Vertical Lines on Game Boy Screen - EASY FIX! - Fixing Ebay Junk -

Vertical Lines on Game Boy Screen – EASY FIX! – Fixing Ebay Junk

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Part 2 of this Game Boy series. Here I address the vertical line issue which plagues so many original Game Boys. This repair is very easy, you just need a triwing screwdriver to open it up, and a soldering iron.

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  1. what temperature did you put your iron at to let it melt solder but not the cable?

  2. Well done. You made it look easy. Other guys on YouTube said it took them up to one hour.
    I hope I can do it the way you did. Thank you for mentioning the temperature. Maybe that's the secret.

  3. Simply love your videos. They are always interesting.

  4. Good to see back on YouTube again Adam. Always enjoy your videos, I learn some fantastic useful stuff from yourself. Love your Canadian accent. Big up mate from the UK

  5. Great video man, as always. Regards from Mexico!

  6. The real question is what's that going to be like in the long term? Dave over at EEVBlog did something similar and the display just went back to how it was after some time.

  7. Very nice video there was something weird on mine it used to have those lines but now there gone

  8. Best channel on youtube. You're such a genius, and you always deliver great content, love you Adam.

  9. I had no idea you could do that! Awesome! You just saved me money and frustration on my repairs!

  10. good quick fix, this one played ball!

  11. Great content as always Adam, Did you get a new camera? Your playback looks cleaner, or is it just me?

  12. What is that black material you are hitting with the iron? Do you think hot air might work as well?

  13. Great reference for if/when my DMG decides to start doing this and as always quality content!

  14. I have a korg triton rack that has vertical lines in the screen…I'm wondering if this will work on that! Cool video!

  15. una pregunta..a cuántos grados centígrados usas tu cautín para hacer esa reparación? obviamente para no quemar la membrana del display!

  16. This method works with just about any solder on displays.

  17. i always worry about battery leaks for health reasons because of my OCD. i'd like to know your opinion on it.

  18. You have done this before. Something new please.

  19. Any advise on the heat setting for your soldering iron when doing the ribbon fix?

  20. Hey Adam! Just saying happy to see a new post and hope everything is going well for you up in Canada right now!

  21. What about horizontal lines? I take it that’s a different deal altogether.

  22. if it was me, i would just get the RIPS or FunnyPlaying IPS screen for it and swap out the original screen with the IPS screen.

  23. I wonder f I’ll ever find my mothers old gameboy in the attic though I already have my grandpas gba sp lol though like she said I highly doubt it’s even in our attic

  24. I found and fixed this exact problem about a week ago…

  25. Random question so I know you repair cartridge based games but do you also repair disc games? Like using a disc resurface machine?

  26. For BEST results use a Qtip to massage the area after applying the soldering iron.

  27. Anyone have a recommended temp to do this at?

  28. First time I've ever subbed and actually turned on the notifications. You have helped me immensely over the past couple days fixing my childhood GBA and my dad's OG gameboy. Thank you so much!

  29. You made me refurbish mine, thank you for the hint!

  30. Today I learned the lines on the side of the screen were not a deliberate stylistic choice by Nintendo

  31. Can you heat a knife with a lighter and do it with that I don’t have asodder lol

  32. "Were gonna put this piece of rubber back on"
    Bro… lmao. You gotta tell us to keep it first… 🤣

  33. What temperature did you set the soldering iron to ?

  34. What temperature should you use on the soldering iron?

  35. Step 1: remortgage my house to get a Philips screwdriver

  36. This is perfect, exactly what i was looking for,

  37. Beautiful lighting, Good calm voice, Nice Warnings.
    Great Video. Please Do More.

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