Trying to FIX: 3 x Faulty Nintendo Game Boy Games -

Trying to FIX: 3 x Faulty Nintendo Game Boy Games

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Hi, this ‘trying to fix’ video shows me attempting to repair 3 faulty Nintendo Gameboy cartridges which have already had repairs attempted on them.
Sorry there is no quick version of this video.
Remember that this is just for entertainment and I am not an expert in these repairs. The processes in the video may not be the best way, the correct way or the safest way to fix these things.
I do love fault finding and trying to fix broken things so I hope that comes across in this ‘Trying to FIX’ series.
Many thanks, Vince.


  1. I think you need a mask rom reprogrammer and program the corrupted mask rom. Please try this My Mate Vince.

  2. VINCE!!!! You got Pokemon Silver working, the last title screen you showed in the video said "Pokémon Edición Plata", it was Pokemon Silver

  3. I think you were a bit unlucky there, since some bloke had already made a mess of things, swapping around stuff without knowing what he/she was doing. At some point, though, someone completely fried one of these games, causing headaches for both of you.

  4. Awesome video man, I learned alot as im aiming to fix a few myself. Even without finding the final solution, this video was worth it and enjoyable. Looking forward to more

  5. Says pokemon plata in the intro (pokemon silver in spanish)

  6. Check the voltage on the battery. If the battery is flat the game may not start.

  7. As Kryten said in Red Dwarf "Ah! Smug mode". Pat yourself on the back for that one Vince, nice work! 😀

  8. With a lot of patience and great soldering skills you managed 2 out of 3, great job my friend.

  9. Iv had a look on eBay and you can buy 5 cartridge pcb,s for £5 it would be interesting to see if you put the pokemon silver rom will it work?

  10. Would it be a problem if Id start a Video series too thats called "trying to fix"?

  11. Hi Vince, I'm a student from Poland and your viewer. I have a problem with my Pokemon Emerald for the GBA. It was a gift from a good frend and it means a lot to me. The battery was dead so I send it to a guy who repairs games and consoles. He changed the battery, but the game isn't working any more. I can pay the shipping thats no problem. I know that a other game would by cheaper , but this game is really important for me.

    Its even to a problem,if you won't be able to repair it. At least I will know it's dead for good. 😀 Have a nice day.

  12. I really enjoyed this video, Vince. You are entertaining and very relaxing to listen to. You have the patience of a saint, I don't know how you do it. I also really enjoyed the music you chose for this video, great stuff. Thank you for the effort of making and sharing these videos with us.

  13. on pokemon silver the battery is on backwards

  14. Do a follow up where you replace the Gold shell with the silver one, and print a label for the blue edition.

  15. Excellent video Vince.. long, but entertaining. Cheers!

  16. Not only are the boards region locked but some games are totally trash

  17. The other thing vince, pokemon Silver is actually playing.. It says "Plata"
    That means Silver! :O !

  18. that chip at the top is a nand flash chip for input basically its the chip that tells the gameboy the cartridge is insurted and also translates the controls from to the front of the gameboy

  19. its also limits the voltage through the rest of the cartridge

  20. Any one now what he is doing or what is called that he studded to know this because he look like a pro doing this and made I want to learn this tooooo

  21. nunca quito la pila durante la soldadura este demente -.-
    I never remove the battery while welding this insane –.–

  22. 1:00:00 CE = Chip Enable
    Looks like you found the logic labels for the pins. Not the pin numbering schematics.

    1:13:30 "Works fine, but French." Throwing shade at the French like a true Englishman.

    How do you manage to blow the ass out of all four ICs on the game cart? That's nuts.

  23. I see a solder blob between the pins on the rom chip at 43:08 . If you count from the bottom of chip on the right side its between pin 11 and 12 from the bottom. Pin 11 looks to be ground. Could have been the cause of short on the original rom chip. Yah even stuck your tweezers in there at around 43:19 .

