Using the Game Boy Camera in 2020 -

Using the Game Boy Camera in 2020

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There’s a much easier way to upload Game Boy Camera pictures to your computer (and make them look all nice and pretty).

Game Boy Camera Border Template:


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  1. The web page you show in your video clearly says it dumps the ROM from your cartridge. Where did you get the idea or was downloading the ROM from their server? It's downloading the box art and game info from their database. That's it. There is no legal way to download a ROM.

  2. Awesome video man. It so crazy how much more we can get out of "outdated" retro tech. So cool

  3. I love these kinds of videos! Makes me want to get a Gameboy camera. I had one back in the day 😁

  4. Why am I watching this, oh yeah because it's awesome 🤔

  5. You're desktop background is amazing lol. I'm glad you finally tried using the printer in a video. Sorry it sucks. I've tried cleaning the heating printer element so many times and just can't get to it directly. It's essential a receipt printer that uses heat on thermal paper. I've actually threw a receipt from the store into and it works. Unfortunately, I left paper in it when I had it in storage and it became crusty and crumbly which is what all the mess is inside of it and why it doesn't print so great anymore.

  6. 2:04 Touche, but then again its your channel. You can throw out any video with any subject and I'd watch it in a beat so LOGIC RIGHT BACK AT YA!

  7. if you like the gameboy camera videos from Bob make sure to not only LIKE this video but ALSO share it because I love these videos but they don't perform on the channel

    if you want to see more about the gameboy camera share it and run the likes up!

  8. you should compare it to the nick click (which i used to own one)

  9. that ad……………… i rewinded to see it again

  10. I remember back on the 3ds era I take my og 3ds and take photos to everything I see (yes it’s bad quality but who cares I was little)

  11. I bought the Submodule cart reader after this video. Thanks. I've been always looking for something that works plug and play for Mac to download my gameboy camera photo

  12. My sisters boyfriend is selling his gameboy camera, I’m tempted to buy it and try this myself

  13. I thought it was Matt Hardy on the thumbnail 🤣🤣🤣👍🦀

  14. Lol, Will made a stealth return to the channel with that voice over in the commercial. Nice!

  15. Hahaha had to stop this video… laughing my tail off… its late my roomates asleep and this guy and the Pokémon trainer certificate joke was to much 😂

  16. I commented on your other video and I noticed you were using a gbc this time a gb which one would take a better picture

  17. I used photoshop to edit the photos too, but I used the "Image > Mode > Indexed Color" option to set the palette.

    Sometimes I used the Pizzaboy emulator too to take some photos (yes, I can use the Gameboy Camera rom perfectly fine with my phone camera)

  18. I was watching an 800 hp Mustang and somehow I’m here…

  19. You are the Bob Ross of the Gameboy art world.

  20. I had one of these around 1997/8 and I was 12/13 at the time. This was insane! First ever digital camera, and before the Nokia face-plate brick phone came out in high school. I chose a green camera as I thought it went well with my see-through pocket GB matching the chip sets. Fond memories! Do I wish I still had it? No, it's f***** shit.

  21. I'm having gonna have my wedding photos taken with a Game Boy Camera 😄

  22. Can't wait to see this video again when the Analogue Pocket comes out.

  23. i just use retroboy thats available for android phones. its really neat and lots of options. i use my profile picture with that.

  24. if u run the creepy picture is pop up

  25. thx dude for the videos , i just want something easy that can help me take gbc into my computer and edite them , also make the a larger format and why not print hem and put them on frame , is this possible ?! 1 like and sub or you bro

  26. I'm surprised at the amount of times the phrase "highest resolution" was used in this video

  27. yess I would love someone to actually mod a decent dish cam into the gameboy .

  28. I just gotta say, that was the best commercial I have have ever seen! I was laughing out loud a few times. You should be sponsored.

  29. I remember being over the moon being popular for once, because I was the only person with a portable camera on a school trip. It was the game boy camera. And the school didn’t exactly have a lot of tech rules yet. I argued it was my camera, so I could use it. I was 15. I am now 35 (yes I’m old 😂)

  30. Bing! I subscribed! Thanks for making this video!!

  31. I use my cart dumper (FlashBoy) to move my Pokemon Crystal save from cart to eventually 3DS Virtual Console (sav converter to what VC takes + Homebrew 3DS' Checkpoint app for applying backup saves). The idea is to 100% Crystal, minus Celebi, and move the save to VC for the Celebi event, then move to Gen 8. I can have my Pokemon in Crystal/Stadium 2, have them in VC, and in Shield, having my cake and eating it.
    Also TheZZAZZGlitch makes a custom gen 1 save for their yearly April Fool's thing and I get to play it on my actual Red Version thanks to my FlashBoy. Being able to back up my saves like this is awesome.
    But now that you mention the Pokedex certificate thing, I now have to arbitrary code my way into a Celebi as well, so thanks for being the reason I do arbitrary code in Gen 2 when I was trying to avoid that. I'm really about to do everything there is to do in Crystal.

  32. The way i get my pictures off of my camera is:
    GBCamera -> N64 Transfer Pak+ N64 controller -> Raphnet n64 to USB adapter + their pc N64 Adapter software to get the save file off of there, Then just take that .Sav file and use GBCamera Dump to get the raw .bpm files.
    I do it this way, since i already had a transfer pak and in my case just buying the controller adapter was cheaper than getting one of the other ways to rip a gameboy save file.

    So if one of you in the audience is thinkin' of doing something like this and have about the same stuff, do so! Taking these pictures and seeing them unfiltered is quite fun!

  33. According to my currency converter, it would cost me $80 to get the card reader to Canada. I need something that’s under $50.

  34. We gonna talk about that desktop or naw XD

  35. Need to see a Game Boy camera on the Analogue Pocket video now

  36. Hey you inspired me with this video to make a music video with the Game Boy Camera 🙂 it’s on my channel

  37. I’m a bit late to the party and the GB01 is no longer for sale. In your research did you find any other cart readers that have GB Camera-specific support?

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