ♥️

  13. Can you do this in a ROM with an emulator like VisualBoy?

  14. This makes me think of live overflow doing a video on the missing no Pokémon and dissects how the game boy and cartridge

  15. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should…

  16. can you make a cartridge that has wifi and cellphone data that accesses youtube or iTunes

  17. can you make a carriage that works like a 486 msdos computer

  18. can you make a carriage with android phone os so it works like a cellphone

  19. can you make the gameboy screen tough screen

  20. The fact your out nerding me says alot! Another fact is that I can follow along and I get what you did and how you did it, I mean the part that you explained it all is aside from that, but for me I'm just like damn it that's alot a hell of a background you must have brother. 🐱 Impressive

  21. Well hell if you can run wifi off of it I wonder how it would handle more complex commands, so how well does it handle Bluetooth? Can it handle any veriety of Bluetooth? I remembered learning some of how Bluetooth architecture worked and such and I know it's complex as hell, but seeing a Gameboy do even silly things like send data to phone or even scores or game data would be very interesting to see play out. I don't think it could, I mean maybe at the bare minimum, but once asking for task and such or accessing different layers of protocol I think would be asking to much out of it. 🤔?

  22. I wonder if you could have a 8-bit microprocessor talk in realtime with the interface. Something along the lines of a MOS6502/WDC65c02/MC6800.

  23. i am afraid to ask this but can you make something similar for the ds?

  24. Which PCB manufacturerer did you use? Did you have to pay duty for the PCB?

  25. OHHHHH!!!!!! USE IT AS A MODEM!!!!
    Set it up to act as a network device and have it assign ips to other devices!
    Itd be slow as hell but super cool!

  26. What about giving the cartridge its own lithium battery inside a footprint similar to the rumble cartridge.

  27. streaming roms to game boy over wifi from computer should be really convenient

  28. Wow 🙂👍🏼….much respect, liked and subbed!

  29. I don't understand youtube babies infatuation with the word create lol.
    You didn't create anything.
    Get a grip

  30. I am almost certain it simply draws too much power. It's just that the tolerances are big enough that it works when the batteries are full.
    When I learned one things about electronics then it is:
    Voltages have a fairly big percent wise window of "good enough".
    So I would recommend checking temps. If they don't look concerning that's probably it, you just drain more power then the GameBoy was designed for.
    Because I have also learned another thing about R&D:
    Not tested and not supported do not mean: Will not work perfectly fine.
    Just don't bet on anyone having ever tested that.

  31. Make it Soo you can stream your computer on to the Gameboy with ascii graphics

  32. Can you imagine dropping this game boy with that Wi-Fi cartridge in the past. That would probably cause a butterfly effect and Game Boy company would be the rulers in the future

  33. ok. you made wifi for gameboy, now what

  34. I've been thinking to do some similar experiments with the MSX. I still have mine that I got about 35 years ago and it should still work. I'm thinking of using a few bus transceivers to add more Z80 CPUs to the system and extra ram.. Some ram would be dedicated to each CPU and some ram would be shared. I would also consider adding better graphics output, and use an atmega or STM32 for USB and i2c/SPI support and provide an i2c real time clock and i2c eeprom for permanent storage. I've never tried the ESP before. Would you recommend it over say an STM32H755?

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