Trying to FIX: 3 x Faulty Nintendo Game Boy Games -

Trying to FIX: 3 x Faulty Nintendo Game Boy Games

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Hi, this ‘trying to fix’ video shows me attempting to repair 3 faulty Nintendo Gameboy cartridges which have already had repairs attempted on them.
Sorry there is no quick version of this video.
Remember that this is just for entertainment and I am not an expert in these repairs. The processes in the video may not be the best way, the correct way or the safest way to fix these things.
I do love fault finding and trying to fix broken things so I hope that comes across in this ‘Trying to FIX’ series.
Many thanks, Vince.


  1. if im not mistaken the clock was one of the selling points to silver and gold versions of pokemon as it was a new feature along with breeding and the god damned phone which helped in some ways but also rang whenever you just wanted to grind.

  2. Can anyone recommend any more resources to learn repairs for a beginner – i love this stuff!!

    Thank you in advance!

  3. I do want to start this comment by saying I love your videos and as someone who finds soldering super relaxing these videos do help me sleep, but from one micro-solderist to another you're using wayyyyyy too much flux my friend, depending on the kind of flux you use it could cause corrosion or even surface damage to the PCB, I'm not trying to be a "hater" this is purely advice, you have my subscription weather you take it to heart or not 😁

  4. btw, this Pokemon Gold isn´t Pokemon Gold.It is Pokemon Silver."Plata" is Silver in Spanish.Also the ROM has the Silver identity.Infact both (the silver and gold) games were Pokemon Silver.

  5. Just a pointer not all IC's have the same indicator for pin 1 but all do have an indicator. On the IC at 32min you pointed out that there were 2 dots so that particular IC may have not been using a dot as an indicator normally one of the dots are different and obvious as to which is the indicator. Other indicators for future reference are a cut off corner which that IC also did not have and the one that I believe the IC had though it is hard to tell during the video which is one of the long sides of the chip is slightly slanted much easier to view under a scope.

    Thanks for the content and good job!

  6. OH MY, I see more fault in using Sharipe to put your name on a cart than any faults combined.

  7. i am a bit confused in the end, the gold cart had a sticker that said spanish, but it was a silver version
    we will never know if the faulty maskrom was the gold one also in spanish because the sender swapped them…but i guess its fine you ended up fixing 2 from the 3!

  8. I have noticed that many British folk pronounce words that end in vowels with an R sound at the end. Always assumed this was normal and never thought they were saying it wrong, just due to the accent.

  9. this video for me was a great educational learning piece, thanks vince

  10. It was cool man very good video 😁👌

  11. With the gold one u might have flashed the Rom by shorting it with the components of the silver one

  12. Personally I found it very educational.. Wish you well

  13. This takes me back to the 1st grade. Literally have the exact game boy color and had silver and crystal and yellow and red

  14. Isn't the gbc display backlit that could be another video

  15. To be honest,even a imdb 7+ rated movie is harder to watch in a one go. But this video can.

  16. a few words on gameboy catridges:
    the Nintendo logo you see is loaded directly from the mask rom (and also used as protection from unauthorized game releases)
    also the CE pin > Chip Enable > u see the Nintendo logo, nl need to mess with CE clearly its enabled
    back to the protection bit: if the nintendo logo is not 1:1 the same as stored in the gameboy itself it refuses to boot the game, this was to prevent unauthorized game releases by publishers that dont have a license, the logo must be in the catridge header, doing so without a license would give Nintendo Legal grounds to file a copyright violation for unauthorized use of the logo. u may think this is yet another bs move of nintendo but this and the nintendo CIC chip saved the game industry from the videogame crash of 1985 caused by market flooding of bad games by ensuring all games for nintendo consoles would be approved by Nintendos president.
    – MVG: Secrets of the Nintendo CIC Chip – Early Cartridge Anti-Piracy | MVG
    – Ghidra Ninja: Hacking the Game Boy cartridge protection

  17. Those super tiny resistors are not resistors there actually fuses also that's not a battery its a disk resistor

  18. Honestly, you don't need to apologize for the length of the video, especially when it's chock full of content. I start watching and before I know it, an hour's gone. Keep up the good work!

  19. Thumbs up to Stevie Staunton on the back of the Gameboy Color:)

  20. Repairing Pokémon Silver. ROM is read correctly but then I get a white screen. Issues with white screen are usually related to MBC chip. There are a few traces I am not sure how to check continuity for, as they go through a big hole in the board. Anyone know what these mystery traces connect to?

  21. Ya know, a gram of arsenic would be a "killer-gram"

    ba dum tss

    I'll see myself out

  22. Wonderful trouble shooting skills thank you Sir!

  23. Oh boy you sure have gotten better with that heat station after that Nintendo Switch BBQ fiasco….lol

  24. CE means "chip enable", it's used to access the data in the rom chip

  25. I'm afraid the ROMs are wiped out. It might be fixable with a ROM programmer ( there's one kinda cheap from Voultar you can buy ), by re-flashing the ROMs that you can find easily on the web. You could even flash the English versions of the games.

  26. Douse the lot of them with IPA, get a pint of the dark stuff and set them off like a fireworks. Enjoy the pretty lights as the melt down into a puddle of relief.

  27. 46 mins in and home boy was like LKASJFLSJFOISDOJSD why did it blown.. the struggle of fixing things is pure human and to solve it , i't's a master piece when it's all done.

  28. Thank you. You inspired me to fix two old games I tried fixing before. Pokemon blue does have a corrupt file and doesn’t show sprites but I’m glad it turns on

  29. Hubo tantos cambios de chips que hasta el plata termino en la carcasa del oro ¿Habrá estado en Español el oro?

  30. hey, i have a question i don't know if you can help me. I have an old Pokémon crystal game but the save file is corrupted, do you know if there is any way to recover it? are you able to do that?

  31. The Nintendo logo showing up on the game boy is also part of the copy protection if it doesn't bring up the Nintendo logo correctly it won't play

  32. If you haven’t already repent for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand!

  33. Best freaking video ever! I absolutely loved watching this so much! Thank you for posting.

  34. What does he mean when he says shorted to ground?

  35. what a coincidence, the intro song was the exact same song to the last video i watched

  36. Hello does anybody know which capacitor goes on C3 on the pokemon silver pcb? I have a pokemon cristal cart and it has a blown capacitor.

  37. my game got a pin missing can it be fixed?

  38. Can you fix a couple gameboy games for me? I can pay to mail them to you an to mail them back and you can make a video for it.

  39. CE usually means Chip Enable. The chip just will not work at all if it's not "enabled", but sometimes it's also used in timing when reading/writing from/to the chip. Although I'm sure you've figured that out since you've made this video two years ago lol.

  40. U3 as mark in the board corresponds to an ram the other one U1 is mask rom and the other in the upperside U2 is for save handling data X1 correspond to an oscillator… My humble opinion .

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