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Why Can’t the Game Boy Color Be Backlit?

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The Game Boy Color is the only one in the series to not have some sort of option for a backlit screen. Let’s take a look at why that is.


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  1. I'm sure Nintendo will release Gameboy Classic just like they did with nes and snes. Just wait until then or play with 3ds' virtual console.

  2. what if instead of having the back part modded to hold a backlight you had the backing of it painted with glow in the dark paint?

  3. benn venn in an interview in january 2018 said he was working on a GBC backlit screen replacement. aleady has some peices but not ready to release, and lately he has been focused on other projects, damn shame

  4. "carefully lift out the ribbon cable." Yeah, like you can carefully lift the cable out in the first place.

  5. I have a backlit GBC

    It’s called a GBA SP AGS-101

  6. Gamboys don't need backlights, because the games are always…..


  7. BennVenn has figured this out. Check out his newest mod.

  8. Hello from 🇪🇸
    Is posible put gb boy circuit in a gb color?

  9. My GBC just has a broken start button

  10. My cat can see in the dark so he plays my gbc at night when everyone is asleep

  11. who would have guessed that 3 years later, such thing as a "native" plug and use screen would exist…

  12. Well, now there are backlight lcds for the GBC available 🤣

  13. Hearing stuff like this makes be compelled to figure out a way to do "the impossible" in this situation: Use the original screen, but backlight it.

  14. then in 2019 there are many ways to put a backlight in the gameboy colour

  15. Why can’t we remove the third piece of glass, and drop a front light in the back, then use LOCA it glue the LCD together with a new polarizer because the old one probably got damaged, it’s not impossible, just more work, I know that now there are mods that replace the screen but they are expensive, does anybody know about an answer to this.

  16. 3 years later and i have 2 beautifully backlit gbc's <3

  17. This is wack because why is someone gonna go through all that trouble just for a device that is old

  18. There are aftermarket screen replacements that are backlit. Its worth it to just buy one of them. Theyre out there.you find them on the Chinese bootleg sites.

  19. I hate to break it to ya but they've had blacklights for Game boy colours that look pretty good

  20. Planning on modding all my gameboy systems the dmg, the color and the advance sp

  21. Hmmmmmmm watching in 2019 and I’m like

  22. The next video that played was about an actual GBC backlight mod.

  23. Psh, that's easy, I'll just pry the glass off.

  24. LCDs have Layers you say, like ogres, like onions, NOT like cake

  25. I think that Nintendo also saw not adding backlight to the gameboy family as a design choice. Since there is no backlight, it gets you outside more to light up your screen, and there you can connect with others, like trading pokemon, or connecting via the link cable for other games. Although it does kinda fall because its not very accessible to play with when playing indoors or in low light.

  26. I hope there's good frontlight mod kit for GBC.
    I know there is one but it's not highly appreciated.

  27. I think we all know that the GBCs now have a mod kit that can make the screens brighter, but we should talk about why the screens weren’t bright to begin with. I think it’s because a bright screen consumed a lot of battery, which you can see if you play a Game Boy Advance SP. i think that in the late 90s and early 2000s Nintendo probably struggled with making a handheld game system that could have a good backlight and not drain battery.

  28. What is the reflective and color layer of the GBC made of? is it colored glass on top of a piece of metal? Or dyed metal?

  29. By liquid crystal do you mean crystals that are liquid at room temp, or do you mean a solution where the crystals are dissolved?

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