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Why is there a notch on Game Boy games?

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  1. I forget what game it was but it was a clear cartridge with rounded corners but I could see the notch on the chip because the cart was clear I always wondered if I cut it away if it would play in the other console

  2. Did you know that the Gameboy is a hand held gaming system meant to be held in your hands?

  3. Well duh, 8 year old me figured that out within like 5 seconds of holding a Gameboy for the first time

  4. I know why there's a notch. What I want to know is why Nintendo ditched the cartridge holder for the Gameboy Pocket and GBC?? Seemed like a good idea to remove..

  5. As a non-native English speaker, I didn’t understand what a notch was and I thought it was a video about the Minecraft creator

  6. Game boy pocket didn’t have the notch to lock. Had bully pull out my Pokémon game multiple times.

  7. fun fact: a great steering wheel that doesn’t fly off when i’m driving

  8. My first handheld was the Gameboy Pocket which did not have this feature. The only time I ever played an OG Gameboy was when my friend let me try his on a field trip in elementary school. Getting my Gameboy Pocket was huge for me. It finally meant no more boring road trips because reading made me car sick. All I could do was play those lame travel editions of board games by myself.

    Actually, I take it back. My first handheld was a Tiger Electronics Sonic 2 game. 😔

  9. Uhm…DUH! All people born in the 90's know this

  10. It was a lock-in feature of the initial first series chunky funky non colour Gameboy

  11. This a problem with the analouge pocket it doesn't have it

  12. I never knew that and have a fat Gameboy from the 90’s

    Now that I’m shown this for the first time…I’m going to actually try it out now

    Thank you

  13. What a remarkably stupid, and obvious thing to make a video on

  14. Never knew, and funny that it's not carried over to other consoles despite removing am active cart being a thing many kids would at some point do.

  15. Not to sound like a know-it-all, but I discovered that within a week of owning my GB.

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