Top 5 RAREST Virtual Boy Games! [USA] | Nintendrew -

Top 5 RAREST Virtual Boy Games! [USA] | Nintendrew

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  1. So glad Nintendrew is finally off of hiatus. I feel like the virtual boy is so underated and misunderstood

  2. You must've had quite the easy time making this video with such a small library. Keep up the good work!

  3. Never thought I'd see a list of rare games from an even more rare console from Nintendo

  4. Aye a Nintendrew video!! Glad to see ya back!

  5. Finally re recorded his intro walking around his bedroom with a quality camera. Finally!

  6. I hope one day Nintendo rereleases virtual boy games on switch one day

  7. I drew hearts this, I will send him a cookie in the mail

  8. I honestly wasn't expecting Waterworld to be so high, but simultaneously, I would have assumed that ALL Virtual Boy carts would go for triple digits.

  9. This is an interesting one considering how small the amount of virtual boy games there are

  10. I think the street fighter II someone made for the system was pretty interesting

  11. I own 3 games for my vb and for some reason I don’t regret it. Easily one of my favorite things I own. Gg video

  12. There’s more than 5 Virtual Boy games? 😂

  13. Coming up next: Rarest Leap Pad games of all time.

  14. Nintendrew can you please make a collecting GameCube guide
    Nintendrew answered. Nani?!

  15. Give us some updates on the rarest games for other systems now.

  16. Nentendrew I love your videos and I had a virtual boy when I was a kid keep up the good work!


    I mean that's almost 50% of the total library my dude. 🤣😂🤣

  18. How did you capture for the footage for Virtual Boy gameplay? I've seen a lot of YouTubers mention it can be hard for virtual boy. Great video by the way!

  19. It's a good thing that I didn't get the virtual boy for Christmas. 😀👍🎮


  21. Thank you so much for doing this video sometimes I feel like I'm one of the few people that liked the virtual boy never owned it as a kid cuz it was too expensive but man it look cool on commercials.

  22. The same Waterworld that was based off of the Universal stunt show?

  23. Top 5 rarest Virtual Boy games? So… all of them?

  24. I have a flash cart for the Virtual Boy. I have resigned to only having half the virtual boy set. At least I can play Street Fighter 2 now!

  25. I collected for the Virtual boy about 3 years back.
    Then my device broke and getting another here in Europe is not cheap
    Jack bros. (US) is the only game I am missing in my library and I was too stingy picking up the CIB copy for $500.
    Now it's so Unlikely that I ever find that game in collectable condition…

  26. Thanks for the vídeo @Nintendrew. Now, the next episode from the Wii U games, please?

  27. Since you made a U.S list, will there be a Japanese one?

  28. A complete copy of Mario's Tennis is the rarest North American game for the VB. This is because the game itself was a pack-in with the console so carts and manuals are very common, but only Blockbuster received actual boxes for the game. Few survived. An authentic box for Mario's Tennis is the holy grail of the Virtual Boy.

  29. Hello there Nintendrew! I highly doubt you gonna see this but, I’m considering buying a Virtual Boy, would you know where I could get it and Teleroboxer? I don’t think you’ll see this but just in case you do.

  30. I missed this!!! Thanks for the great video!

  31. It’s insane, but I own all of these! I have the complete NA release. A very underrated system.

  32. I got mine at a pawn shop in the late 90's. It came with 5 cartridges for 50 bucks. 6 when I got it home because what was in the cartridge slot? Jack Bros.!

  33. Atlus is the worst company for localizing a Japanese game.

  34. Gotta say: "Ocean presents Water World" is kinda fun to read.
    Noz quite three digits fun, but at least a little fun.

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