Why People Think Video Games Are Just For Boys | Adam Ruins Everything - iplayphonegames.com

Why People Think Video Games Are Just For Boys | Adam Ruins Everything

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  1. Gamers unite because we need to defeat cocomelon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think it also has something to do with biology. Boys are simply more attracted to violent video games than girls. The reaction I get from most girls when they watch gameplay of csgo/call of duty/other games with guns and death and all that stuff, is most often something like "You're shooting someone, and there's blood, it's pretty dumb, why are you playing it". No, I'm not saying that this is how all girls act, but biologically, males are most often more physical and expressive, than females, who are often more caring. Especially teen boys have a tendency to fight and play rough. There is obviously some sexism in the industry, but I simply don't think that it's the sole reason for boys playing more video games.

  3. Collagehumor are a bunch of simps and we got Adam to thank for that shit😡

  4. Me:sees the title
    My Brain:Who the heck said games were for boys?

  5. USA: hey, where's the shredder, this is useless lmao.

  6. I kinda gotta disagree with you on that statistic on girls play more games than boys because phone games tend to be fundamentaly different from console and pc games so I would say boys generally have more interest in gaming I'm not disagreing that gaming is for everyone but that statistic is a bit off

  7. Nah let's just keep the cartoons video games to women let's just leave call of duty,god of war,for honor,Skyrim to men because why men frikking make video games yeah I know women helped too but the true masterminds behind all video games are men like come on

  8. All the 40 year old cunts act like fucking apes when a girl starts playing

  9. 3:59 Adam: it's mean to your sister
    Kid: AAAHHHG
    Me: I hate children.

  10. Boys do play more games than girls now search it up

  11. Dude mobile games are so much different than pc games this video is so dumb no one who produced this vid actually plays games

  12. Hey as long as i can kill them in the game i don't care who they are

  13. Well I'm just gonna say something, who won the 7th gen console war?

  14. That little boy, towards the end needed some Naptime

  15. Computer space was the first game not pong

  16. I still wouldn’t compare a game like candy crush to other video games, a man or a women, mobile games don’t exactly count

  17. Can you imagine if they'd picked girls for the target demographic?

  18. My dad taught me to play games as early as I could figure out the buttons on a controller before that I would watch him play. I don’t really he ever stopped to think I can’t teach her games they’re for boys as it seems his thought process was more along the lines of this is fun, I like it you’ll probably like it too come play which is how we all should be

  19. If we marketed video games for girls would Mario become worse and sonic would become better? Hmmm gender effect

  20. "more adult woman plays games than teenage boys"
    shows candy crush

  21. And 5 years later, CollegeHumor had to lay off 100+ employees because they tried to appeal to the woke Twitter crowd who don't even support them or watch their videos. I guess Adam really does ruin everything. It sucks that so many people lost their jobs, but it is still satisfying to see some of these woke idiots get what they deserve.

  22. Total bs. Smartphone games are not games. And they steal your money away. In my experience most girls like social games like mmos and battle royals. They are not so addicted to violence as we are, but they are addicted to socializing. Also grown up sexually depraved women don't become gamers like us. They paint their hair blue and become sjws. And stop blaming Nintendo. Their games are too cute to be manly. You can't sell to everyone.

  23. I haven't watched an add for a game that focused on gender nonsense unless it's made by EA.

  24. When you realized Nintendo fixed it and chose to market to women and men with the switch 👀

  25. Whilst you get the girl,
    or play like one.

    Man nintendo is amazing

  26. Most Mobile games are far too casual to be considered apart of the general demographic of most gamers to the point that I think that they are almost useless as data when it comes to the gender split for the demographic of the gaming industry. As such, I don’t think that statistics involving the gender/sex divide in the demographic of the gaming should factor in mobile games (and if they do factor them in, they should specify that). I’m not saying that mobile games are not “real” games, and you’re not less of a person for enjoying them in my opinion, I’m just saying that comparing mobile games to console/pc games is like comparing golf to football. Technically they’re both sports, but do you think that newspapers would publish statistics about the percentage of people of each gender that play each type of sports and would they have included golf? No, because it could easy unfairly skew it to towards one direction by combining almost entirely different demographics with the same types of data. The demographic is basically entirely different even though the category of product is basically the same. This is why I believe that, although mobile games are just as much video games as any other, because of the general differences in demographic and the problems it causes for statistical analysis, mobile games should either be exempt from any other statistics henceforth, or if included in the data gathering be specified in officials publications. At the very least take any survey/statistics involving gaming that includes mobile gaming with a heavy grain of salt.

    Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.

  27. Isn’t it amazing that this video has Isaac Ryan Brown in it. He was on AGT, Raven’s Home, and played minor roles in certain shows like The Thundermans and Sam and Cat.

  28. “Games are games”
    Don’t even try it, mobile does not count, for anyone

  29. Minecraft really did well with being completly unisex

  30. Cell phone games are games? You just lost all credibility.

  31. People just make jokes about girls playing games and 5gey go along with it not many people care if a girld plays a game anymore

  32. Wasn’t Ms. Pac-Man a hack of the original made by fans?

  33. I'm a boy.

    I'm 19.

    And the only console I've ever owned was a Sony PS2.

    And mind you, it was a secondhand purchase.

    My favourite games on it was, “Bully: Canis Canem Edit”.

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