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We Opened An Original Nintendo Game Boy From 1989

Nintendo Life
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  1. I've still got both of my OG Gameboys from when I was a kid. My first one was used from a pawnshop and an early model manufactured in Japan. The second one was bought new and manufactured in China. It feels like Nintendo used a slightly different lighter weight plastic on the later model, but otherwise they're identical. Regrettably I threw away the boxes to most of my games and systems as a kid. I'm still kicking myself for doing that with my N64 games.

  2. This hurts. I recently bought a fake Smash Bros Switch Pro Controller, and it looked so real — even had the correct looking battery and logos. When I got home, it does not have NFC sensor for amiibos, does not wake up the Switch, etc. Long-story-short, it sucks to give the person the benefit of the doubt and you can't do anything about it. For things that I want to collect, I am making sure to buy them as soon as possible from the store.

  3. Dude I can’t even find a game boy 😂 I would take one in any condition. I just want to just get a game boy and get all the Pokémon games for it but it’s so hard to find.

  4. Oooow noooo. I feel for you dude. Good video though. I miss my gameboy. I loved it so much.

  5. I see that poor game boy and I get the urge to grab soldering iron and give it some much needed attention. Sealed stuff ikr it's a box with cellophane and unknown contents.

  6. Is this like Schrödinger's cat? Is it in the box it's sealed right?

  7. Ha ha!!! Stop placing so much importance on these worthless hunks of plastic.

  8. Back in 94 (yeah im old). I had a pack of cheap ass dollar general branded batteries explode in my gameboy. Luckily they didn't damage the console or you know… me!

  9. I will go nut when Nintendo re-release 3ds in 20 years

  10. What was the expiration date on the batteries? That’ll help you guesstimate when they were put in

  11. I never buy anything in person unless I can closely inspect it and if its online I buy stuff that is photographed in detail so I can see what condition its in, if there is even a hairline scratch I wont buy it, the screen has to be in mint condition. I have scratch OCD, I cant unsee screen scratches.

  12. Thanks for your shared experience and wisdom, a box in a that good of condition might have fooled a lot of people. The tape was the red flag apparently. The silver lining was that it was better to open it sooner than later.

  13. Not sure if I'm starting to get older and forgetful, but I don't recall any of my gameboy games came with a plastic sleeve around the plastic case of the game cart. I even bought a gameboy brand new from toys r'us, and the Tetris pack didn't have it.

  14. I want to see more of this. Please get swindled again.

  15. Enough waffling and just open the box it been more the 7m in the video 😴

  16. He opened the Box in 9:00 thank me later i just saved 9m of your life lol

  17. Wander how much he paid. I bought a Gameboy CIB a few years ago. Not new but still awesome.

  18. Just so everyone knows. The actual unboxing starts at 9:22.

  19. Man you talk too much. Just open the damn thing!

  20. How absolutely disgusting. I honestly find this awful. What I find awful is that someone pretended that this was sealed. It makes me sick.

  21. This is the most disheartening video I’ve watched in a while. I really had faith this was new in box. What a kick in the nuts. Now to feel better I have to go back to watching Mr. Clean wreck the boat and flopping into the floor.

  22. Thought you were opening a factory sealed one and the collector in me was about ready to throw hands.

  23. Batteries last super long…..
    I have single handedly contributed to 1% of the earth's battery pollution statistic.

  24. Oh boy, it just got worse with each second:
    – Missing leaflets,
    – no plastic bags for the gameboy and paperwork
    – to top all of that the LCD "bad" is missing a vertical line (still fixable though)
    Really sorry, as a GB fan it hurt.

  25. I'm a Game & Watch collector. And I'm happy to say that I'm safe from buying a factory sealed Game & Watch.


    Becaude they don't exist anymore.

  26. I remember my first gameboy i got it for my birthday in 1989 i was 10 years old
    It started an absolute love for handhelds for me
    To this day i still love my handhelds im on my switch light now dam the memories
    Sux that the gameboy was used
    One thing i still remember is that brand new openbox smell soo nostalgic

  27. Why would anyone take batteries out like that?!

  28. I've always wanted to do this with a GB pocket, it was my first console in 1996 🙂

  29. Thank u for suffer for our entertainment, I laughed and I cried (almost). It was a journey.

  30. Oh Zion, you're from Oregon? That's what's up! I'm from Portland. I'm so jealous you found that, mine has battery acid in the chamber 😢

    Edit: sorry yours is effed up too 🤦‍♂️

  31. Time to find the a-hole who sold you that.

  32. Would you like to purchase a true sealed Gameboy from me for $2000 I own 3 mint in there boxes from Toys R Us since 1989

  33. poor guy didn't even wash his hands. great now everything is contaminated

  34. Honestly i don't remember if my GameBoy bought in 1990 had an external layer of transparent plastic. I'm sorry for your bad experience, the guy that sealed the box could at least have removed the batteries, before…

  35. 8 mins of him talking topical American ins and outs of a ducks arse opened a 8:25

  36. Next video: "Zion seeks an eBay refund!"

  37. That sucks but the entertainment value was probably higher thanks to the scam

  38. I accidentally left mine out in the rain once when I was 8. I drained a lot of the water out by shaking it and sucking on any openings I could find. Amazingly, it still worked, but it did have some lines on the screen. It kept working like that for months, and one day I noticed it was a bit foggy on the inside after leaving in the hot car. I decided to try getting the rest of the water out and managed to get it all that time. After that it worked perfect with no lines. Still have it. It still works, lol. They just don't build electronics like that anymore.

  39. The guy keeps repeating the same thing for 8 minutes, go to 8:20 where he finally opens the damn thing. By the way, it's clickbait, it ain't knew and he knew it.

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