Trying to Save These Rare Broken Pokémon Game Boys! -

Trying to Save These Rare Broken Pokémon Game Boys!

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Broken Pokémon Game Boys – But Can I Fix Them?! I bought 3 broken Game Boy Color Pokémon Editions to see if I could get them fully working again. Issues include: won’t power on, distorted screen image, bad sound, corrosion from the batteries, and possible drop damage.

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  1. Please make a video on how arrange if the screws are of different sizes…

  2. Wait when did you put the new inductor onto the board of the first GBC? I missed that? Did you just get a new board?

  3. Hey Tronics I bought a broken nintendo switch lite the screen backlight works but no display. Also you. An hear sound when you touch the screen. What you think it could be?

  4. I don't know why, but I love when you take parts from a broken console/handheld game and fix another with it. Its like video game organ transplant. No games left behind

  5. But did you make a call for help to your wife this time?

  6. Second gameboy you were saying replacing the battery instead of saying speaker lol 😅

  7. I have repaired many a Gameboy Color, and the easiest way to test whether your buttons work is using a regular gameboy game and then changing the color palate at the boot screen. With each button you hold, and use in combo with a D-Pad push, a different color pallete will pop up. Super quick, super easy.

  8. I didn't notice. Did you have the spare parts on hand from other game boys? Or were they new parts

  9. I'd stick the entire board into an Ultra Sonic Cleaner to clean through the small holes..

  10. Those screws, you gotta keep em separated.

  11. One of my friends had this model way back in the day I think they bundled it with Pokémon : Pikachu Edition (yellow). I had one of the Purple colors and later on got the Gold and Silver edition. A few years back I got my hands on a lime green one as well before prices kinda went absurd. with retro games during the pandemic.

  12. as soon as i saw the corrosion in the vias like that, i knew it was a write off, the pokemon mini does that too, almost guaranteed to happen if it leaks, it just eats all the vias and destroys a good portion of the board which for a small item like this is ultimately irreparable

  13. I like the video as always, but I got the feeling it is a older video that he just now posted.

  14. I'm guessing that he used apple cider vinegar.

  15. For the second one I can see that pads were ripped off when the connector was removed. Most of them on that side of the board do not go anywhere but pin 1 does and I can't see if that has a trace that goes anywhere on the reverse side.
    Probably the best way to fix this without removing the connector again is to jump a wire from pin 1 to the 3 vias just above it (where the V is of the VDD on the silkscreen)

    Those vias look crusty to so might be worth running a wire though and repairing the traces to make sure there is a good connection.

  16. When replacing the battery that doesn't produce good sound. 12:05

  17. Annoying commenter here, you used malt vinegar didn't you? DIDN'T YOU!!?? Give me all your Tronics and get to your room! 😠

  18. ever thought of stripping and then chrome plating battery terminals instead of replacing them?

  19. Someone gave me a Gameboy DMG body was yellowed badly but everything inside was super clean! But the Gameboy didn’t turned on. I cleaned it anyways and after that i turned it on to see if it worked and it worked lol 😂 so sometimes just a good clean can help lol.
    But not in the Yellow GBC’s case tho

  20. Oh crap that pokemon gameboy color is rare? I tossed mine a few years ago because it wouldn't turn on…well before I found your videos..

  21. White vinegar is what's required to clean off the corrosion on the battery contacts – it will desolve it and neutralise it at the same time,
    can be brushed on or even better remove them and submerge them in a small cup etc.

  22. As well steve thank you for the ps4 ebay buyer here !

  23. Hey! Nice Video! Can I suggest a usefull tecnique for dessoldering this kind of board? 4:00 Try to use low temp solder, like chip quik SMD, you save time and circuit integrity.

  24. Stupid question time. Have you ever tried to clean the corrosion with white vinegar?
    I have used it on battery terminals, works well
    Then light rinse with distilled water and IPA last

  25. @Tronicsfix Love your videos. Where do you get your silicone wedding ring? I work as a mechanic and a silicone wedding ring would be ideal.

  26. Sweet camera work, upper level. Big love! ❤

  27. I just Jason Paigemy signature pokemon gameboy last week in Rotterdam 😁

  28. Go ahead and use all the Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar you want. No judgement here

  29. Love these videos helps pass the time at work!!

  30. What screwdriver would you suggest for opening 5 screw NES games?

  31. 22:59 Instead o scraping the metal with a pick and scarring it, try some flux and then heat it up with a heat gun or hot air station until it evaporates. The heated flux will suck up all the bad stuff from the affected area. Of course do the vinegar solution first, as usual.
    ps. Your flux gets unusually black from normal soldering.

  32. 6:43 You infused cotton threads in at least two of your solder joints (bottom left and top right). 🙁

  33. Just gotta point out that, You used the wrong kind of vinegar btw.

    That’s a big no no!

    🤣.man, in the spirit of saving one of these in a pinch, I’m ok with what you do. If it fixes it and you can isolate the problem, it’s easy to get a new board and replace it to avoid any potential of future damage that “the wrong vinegar” will cause, lol.

  34. You know they sell that deoxide in spray can also. Works great for that battery corrosion.

  35. I have one of these that has a sound issue. If you would like to take a look at it.

  36. I still have my Pokémon game boy color. It still works. Still have Pokémon yellow with mew

  37. Could you make a video installing the IPS screen on the Gameboy, that would be really cool! <3

  38. Mate, the interchangeable game child is better. Look it up it’s a real thing

  39. You can harvest the CPU and RAM and other components to make into a pocket color mod, or use those parts in a new MOBO by N64 freak

  40. my PS4 pro has a blue light on and it does go on the TV scene

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