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Which GAME BOY CLONE to buy?

Izzy Nobre
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Let’s face it, the actual Game Boy sucks the big one. It’s by far the worst way to play Game Boy games, which is pretty ironic.

Thankfully I have two of the BEST way to explore the Game Boy’s library — the New BittBoy, which runs ROMs, and the considerably older GB Boy Colour, which comes with Game Boy ROMs, but runs Game Boy and Game Boy Color games.

Which one should be your go-to Game Boy doppelganger?

Where to buy the new BittBoy:

Where to buy the GB Boy Colour:

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  1. The Bittboy is too small…it'll get uncomfortable playing for long term.

  2. Has the screen the same size? (gb boy – bittboy)

  3. Awesome Review! I'm gonna go for the GB Boy, cause I wanna add an Everdrive to it 🙂
    Greetings from Germany!

  4. Does anybody know if you can play gameboy advance games on this

  5. Can GB Boy trade whit original GBA or GB colour

  6. The new Bitt Boy would make a great Game Boy Classic, if only piracy with downloading ROMs from the web would not be needed. So for that, I have my GBA SP.

  7. Is there a one that comes preloaded with games? Save battery’s no longer work

  8. I tried emulation and it wasn't for me. There's nothing like taking a physical copy of a game and throwing it in the system. I know that a modern gamer can say "but you can have all your games when you're on the go." Why do I need to take all my games with me? The thing is I'm not going to play ALL my games when I'm on the go. When I take any of my portable systems on the go, I only take what I'm playing at the time. Emulation isn't for me. I want the GB Boy colour or just wait for the analog pocket

  9. I like the original game boy though, I don’t care about the screen.

  10. the gb boy screen is basically the same as an advance cause you can use the gba full screen, im still alright with having the stretch.

  11. Your fingernails are too long. 😀
    But nevermind. Mine are too short xD

    Greetings from Germany

  12. Can the GB Boy read the EZ Flash Junior or flashcarts in general?

  13. You can play gameboy games on a ti 84 or a Nspire Calculator

  14. izzy the gameboys horrible it’s also really old and good for its time

  15. The worst part is the green screen… For instance the Game Boy Pocket had a screen that was leagues better than the original screen…

  16. I was just looking for a gameboy clone with mario and pokemon xD

  17. When the Gameboy came out that's What u have to deal with.

  18. will an original GBC casing fit on a GB Boy?

  19. Also according to 8-bit guy, aside from the aspect ratio difference, the screen on the GB Boy has issues with the pixel alignment, as the screen is a cheap aftermarket creation for possibly a camera lcd screen. As a result the image is often more fuzzy especially on diagonals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WG8loyh-kFw&t=673s

  20. The Bit Boy is NOT a Gameboy clone. Its an emulation device unlike the GB Boy which IS a clone with cartridge slot and all.

  21. The original gameboy maybe bad but everything has to start from somewhere

  22. Cool video, but all of these Gameboys are unavailable. Sad day.

  23. Get an IPS screen for the DMG Gameboy. It is a simple mod. You will fall in love again with your Gameboy. Buy a used game from eBay; that how you appreciate the design and the game.

  24. Vídeo excelente.
    Mais pra completar 300 comentários. Kkkk

  25. Can the bittboy run snes and/or gameboy advance

  26. 𝕱𝖗𝖎𝖘𝖈𝖍'𝖘 𝕭𝖎𝖌 𝕭𝖔𝖎 official says:

    The wrong aspect ratio kills it for me

  27. The best way to play the GB library as authentically as possible without making compromises is a modded GBA with an OEM AGS-101 screen installed. If you want a better screen (more modern) then install an IPS2 display. (I'm in Canada)

  28. The Wood Grain Anbernic RG351V is the last Game Boy you will ever need!

  29. To me the GB Boy is far superior due the fact that is the only clone way to use link cable to multiplayer and Pokémon trade and battles

  30. Dude, the developers worked with that screen and made those games, not only playable but made you envy the kid who had a game boy. I love that crappy screen. I’m looking all over the internet for a deal on one and I’m so sad they’re a collectors item. Who know all this old tech would be so vintage so fast. 30 years feels like 2 years to me.

  31. honestly, the original gameboy is not that bad
    yea its big, tho still fits in my pant's pocket (i have the original, not the smaller pocket edition), its about the size of a very big wallet.
    the screen is not that bad, if you just are in good lighting. the sun actually works very well for it, but artificial lighting works good too

  32. Holy shit… watching for about two minutes, wondering how I've never heard of this cat. Subbed and idek for sure what we do here. That big of a fan of your delivery and enunciation.

  33. The original Gameboy was so bad it was one of the best selling consoles of all time ,fucking millennials

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