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Why is there a notch on Game Boy games?

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  1. Notch is to secure your cartridge to not snatch by other people

  2. Damn I had no idea. That’s super cool.

  3. Fun fact: If your Gameboy game doesn’t start, pull it out and blow into the game and the Gameboy and it works again.

  4. why have i always known about the notch being there but never wondered why its there

  5. i never had a gameboy but a gameboy color and it always had this thing but i never knew why

  6. Omg duh. Wish I posted this lol, it’s crazy what an audience can support.

  7. I don't think this was a function on the pocket versions. I remember some kid pulling out my cartridge of pokemon red while I playing it at the Boys and Girls club.

  8. Oooh my gawd the fact that some one other than me has mega Man 2 and enjoys it makes me feel so good

  9. I cut mine off to play Game Boy Color games 😂

  10. Dear lord… what’s next, “Why is there a hole in the middle of CDs?”

  11. I've never seen such a dumb short and I watch tiktok meme compilations

  12. Can you rename your channel "Things Everybody Already Knew"

    I am unsubscribing, everything ever posted here is extremely common knowledge explained as if you just figured out how to Make Gold out of Lead.

    Did you know that by Pushing and holding the Power Button on your Switch, you have the option to shut down or sleep mode?

    Did you know that Unplugging your PS4 while in Sleep mode will result in an error message at boot followed by a disk management system to make sure there is no corrupted data?

    Did you know that the Xbox 360 controllers could use Batteries?

    Did you know that that All TV's have a Button, Knob, Switch or a remote that contol the power?

    Did you know that Pushing the flush handle on a toilet will flush the toilet?

    Follow me for more stupid facts you should already know

  13. I forget what game it was but it was a clear cartridge with rounded corners but I could see the notch on the chip because the cart was clear I always wondered if I cut it away if it would play in the other console

  14. Did you know that the Gameboy is a hand held gaming system meant to be held in your hands?

  15. Well duh, 8 year old me figured that out within like 5 seconds of holding a Gameboy for the first time

  16. I know why there's a notch. What I want to know is why Nintendo ditched the cartridge holder for the Gameboy Pocket and GBC?? Seemed like a good idea to remove..

  17. As a non-native English speaker, I didn’t understand what a notch was and I thought it was a video about the Minecraft creator

  18. Game boy pocket didn’t have the notch to lock. Had bully pull out my Pokémon game multiple times.

  19. fun fact: a great steering wheel that doesn’t fly off when i’m driving

  20. My first handheld was the Gameboy Pocket which did not have this feature. The only time I ever played an OG Gameboy was when my friend let me try his on a field trip in elementary school. Getting my Gameboy Pocket was huge for me. It finally meant no more boring road trips because reading made me car sick. All I could do was play those lame travel editions of board games by myself.

    Actually, I take it back. My first handheld was a Tiger Electronics Sonic 2 game. 😔

  21. Uhm…DUH! All people born in the 90's know this

  22. It was a lock-in feature of the initial first series chunky funky non colour Gameboy

  23. This a problem with the analouge pocket it doesn't have it

  24. I never knew that and have a fat Gameboy from the 90’s

    Now that I’m shown this for the first time…I’m going to actually try it out now

    Thank you

  25. What a remarkably stupid, and obvious thing to make a video on

  26. Never knew, and funny that it's not carried over to other consoles despite removing am active cart being a thing many kids would at some point do.

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