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WiFi Game Boy Cartridge

there oughta be
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I created a Game Boy cartridge with built-in WiFi. At the moment, there are only two demonstrations, a simple serial communication and getting articles from Wikipedia. However, getting to this point was not as easy as it might seem…

Schematics, source code and detailed explanations can be found at

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  1. mann merk das du deutscher bist an der art wie du englich sprichts

  2. i cant understand what he's saying. is it in english?

  3. That's nice and all but with the technology at hand nowadays I was expecting people to make one that will be able link up 2 or more Gameboy wirelessly to play old games that require link cables in order to play. And no, not using an emulator on a PC or just be able to play it near someone wirelessly. What I meant is anyone can play it internationally.

  4. First. Never starts with Moinsen. As a german its so wierd to hear this in an english video oh and why the WiFi Cardridge für the GB ? Becous i can isnt an answer becous it has no use ore didnt i see it ?

  5. "I accidentally found my old Gameboy"
    DKoldies: "probably not worth much, I'll give you $4 for it"

  6. funny you didnt found one but i found so many wich was filmed before your Video xD

  7. You could say anything scientifically inclined, and I would have no choice but to believe you from your accent alone

  8. Maybe I missed it, but what kind of connectivity have you tried so far?

  9. how come the commercial that played when i clicked on this video was danny devito at a sandwich store? (i didn’t pay enough attention, but it was most likely subway)

  10. There's Game Boy, then Game Boy Color, what about Game Boy Advance?

  11. Der deutsche Akzent ist einfach fürchterlich 😂😂😂. Aber die Ideen sind genial.

  12. I love your explanation 4:40 (also 5:50) … This is applicable to any process that is done at any frequency. Thanks!

  13. What can you do with Wi-Fi on your gameboy, there are no online games for a gameboy so it’s pointless to have a Wi-Fi on the gameboy. unless you’re going to use the Wi-Fi to transfer pirate games over to your gameboy using FTP server it’s pointless to have Wi-Fi.

  14. "If one of those two addresses are set…."

    * "…IS set…"

  15. Did you say "USB to serial converter"? Because if so then I would say, "USB already IS serial." If that's not what you said, then what did you say there in "…converter to program it"?

  16. This is cool! The first thing it made me think of was the Mobile Adapter GB used in Japan (Most notably for Pokemon Crystal to allow online connectivity). I always love to learn about interesting and obscure GB peripherals (And home-made ones, of course!)

  17. Amazing. This is beyond me, and I'm in tech. You guys lead the world, everyone else are just mouth breathers.

  18. lol he says that he couldnt find a single working wifi cartridge but right at the end it showed a video called "Testing WIFI Pineapple with ESP8266 Deauther"

  19. 8:31 what tool is he using? That seems like a combined 3d model and electric schematic somehow.. ? 😲🤓

  20. I love projects like this because they harken back to when game devs had to come up with novel ways of solving problems within the restrictions of the hardware. Nowadays, we have the luxury of everything running on gaming PC hardware with plenty of headroom for any schmuck to vomit out a decent game without having to worry about any of the low-level stuff.

  21. Its a hostage situation during a home invasion. Your captors have taken away all mobile communication devices. While they wait to hear back from collaborators, you ask if they might let you innocently whittle away some time and distract yourself by playing your old gameboy. You've developed a decent bond through stockholmes syndrome at this point so they allow this. You subsequently spam SOS and details of your situation and location to various popular wiki pages through your original gameboy. Your wifi cartridge has officially saved your bacon.

  22. It would be neat to set this up as a esphome device that home assistant polls for changes, then when seeing a change, can control home automation. Why, because it would be rather fun to have fancy new home automation controlled by a game boy

  23. Have you tried making an equivalent wifi cart for a Gameboy color, or a Gameboy Advance?

  24. You sound like real life Professor Ludwig Von Drake.

  25. Terrific video. Sadly I need a translator to understand most of what he just said.

  26. Make an Bluetooth 5.0 Game Card for Gameboy

  27. Couldn't you make a small daughter board for an independent ROM? that way the Gameboy wouldn't have to do all the heavy lifting?

  28. gameboy with wifi that look so interesting and totally awesome and can it work if you put WIFI on old mp4 player like for example 1st gen ipod classic and 2nd gen ipod classic and other similar mp4 player 🙂

  29. YouTube please stop with the car accident ads I have ptsd and I just want to forget the accident please stop

  30. Ey wenn du mal kein deutscher bist weis ich auchnicht🤣

  31. Tell me your deutsch Without Telling me you are deutsch

  32. First time watching one of your videos. Excellent video production. Really enjoyed this.

  33. Spy’s can literally get secret intel on a damn game boy

  34. Ray’s Gaming Channel 光線遊戲頻道 says:

    This is a cool project but question does it work on a GameBoy Color?

  35. What if you replace the EEPROM with another microcontroller, then communicate with that over serial? No direct ESP to GB communication. Pi Pico's PIO stuff for the timing sensitive stuff. Buffer some data in advance between the microcontrollers. IDK

  36. You know you can run DS games through the GBA port on the earlier DS models? Back in the day I had a GameShark that used the GBA port and you plugged the DS cart into that.

  37. Moinsen! How did you even do the smooth recording on 0:46 …. this is sooooo smoooth.

    And do you have an ungefähre time you invested in this project? I can only imagine it took about 1 year working almost every day on it.

  38. This is like putting rtx on your school computer

  39. Mildly curious, if the interrupt to pin input speed being too short for the ESP32 to read was the main issue, would adding 8/16-bit storage registers on the data/address pins so they retained their state for the full duration between clocks be an option?

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