Top Ten Must Have Game Boy Color Games -

Top Ten Must Have Game Boy Color Games

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Stuck on what to buy or what to play? Join TVGS as the list and discuss the top ten must have games for the Nintendo Game Boy Color. Now so many great and fun games exist for the GBC handheld so let us know your choices down below!

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  1. I just watched to see if you put Metal Gear on this list. I was not disappointed. GG

  2. "Mario Tennis Is Surprisingly A Deeper Rewarding Experience."

    I'd have to agree with you there, also with the future instalments it made things more interesting! 😄😁👍

  3. It's nice that Super Mario, Metal Gear Solid, The Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon were the last four games listed, because they are such popular video game franchises it's hard to leave them out of a top 10 video! 👏😄😁👍

  4. Hey dude, just a suggestion, but, can you post the music you use in your videos? Like that last one, had no clue where its from, wanted to listen to it more, and checked the 'show more' and no go :'(.

  5. >Shantae

    Yeah, good luck with that.

  6. I have a suggestion, Top 10 Game Boy Advance Hidden Gems, Sigma Star Saga should be included in GBA hidden gems, the game was developed by WayForward who also made Shantae and is an RPG/Shoot em up hybrid with great visuals, lots of content on an 8mb cartridge and an interesting story.

  7. Shantae also costs twelve million dollars in physical form.

  8. You may want to increase the volume of your voice cause the music is the same volume and makes it hard to hear you

  9. From which game is that song at the end of the video?

  10. What kind of gameboy color do you have!? That back light screen is not an ags 101 it looks bigger!?

  11. You didn't put the games titles and timestamps for each in the description.

  12. Gotta give the Game and Watch Gallery series some love as Oracle Games.

    I'd point out Mario Land 2 and Kirby Dream Land 2 but this was a video about Game Boy COLOR games, despite the original Game Boy games could play on the system.

  13. Pokemon Crystal was so damn good. Game freak never made that big of leap again even all these years later

  14. Pokemon Crystal and Zelda Link's Awakening i played it but i didnt know that Shantae but its look good I'll download it

  15. Shante is not a must own game as it's pushing over 300 loose last time I checked.

  16. I didnt know there was an r type for gb! Loved that game, I played it in ps1

  17. #1-6: all 6 of the original main pokemon games
    #7-10: whatever the hell else you want

  18. The arcade r-type was way better change my mind

  19. The fact this list didn't have Zelda Oracles of Season/Ages is rather… disappointing.

  20. Does anyone know how to get that pixel smoothing image in an emulator? I would love to know how to do that.

  21. 03:45 Best RPG game for the Gameboy. You sir have an amazing taste. Subbed.

  22. Wario Land 3 is arguably the best handheld platformer that’s not a remake ever. It should have definitely been on the list especially over something like r type. Megaman Xtreme 2 is also a must have must play game as it is actually a different game for the series and not just a remake like megaman Xtreme was to megaman x.

  23. what game are you playing at the very beginning of the video?

  24. Shantae is not a must have. Any game over 100 is definitely not a must have. but um ya it's apparently good.
    It seems like u just added all the expensive or hard to find games on this list. Overall not a rly good list.

  25. The way you play tetris is disturbing 🤨

  26. You missed Wario Land 3 !? Probably the game that pushed GBC harder than any other title!

  27. Yes Shatae is good but it’s also very expensive .

  28. Ain't nobody talking about Wario Land 3!!??? 😭😭😭

  29. Can someone do a top 10 without Pokémon, because we already know what it is. Let’s see the others

  30. I love Link's Awakening! Took me hours to beat the game.

  31. Nice video ☺️ The games can also be played wonderfully on the RG351 devices. I made a couple of videos about it. Greetings 👋

  32. Whoever was playing Tetris was really bad @ it

  33. Oh how time flies!
    Still seems like yesterday when I was a young boy having fun my green game boy color

  34. A gameboy was such a luxury back in the days.

  35. Solid list but I really don't know why you'd recommend Super Magnifying Glass Bros DX whose original and superior experience you can already get on another system and readily available on a variety of devices through emulators, instead of the actual Game Boy exclusive and Game Boy tailored Wario Land series. The original for the Game Boy or part II or III for the GBC, they're all incredibly good.

  36. It's really bothering me that I recognise the track used at the very start of this video but can't name it. Can anyone let me know what track it is and what game it's from?

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