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Virtual Boy – Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

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The Nerd finds out what it’s like to play the Virtual Boy, by trying out some games on it. This is Angry Video Game Nerd Episode 42.

Keep your eye doctor on speed-dial, because this time, the Nerd’s tackling the Virtual Boy! Released in July of 1995 by Nintendo, this “portable” console was touted as being able to display “true 3D graphics” and deliver a truly unique gaming experience. Indeed, the experience was unique, but primarily because the games were projected in bright red directly into gamer’s retinas. Did I mention that a side-effect of the Virtual Boy was potential eye-bleeding? The sheer weight of the device and lack of any sort of head-strap also prevented it from being remotely portable. Truly a shame, given how fashionable this massive red pair of binoculars on a tripod is.

So what kind of gaming catalog can be expected of such a “unique” contraption? You’ll be hard-pressed to tell all 12 of them apart, because no matter which game you choose, all you’ll be seeing is red. Good thing the Nerd’s got glasses, or else he’d really be screwed!

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  1. 2021 now and i got a Valve Index and played a HTC vive for 4 years and i have full body xD how VR had a crazy comeback

  2. You know, In Japanese WWII pow camps they made one person play all 9 players in water world

  3. Little did he realize that years later virtual reality would return.

  4. I remember playing this at Blockbuster Friday nights as I waited for my parents to get movies 🤣😂😂

  5. “Please excuse the guerrilla style videography” bruh that’s a part of why we like you so much

  6. So…
    This is the background to the new Venom movie?

  7. Hey James if you see this I just wanna thank you for making my childhood great and memorable I remember getting back from elementary believe it or not I would just laugh and watch your videos. Coming back to it now is just so nostalgic

  8. I remember trying the demo unit at Toys R Us. Not long after trying a game I felt my eyeballs start to heat up and that was a big "nope" from me

  9. i am one of the people who played virtual boy when i was a kid!
    i loved virtual boy but my parents took it away from me because i was having blurred vision & terrible headaches!

  10. There were 8 exclusives for Japan. Except only 1 is hard to find.

  11. I’m now able to laugh at this thing with my oculus quest and VRCHAT

    And yes the oculus quest does have a head strap

  12. I feel like I’m watching this on a virtual boy.

  13. The pair of eyeballs on legs thing never made sense to me. It's more like a pair of binoculars on legs but that's not as funny sounding

  14. 12 years later and virtual reality is going strong. Whaf a twist

  15. Thank goodness I didn't get a virtual boy for Christmas.

  16. The AVGN in 2008: "It's been about ten years, the technology's gotten better, but… Nobody really gives a —- about virtual reality anymore. And maybe that's for the best."

    Me in 2021: "Oh, Nerdstradamus…"

  17. and now virtual gaming is back with much better stuff

    not touched my oculus rift in like 6+months

    mainly coz i have a small room

  18. Jack Bros. is actually fun. Wish it was remade into color and put on a Shin Megami Tensei collection or something

  19. From my perspective, i loved the 3DS. It was what the virtual boy was, but like 15 years later. It would have been nice, and i still feel like it would be cool to have the virtual boy games re- released, in color of course, and a company needs to perfect the Virtual reality stuff. Even with google cardboard and the oculus, it just is not there yet.

  20. 2014: let me introduce to you my friend

  21. Virtual Boy, the only Nintendo console with no multiplayer support. (7:52)

  22. her (avgn) cussing hertz my born-again ears!

  23. "Nobody cares about virtual reality anymore"

    That line aged like milk

  24. I must say, even if it's all red, these graphics are impressive.

  25. AVGN could have made mention of Kevin kosner being the culprit of running up the budget Of water world with his crazy shenanigans.

  26. 6:53 I know it’s supposed to be a thumbs up, but I like to pretend that Wario is flipping the player off here. 🖕

  27. All the games should have had “red” in the title lol

  28. Jack brothers is actually the best game ever made

  29. The Virtual Boy crawled so that the Occulus and Playstation VR could walk.

  30. Playing this console, you'll end up like Kramar from Seinfeld where there is a chicken sign outside Kramars window where it's all red and he looses his sensitivity for the colour red. 😆

  31. He ate his own words when he thought no one would make real VR

  32. Fast forward to 2022 VR still hasn't caught on…..nobody cares

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