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Why is there a notch on Game Boy games?

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  1. Fun fact! The nub on the top of a gameboy is the power switch! Neat huh!

  2. What a dumb video. Wow look at this toaster, it holds the bread down so it toasts the bread when it is on.

  3. "Did you know that this device played videogames??" -Youtuber circa 2052

  4. Seriously did some of these YouTubers just discover video games yesterday?

  5. Never had a gameboy only a gameboy color so this is new.

  6. It's not a "super cool feature" any idiot would know what it was for if they just looked at it when inserted ffs.

  7. This isn't any kind of mystery just not obvious to people who started with a later model like the Color.

  8. Dumb fact and more dumb content creator!!! INSTANT THUMBS DOWN!!!!!!!

  9. Those things are are prehistoric most of us grew up game boy color and advance

  10. Fun fact…. this is common knowledge. Smh

    Fun fact… youtube is filled with morons running outa ideas

    Fun fact… youtube ONCE had pretty nice content

    Fun fact.. the gameboy plays gameboy games

    Fun fact… the gameboy was made by Nintendo

    Fun fact… im a Gen Z and know nothing about tech from the 90s or early 2000s

    Fun fact…. mario was originally in donkey kong

  11. Did that really have to be said? Instant thumbs down.👎🏻

  12. Fun fact : this was the laziest observational review this guy has ever done. 🙄

  13. Wat kind of explanation is this … people gotta be really ri ri cuz when I young with this big ass gameboy I already knew that it used to lock it

  14. How much for a snes with the games dune blade runner and pilot wings

  15. ….. Are you seriously passing THAT off as "content"?? Fucks sake, some people are beyond desperate

  16. I can imagine someone didn’t realise this and couldn’t switch game

  17. Fun fact, you tell the Gen z crowd , things that everyone else already knew

  18. Thx captain obvious. Did you know it was gray too?

  19. I had the original game boy and never noticed that… Wtf


  21. How in Heaven's name did no one understand that unless you're not a 90s kid any fool would have knew that nowadays the 3DS and all that s*** don't lock it In-Place shake it hard enough drop it hard enough getting lost everything on it LOL world to funny nowadays but y'all laugh at what we had back then oh and least our portable game systems was drop proof

  22. The fact that there are gamers that don't know this makes me feel old.

  23. HAHAHA OK now try to do that while playing a game…most likely will crash… 😂 It's useless

  24. when ur mom tryin' to take ur game cartridge, lock this.

  25. Great job detectives 🕵️‍♀️ 👏 👍

  26. No wonder why we lost so many saves and glitches playing the next gameboys that they released except the advance was pretty good at keeping the cart in

  27. My god. How slow are people today? No shit Sherlock.

  28. I already knew this when I had the game boy lol

  29. I've had an original Gameboy for thirty decades and didn't realise this until now.

  30. What kind of dumb question is that 😂

  31. Did you know that the sun is bright? Slowest horse finally finishes the race..

  32. Fun fact ces aussi pour enpecher de s’amuser a allumer sa gb avec un jeu gbc

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