Why People Think Video Games Are Just For Boys | Adam Ruins Everything - iplayphonegames.com

Why People Think Video Games Are Just For Boys | Adam Ruins Everything

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  1. Who's preventing girls from playing video games?

  2. when i think of video games, i think of me playing a game. that is all i think about.

  3. "I'm mad at you… a boy several years younger than me, because of a decision made 40 years ago!"

  4. Mobile games does not make you a gamer though

  5. Also, people say that girls who don't play video games are feminine? Like, no Phil, I don't play video games because I don't like playing them, not because because of my goddamn pronouns.

  6. Ah yes the three genders
    Games, movies and dads

  7. Why? Why you say? Here's the answer: Simps is the answer Adam

  8. My mom beat zelda before I did, she was a beast on video games. And every game I play women are always better

  9. My mom liked like one console game, but she plays a lot of mobile games

  10. Dude most gamers don't care bout gender.

  11. 2:36 doesn't that guy look exactly like jesse pinkman from bteaking bad?

  12. It’s male dominated. . . Why well I dunno

  13. Stilll confuses on how a character named samus was assumed to be a man!!! I heard the name and thought “that’s clearly a woman” I was shocked to find out there was a massive outcry when people found out

  14. Kids right tho, candy crush is barely a game

  15. person who misses the point: "dads is not a gender"

  16. So the point made about the untapped market might not be so true for XBox and PS. I know my Mum plays alot of mobile games on her phone and tablet, but I know that even if they marketed a console towards her that she would never spend +$500 on one.

  17. Phone games are as much games as an bear is a water animal because it can swim.

  18. I have never heard someone say games are only for boys until I watched this

  19. Adult women playing more than teen boys is just straight up cap

  20. "refusing to serve an untapped market" yeah, because that is what a profit-driven growth-obsessed company does. Refuse to serve half of its market just to be sexist.

  21. This boy is so mean to his sister…and he gets mad that he is told off and doesn’t get what he wants, he a bad boy 😠🤬⚔️

  22. App games played on your phone do NOT a gamer, make. Weed out those simpleton games from your data, and then run your numbers to see how many people play really games in your respective categories.

  23. Sony, Nintendo, and Xbox after seeing this video: It's free money!

  24. 𝖆𝖓𝖎𝖒𝖆𝖑 𝖒𝖔𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖗 says:

    Adam is gay

  25. Im waiting for the moment someone tells me
    -You play like a girl
    To then awnser

  26. Jesus Christ stupid feminism who actually discriminate against girls for playing video games also the ads told you that really

  27. Idk. Im a girl and I've been playing games all my life. I dont really like games like Candy Crush, I like RPGs, shooters and I love Nintendo games. I collect retro stuff too. I have a lot of female friends who are also into games this video is saying is marketed solely to men. I have a female friend who streams Oblivion regularly and has played stuff like Fallout 76 with me. I agree that marketing has been gendered for much too long over the years, but I think we've made significant progress. I have a friend group of many different genders and for the most part we all like and play the same stuff.

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