  24. all gb games that save should have a battery. so gold there is missing its battery

  25. Looks like the voltage regulator (working one) is an old TPS6735 by Texas instruments. Datasheet I found is dated 1997. Could have gotten a new revision or 2 since then lol. Guess the VCC to GND short was caused either by the regulator dying, which fried the memory chip or vice versa. Always interesting to see your videos, even though I'm working in the electronics business. I'm nowhere close to 20+ year old games though, so it's fun to watch repairs on all that. Keep it up!

  26. For some reason, the footage with the relaxing music over the top reminds me of "Take Heart". 😂

  27. Thought I was watching Louis Rossman the way you were flinging around smd components! Well done.

  28. Never ever solder contacts. Solder oxidises faster than any other metal ( Shiny to dull) clean them. Rub with an ink rubber then use IPA then a smear of silicon grease to stop them oxidising

  29. Ah well, 1 out of 3 isn't so bad.
    edit: That's what I get for commenting before the very end… 2 out of 3! GOLD!

  30. You have come a really long way from your first videos, great job, keep it up!
    Also, a tip from NorthridgeFix (/channel/UCLaXgfNlVxY149shiA1pykQ): If you add some solder with very low melting point to stuff like at 12:35, it will help a lot with desoldering using the hot air gun, preventing the board from even feeling (absorbing) the heat in the first place. This is because the low-temp solder mixing with the normal one brings down the melting temperature of the mix, making it easier to desolder. It's a good thing to know, i'll definitly try it out too, but on larger things, like the huge legs that hold HDMI or USB ports to the board

  31. If I remember correctly, the Nintendo logo is part of the game protection. If it fails, the game will not boot. Also, Pokémon games include an RTC hence the battery. Most GB games don't need it. Finally, if the game has a save feature, it has its own flash chip. I think the game requires a specific chip but it certainly needs to be the same size, eg if the game had a 256kb flash chip, replacing it with 32kb will at worse stop the game booting/not save and at best will only save the first 32kb of the data!

  32. A12 an address line. Tie this to ground through a 560~ish ohm resistor if the resistance is too low(internal pulldown is most likely shot)
    Having an address line floating will render the game unbootable since it won't start executing from the correct place.

    WE = Write Enable; normally CPU controlled. If the WE pin has a trace going to the cart connector then this is almost certainly CPU controlled, otherwise it can be tied to it's inactive state meaning the data is only read and never written to the chip and read operations are done through the OE pin or another WE pin somewhere on the chip.

    OE = Output Enable; normally CPU controlled. If the OE pin has a trace going to the cart connector then this is definitely CPU controlled, otherwise it can be tied to it's inactive state because it's most likely not being used to signal a read operation and some other WE pin is being used to clock the IC.

    CE = Chip Enable; tied high or to ground depending on it's normally activate state(active low denoted by a bar above the CE letters in the datasheet)

  33. Hi Vince, you might want to look at the chips datasheet. I must say I like a lot the way you diagnose stuff but you might be confused with some pins that are doing chip configurations like CE, OE , etc

  34. Good example of when you find one fault it doesn't automatically mean there are no other faults.
    Many times I have found multiple faults on a PCB, often due to a cascade effect, but not always.

  35. the chip is your game-memory for the save-games

  36. Right now I'm trying to see if I can figure out why my japanese yellow is not working, It seems like the game board is bent like someone had sat on it before I bought it.

  37. Hi Vince :)i have a Clarion 6 disc car cd changer that suddenly stopped working, i believe its no longer getting power, i have checked all the fuses and have had a good look at the circuit board but im stumped, i would love to send you it for a video, could be an interesting one, do let me know 🙂

  38. CE is chip enable, A12 is an address line and there is no correlation to your other project. The 256 was likely a static RAM (hint: any powers of 2 like 64,128,256,512 etc in a part number). The battery backup and the watch crystal are sure signs of an SRAM and microcontroller keeping track of time and game progress. We have serial EEPROM for this nowadays.
    You really should have just desoldered the battery as the first thing before messing about. It's shit to work on live boards. In the case of a Gameboy the missing data means nothing. Besides you swapped the SRAM anyway so why keep it powered?

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