Varia5uit Mod + V5 for Dot Matrix Game Boys (DMG) - -

Varia5uit Mod + V5 for Dot Matrix Game Boys (DMG) –

Anthony Bradshaw
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This handy, inexpensive new mod will allow you to control the brightness of just about any LED backlight on the market. This includes our high quality V5s, every model before that, and even our competitor’s brands!

The Varia5uit Mod can install in a limitless number of spaces due to its small size inside the case and is super damage resistant thanks to the fact that it has NO physical presence outside the case, thus nothing to break off!

We like this mod so much, V5 backlights now come with a Varia5uit mod optionally pre-installed. Head over to to get one!


  1. Thanks Anthony for this very cool Addon ! I was searching for a small dimmer in order to obtain the possibility to dimm the Backlight…

    I hope that my order #8222 (still processing) will benefit from this cool feature !?

    Just an other thing, where do you recommend to solder the v5 on the PCB ? Still not clear details about that on your website…

    Best Regards from France 😉

  2. I bought one, I've found tutorials all over youtube for the install of back lights but nothing for the dimmer,  I've emailed you guys via your website form many days ago but haven't received a reply.  Any chance you can guide me as to how to hook up the dimmer?  Thank you!

  3. Anyone? Is that blue wire just going to the ground and the white wire is going to power? But then what about the ground wire on the LCD? Ground that as well?

  4. I've got a question. I am unclear as to what the difference is from the V4 and V5 backlights. What did you change and improve in the product?

  5. Has anybody found a slide pot with this low resistance (100/200ohm – 1Mohm). I don't want to install the trimpot, a slide pot or a wheel pot would be so much cooler! 🙂

  6. I have one of the original V1 backlights in my DMG-01. How much of an improvement is the V5 over that?

  7. Hi ! I´ve been thinking about buying the V6 backlight kit. The problem is that although my old game boy turns on, it does not show any image on its screen. So, what I would like to know is: If I buy this kit and install it, will it work?

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