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We Opened An Original Nintendo Game Boy From 1989

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  1. The guy keeps repeating the same thing for 8 minutes, go to 8:20 where he finally opens the damn thing. By the way, it's clickbait, it ain't knew and he knew it.

  2. I feel for you, man. I remember looking at that box in the case at KMart as a kid and dreaming about owning this system.

  3. I love when YouTube doesn't tell me shout certain videos. Even though it's supposed to tell me about every video…

  4. 8 mins of pointless blather before he actually opened it. btw that's a Stanley knife, not a box cutter 😉

  5. That barely counted as SEALED lol it was just tape.

  6. If you’re in Oregon and looking for Earthbound, I know the last time I went to Retro Game Trader in Beaverton they had a few copies on hand (but not cheap).

  7. Don't buy it for even close to "factory sealed", if it's sealed by freaking tape, my man. That is in no way factory sealed.

  8. Did you check the expiry date on the batteries that were in it? Will give a good indication when it was last used. (And maybe the extent of the swindle!)

  9. I'm 42…I was really hoping for you this was legit. Still brought back awesome memories though. I miss my Game Boy!!

  10. I literally want to barf watching this. I would be so mad!

  11. What if he watches his video and you guys come face to face again?

  12. My God! I'm pissed for you dude!!!! Not cool! Hope things get better…

  13. I feel so bad for you, at least the box is in good condition thats a +

  14. Dang! You had a good attitude despite the disappointment, so props! I would have been fuming. By the way, what kind of shelves are those?

  15. …wow. This pissed me off. Dude, how much money did you pay for this? Depending on your answer, I may or may not lobby to make garage sales illegal.

  16. I can’t believe the guy who gave this to the guy who did the garage sale click baited all of us.

  17. You can buy brand new repop gameboy boxes, probably why it never had seal before the tape

  18. That's rough my dude, at least it made for an entertaining video I suppose.

  19. Question is how much did you pay for it. The box and the styrofoam inlays look very good. Some papers (flyer, nintendo club postcard) are missing, but that's not a big deal. In this condition the value should be somewhere around 500€ or even more (sometimes people pay much more if the styrofoam parts are like new and the headphones are sealed). So if you've paid less than 500€ you still made a good deal I'd say.

  20. This is what’s called a Gameboy Catfish

  21. This is fake.. If the tape really was that old it would've been soo yellow colored or even not been there..

  22. The very first original DMG'S also used normal Phillips screws and not the infamous Tri wing screws. I think the Tri wings were introduced around the time of the Play It Loud series and used in Nintendo's ever since

  23. Ugh, that was painful… But at the same time, you've still got a CIB GB and that box is in fantastic condition and I doubt there's a ton of those earbuds out there factory sealed like that. So that's a REALLY nice CIB… I still have my original GB that I got in '89-'90 and I don't have anything but the console itself remaining. I'd LOVE to have it complete like that… Was a great video with over 60k views now, so all things considered, this was still a W for yuh!



  26. I know this is going to offend a lot of collectors, but I think that (usually) buying things you won't use is sort of dumb. Open it and play with it, just take care of it. CIB is still good. In fact, if I were going to collect, I'd PREFER CIB over NIB because it's cheaper and lets you play with things from time to time. If you own a system or game or whatever NIB, you either never get to use it and are just sort of paying to store it or whatever, or you take a huge monetary hit to open it. I'd just cut to the chase and buy CIB.

  27. Nice, I remember Summer 1989 when the Gameboy dropped, it was instantly popular. TG 16 and Genesis came out later that year, but never remember them being popular, or anybody that owned one.

  28. At least it wasn't a box full of rocks. Dam but you've been had. Take it back to the seller and call them(Grrr. Pronouns) out on YouTube. Don't even ask for a refund.

  29. Try again. I believe you will find an og gameboy that will satisfy you. I could tell you weren’t too happy with the batteries corroded and the grey part around the screen fell right off

  30. I have an open box original Game Boy in mint or near mint condition if you are actually interested in one for your collection. I also have a copy of earthbound, but I do not have a box. If you are looking just for a copy of the game I do have one.

  31. Hey, I’m a college student and I was wondering if I could by any chance get the box for og gameboy dimensions for an assignment please

  32. Note to self dont by anything factory sealed lol

  33. Be happy man I'd kill to have that what u have in ur hands

  34. I remember mine being shrink wrapped . I'm in Ireland. Mine also had the silver label for the sn.

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