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Unboxing the Original Game Boy!

Austin Evans
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My unboxing of the original Nintendo Game Boy from 1989!


  1. I want it but i can't buy it

  2. I don’t know how to get the thing off to get the battery’s in 😑

  3. The nintendo game boy i want for chrismass👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  4. The First VIDEO Game system i ever played was Game Boy COLOR & Regular & Advanced

  5. Pokémon gold has the best soundtrack prove me wrong I dare you even though I only have Pokémon red blue and gold for gbc and no I’m not old I’m 12

  6. Soo my uncle had one asked if I wanted, obvisouly I said yes because old games are cool but not sure how to use it

  7. If it was sitting for 27 years, the packing would be older. It looks really so much recent…

  8. My gameboy bought early 90s did not come in styrofoam

  9. You sound like plainrock 124 at the beginning.

  10. I would take this over the new Nintendo’s and I’m 11

  11. Headphone jack? Huh, so gameboy is already better than iphone 7

  12. is not actually from 1989 it was a long-term mass production lol😁😋👍

  13. Where i can buy it like that? New in box 😃

  14. Did anyone else have batteries ooze in their original Game Boy?

  15. I used to stare at the gameboy box through the disllay windows at sears for long periods of time as a kid.

  16. That’s neat, I was 10yrs old when my parents got me this for Xmas, I still have it to this very day, I’m just missing the small tab on the game boy that you connect the link wire too. I just wish I could’ve save the box. Good video!

  17. Give me that to philiphines in 2021 in 31

  18. Tom and Jerry was one of my favorite games. My mom gave mine away after I moved out.

  19. This Game Boy has been unboxed before, so don't freak out and ask why is he unboxing it. You can tell by the instruction booklet cover being beat up pretty bad, you can really see it here at 1:06 in the video! So someone kept it in good shape but not a true SEALED unboxing video of it!

  20. I died when he called Nintendo 🤣🤣🤣

  21. The Game Boy featured the "A", "B", "SELECT", and "START" buttons as well as a directional pad (d-pad), which make the controls similar to the popular NES.

  22. Can i say some thing do i buy a gameboy pocket in amazon for 99$

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