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Why is there a notch on Game Boy games?

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  1. I knew that because I still have my original Gameboy!

  2. I remembered these cuz it would've broken the game if someone pulled the cartrage while you're playing it. I know cuz I've tested it when I was a kid lol

  3. Already knew this but it's cool of you to spread the Gameboy gospel.

  4. A feature that was surprisingly lost in the Game Boy Advance.

  5. Fun fact I smashed my controller with the gameboy accessories from pokemon stadium and I had my blue version in it dying to the elite 4 as my school's showed up. it flew out and got eaten by my basement to this day and I never found it.
    If it would of had this lock feature that would of never happened. Its been 25 years almost since now I lost it.

  6. But why would I want to lock that in I can barely even take it out

  7. It also prevents you from putting a game boy color game in

  8. I still have that mega man game AND that Gameboy

  9. Absolutely obvious….hey did you know car doors open and have handles. They also have locks too

  10. Meanwhile you look at the cart in your analogue pocket wrong and it falls out.

  11. If you did not know this u ain't no gamefreak

  12. Shit my first game boy was a game boy advance SP so that had no difference for me lol

  13. Common knowledge for adult gamers. Still nice to see someone mention it again though.

  14. I wish they had this on the GMA so I wouldn’t have lost countless hours of progress from accidentally hitting the cartridge

  15. The only thing I can see is the dune Monty Python and bladrunner

  16. So that the cartridge can't be removed when the unit is on

  17. If no one knew about the "lock in notch" I'm surprised!
    Then again, things considered, I didn't realize the GameCube had a spindle button until much later to release the disc, I always plucked it off as though I'm using a PS1.

  18. It isn't on the Game Boy Game Genie, where you can learn the pulling out the game while on has the ability to reset the save battery. Oops.

  19. I feel like I might as well have seen a video explaining that there is a bright hot thing called the sun that appears in the sky at daytime, then I look in the comments and see dozens of people genuinely amazed, and then I realize I’m just actually THAT freaking old.

  20. Yes the notch is their because it's a game boy that plays game boy games…..
    Lol NO company wants you to use there currently stuff with old hardware.
    It's a money thing. That simple

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