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Virtual Boy – Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

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The Nerd finds out what it’s like to play the Virtual Boy, by trying out some games on it. This is Angry Video Game Nerd Episode 42.

Keep your eye doctor on speed-dial, because this time, the Nerd’s tackling the Virtual Boy! Released in July of 1995 by Nintendo, this “portable” console was touted as being able to display “true 3D graphics” and deliver a truly unique gaming experience. Indeed, the experience was unique, but primarily because the games were projected in bright red directly into gamer’s retinas. Did I mention that a side-effect of the Virtual Boy was potential eye-bleeding? The sheer weight of the device and lack of any sort of head-strap also prevented it from being remotely portable. Truly a shame, given how fashionable this massive red pair of binoculars on a tripod is.

So what kind of gaming catalog can be expected of such a “unique” contraption? You’ll be hard-pressed to tell all 12 of them apart, because no matter which game you choose, all you’ll be seeing is red. Good thing the Nerd’s got glasses, or else he’d really be screwed!

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  1. That is so ironic how he says no one cares about virtual reality anymore… Then came the Oculus Quest…

  2. Now that i actually played Megaten

    AVGN actually checking out a port of Jack Bros feels kinda surreal lol

  3. This shouldn’t have left the prototype stage.

  4. and if the nintendo labo was better,it’s just freaking cardboard with the switch put inside of it!
    You rather just be using the ps vr or the oculus rift

  5. Nothing better than watching angry video game nerd while playing angry video game nerd

  6. Did james ever end up playing Oculus, or any of the 'modern' VR consoles? Like, obviously not on AVGN, but on like James & Mike mondays, or just as its own thing?

  7. 0:06:
    February 19nd, 2008
    "19nd"? That's "19th". It's like that Motu Patlu episode where a signpost said "10st" instead of "10th" (there maybe might not have been such an episode (that is, one where it said "*10st*"), but I'm 99.99% (not a typo) sure there was).

  8. This gives me a headache just watching it

  9. I played one of these for an hour straight 9 years ago…I've had to wear glasses ever since.

  10. "The technology's gotten better, but… Nobody really gives a sh** about virtual reality anymore. And maybe, that's for the best."

    After the Metaverse becomes a thing, this quote aged like fine wine.

  11. So, I watched this episode in eeearly 2009. Back then, 1995-96, when the Virtual Boy was relevant, were distant years; eons in the past. The fact that 2009 is as far into the past as the release of the console was back then just boggles my mind.

  12. Considering how Nintendo wants us to forget the virtual boy existed I’m surprised they parodied it in Luigi’s mansion 3.

  13. the original theme sounds so different despite being pretty much exactly the same

  14. My guess is VR will remain lukewarm in terms of popularity until they invent matrix-style truly immersive VR, and that’ll probably take a while

  15. Nice video but please remove the interlacing it looks horrible

  16. Watching this only hours after trying an Oculus.

  17. Now we have the Oculus Quest 2, the best entry level standalone vr headset so far

  18. the tricky question is how a genius like Gunpei Yokoi could not realize how bad this design was overall, probably him and his team were under such a crunch they had no choice other than simply ship something

  19. Those who don't know, he reviewed Jack Bros later.

  20. I love how Nintendo makes fun of this thing in Luigi's Mansion 3.

  21. February 19nd, 2008 this day forever lives on in infamy!!!!

  22. Anyone else wonder how this thing managed to be the map/communication device in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

  23. It's funny how he talked about VR and portable VR back in 2009. If he had talked about this now he would definitely talk about the Oculus Quest 2. It's funny how things are now.

  24. Avgn: nobody cares about virtual reality
    Everybody in 2022: has a oculus VR

  25. Why didn't we get a metroid game on virtual boy

  26. this is the guy who would probably punch a hole in the wall when he finds out about rare consoles like virtual boy motherboards are getting cut small as possible and shoved into 3d printed casing and turned into portable consoles

  27. I remember owning one of these playing warios world

  28. Well I think everyone has or wants a virtual reality set

  29. Still better than 99% of games made in the last 4-5 years.

  30. I know it's been years since this was uploaded but…. 13:43 … what???? I love waterworld!!!

  31. I know it's been years since this was uploaded but…. 13:43 … what???? I love waterworld!!!

  32. I love how 12 years ago you said "nobody really cares about VR anymore."

  33. I love how 12 years ago you said "nobody really cares about VR anymore."

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