Why Girls Play With Boys Emotions | Why Girls Play Mind Games With Boys | Hard To Get Girls-IN TAMIL - iplayphonegames.com

Why Girls Play With Boys Emotions | Why Girls Play Mind Games With Boys | Hard To Get Girls-IN TAMIL

Body Language
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Why Girls Play With Boys Emotions | Why Girls Play Mind Games With Boys | Hard To Get Girls-IN TAMIL

5 Signs A Girl Doesn’t Like You | How to Tell She is Not Interested in You 100% (IN TAMIL) Part 3

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Women aren’t that complicated. Women understand women. But men can’t seem to even if we try to simplify things for them to understand us. Well, you need a woman to tell you what another woman is thinking. Guys know that girls play hard to get. Some girls do it on purpose, some girls do it subconsciously. But we do have reasons as to why we play hard to get.

Taking time to see his intentions
Some of us play hard to get because we don’t know why a guy would be interested in us. We wonder if the guy is really interested in us because of our personalities or because of our bodies and what we can offer to them. After all, some girls may have had bad experiences about guys who get together for different reasons like popularity or are on a dare.
Keeping options open
It’s not wrong for a girl to keep her options open, especially if she has several choices. She wants to take the time to see which guy she really likes and sees a future with. It’s all about making the best choice and not ending up in a miserable relationship.

She simply loves the attention
This doesn’t apply to all girls, but more so those who love attention. Playing hard to get means the guy will do his best to impress her and all, and so she loves the attention that he gives to her.

It’s not their loss
That’s being brutally honest. It’s not their loss if they play hard to get and the guy ends up giving up. The girl probably has better choices, or is comfortable not having a man in her life.
Testing the dude
Which is kinda a weird thing but yes, girls like to do this. They play hard to get to test how long the guy will stay and keep to their efforts. It’s also about testing how much he loves you.
Still thinking if she really likes him
This is one of the reasons why I play hard to get. Sometimes we mix infatuation with love, so we need to take some time to consider our own feelings. We don’t mean to hurt your feelings when we play hard to get. Letting us take some time is good in the long run.
Give guys the chance to feel the thrill
Because some guys feel more challenged and more thrilled when the girls do. They want to challenge themselves and show off what they can do to impress a girl.

Boost their egos
Girls can be pretty egoistic. Playing hard to get boosts a girl’s ego because it tells her that she is wanted. It makes her feel attractive and wanted.

To feel like they’re in control
This is especially so for girls who are more dominant. Playing hard to get makes them feel more powerful and that they are at the stronger end of the game. After all, it makes her feel good that there is a guy who needs her.

Not to be seen as cheap
Because people talk a lot these days. A girl usually puts of getting into a relationship when she only just knew the guy because some people may think she’s being very cheap and easy. It shows to society that she is very simple-minded and easy to toy around with

While playing hard to get is a common strategy used to attract mates, past research has been unclear about whether, and if so, why this strategy works — which this study sought to clear up. Of course, some are reluctant to employ this strategy, worrying that it’ll backfire and drive prospective partners away out of fear of being rejected.
Indeed, in previous research the duo had shown that those who feel greater certainty that a prospective romantic partner reciprocates their interest will put more effort into seeing that person again, while rating the possible date as more sexually attractive than they would if they were less certain about the prospective date’s romantic intentions.
However, in their latest undertaking the team tested tactics across three interrelated studies, which gave the impression that potential partners were hard to get, signaling their “mate value” by being, for example, selective in their partner choices. Participants interacted with what they believed to be another research participant of the opposite-sex, but who was in reality an insider — a member of the research team. Next, participants rated the extent to which they felt the insider was hard to get, their perceptions of the insider’s mate value



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