Top Ten Must Have Game Boy Color Games -

Top Ten Must Have Game Boy Color Games

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Stuck on what to buy or what to play? Join TVGS as the list and discuss the top ten must have games for the Nintendo Game Boy Color. Now so many great and fun games exist for the GBC handheld so let us know your choices down below!

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  1. Resident Evil Gaiden is by far my favorite GBC game. Can’t believe how well they made RE game on that little thing. Great list. Agree with most but didn’t see my goat

  2. I watched this video at 144p with my screen brightness set to 5% to get a better idea of what these games were like.

  3. Wario Land 3 and Donkey Kong Country are great too!

  4. A essentail part of owning a gamboy………buy lots of batteries.

  5. Oh hell yes !! Wasn’t expecting this today ! Goodlookn out my brother , I appreciate your hard work !

  6. You should mention warlocked for gameboy color, it's a RTS and it's one of the most insane games ever made on the system. Not to mention its very stunning taking full advantage of every color it can possibly muster.

  7. Great list, but why using the smooth enhancement when showing the games? That doesn't correctly represent how they actually look.

  8. I always forget about babel, it's beautiful, but is so hard without a faq

  9. Una gran lista de juegos para GameBoy 😀

  10. Snoopy Tennis and Flintstones Burgertime in bedrock. Would make my top 10 GBC games

  11. To be fair: You shouldn't buy Shantae for tge GBC as it's wa, too expensive. Rather get the 3DS-Download. Which for some reason doesn't let players access the Advanced Genie Room though…
    The Tinkerbat dance makes traversing the mountains near the end of the game way easier given you have to constantly switch between Monkey and Spider and the Tinkerbat is unifying almost animal abilities…
    5:32 "Super Mario Bros Deluexe"? That's an interesting way to write "Deluxe". 😛

  12. This came at a perfect time! I’ve been eyeing a backlit game boy color to get myself as a Christmas gift from me to me lol 🤪

  13. Yessss. Mario Tennis is so good and definitely is deserving of a spot on this list! Glad to see it get some love 😀

  14. One of my favorite handhelds! The video was phenomenal, keep up the good work 😀

  15. So happy to see my favorite game of all time as #2. I fondly remember conquering it during a family road trip almost 20 years ago. I recently started replaying a ROM version, and all those old feels came right back. Definitely gonna check out some of these other titles. Excellent video. 🙂

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