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Video Game Boy (by SmashToons) – Game Grumps Animated

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Arin and Dan face off at more or less 9000. Definitely over 8000, but very, very close to, or more than 9000. Approximately 9k. It’s close enough. Man, this is a Wednesday, don’t make us do math. It’s the video game boy and his best friend smashing and thrashing through the wasteland. Do you need to see the numbers to know it’s a good time? I can get out the whole chart, but you really, really will have more fun, if you hit play and don’t worry too much.

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  1. I'm the video game boy! IM THE ONE WHO WINS!!!

  2. Honestly the way Arin keeps his yellow streak is peak character design.

  3. Super saiyan rosé Arin
    Super Saiyan Blue Dan

    The original saiyan rivalry

  4. Can we just talk about how legitimately well designed their respective super saiyan adjacent hairstyles are?

  5. It's my house! It's my Nintendo! IM THE ONE WHO WINS!

  6. Smash toons is literally one of my absolute favorite animators that animates for them! Their art is so clean and cute yet badass

  7. Only the videogame bo can achieve pink hair

  8. Omg I love this so much I especially love the freaking dragon ball style of everything and I don’t even watch dragon ball

  9. I'm gonna tell my kids this was super saiyan Rosé vs super saiyan Blue

  10. This is frame by frame how Vegeta first transforms:

    "I'm the Saiyan Prince! I'M THE ONE WHO GOES SUPER!!!!"

  11. Oh my god this as a dragonball fight would be stellar. Sparring and trying to get stronger but 90% of the time they’re just laughing about stupid shit

  12. Super Saiyan Rosé Arin Vs. Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Danny

  13. You have reached unrecognized Talent please comment after the BWOOP

  14. Ah, Super Saiyan Rosé Arin Black & Super Saiyan Blue DannySexBang

  15. Im the videogame boy, im the one who wins
    this can and should be a manga series

  16. I love rewatching this animation! 😄
    There should not be this much casual laughter in a fight. 😆

  17. im the video game boy is my favorite phrase of all time.

  18. Just like Jontron stomping him entirely on accident during Naruto Ninja Storm, Dan accidentally stomps Arin.

  19. "Yay" as Dan blasts a creator in the earth is cracking me up

  20. the funny thing is that arin was savagedly beaten by dan at that game. XD

  21. Why are they both wanted? Mr. Business was only doing business. And it won't matter with the Video Game Boy, he will always win.

  22. Arin became the legendary super video game boy.

  23. I think It’s funny how they’re having a Goku vs Vageta type fight, and yet they’re laughing and making jokes with each other.

  24. this animation is soo clean

  25. Ah yes, my favorite anime, Game Grumps.

  26. Top 10 best dragon ball z fights

  27. I fully support the Game Grumps Z alternate universe

  28. I love the touch of Arin going super saiyan but still gets put down by a little back hand from Dan.

  29. Sooo, Arin went SSJ God, and Dan went SSJ God Blue?

    That would explain why Arin lost.

  30. Ah yes, Super Saiyan Rosé Arin and Super Saiyan Blue Dan, two of my favourite Saiyans.

  31. "I'm the video game boy, I'm the one who wins" is that why you quit battle kid.

  32. Danny going super Saiyan blue and Arin going super Saiyan Rosé 😂

  33. Even though it's not that old, it feels nostalgic coming back here.

  34. This brings up a good point… if Goku died part of his hair and then transformed… what would happen to the colored hair strip?

  35. I'm the saiyan who came all the way from earth for the sole purpose of beating you. I am the warrior you've heard of in legends, pure of heart and awakened by fury, that's what I am… I AM THE VIDEO GAME BOY ARIN HANSON

  36. Y’know, honestly, Goku Black voiced by Arin sounds pretty 1-to-1 with Sean Schemmel in my opinion
    Guess the hair color is accurate in more ways than one

  37. I love that SbassBear made a banging track out of this one

  38. wait why are these colors so accurate to DragonBall now!? Holy shit man, coming back to these animations never gets old…

  39. 0:18
    That's a perfect summing up of how Vegeta felt when he lost to Goku


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