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What Boys Vs Men Vs Sigma Plays Roblox Games #shorts

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  1. I play all the games i am a giga chad or sigma or men or boy

  2. 🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿 SIGMA TEAM

  3. Roblox = not sigma , lgbtq , 5yo or a strange girl in ur class , or a 10yo boy who wants to be a man but is playing Roblox and don’t know what actual sport is

  4. Bro put jailbreak on “boys” and thought we wouldn’t notice

  5. Played some of the sigma ones but me personally u like unusual force:like a legend

  6. Who missed the times when KAT was an updating game?


  7. I thought only I played zombie uprising ,saktkia51, plane crazy, Michael zombie and scp 3008

  8. I played zombie uprising SEE IM A SIGMA

  9. I am still I girl but I play kaiju universe, 3008, EVADE, Zombie uprising, and all that stuff even if you play adopt me or other games you still a sigma ( no hate to your video but the way or other people)

  10. No your wrong the first one is what girls play and the men is not it's boys what boys play your wrong we don't even play that games that is for girls

  11. Bro really put jailbreak on boy💀

  12. People who played all of these growing up

  13. Blud💀💀💀💀💀 Sneaked [hide,And Seek extreme.] To boys That Game is Fun And Gigachad💀💀💀


  15. LoL my friend they play a skibidi toilet nah

  16. Dont put the goats like hide and streak extreme and jail break with that slum of a hellhole

  17. Had to have placed brm there it wouldnt be the same without that game

  18. Blox fruits left THE chat
    Blox fruits comunity joined the chat

  19. what sigmas play:
    Battle grounds
    Scp games
    Jail break
    Slap battles
    The mimio
    Freddy fazbear place
    Bed wars

  20. I play the strongest battle grounds that game is battle game that is good

  21. Blood and iron and guts and blackpowder (napoleonic wars roblox game): 🗿🍷

  22. Aah, the Intruder… What a good game (I hate caves 💀)

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