Top 5 RAREST Virtual Boy Games! [USA] | Nintendrew -

Top 5 RAREST Virtual Boy Games! [USA] | Nintendrew

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  1. Yay! I bought the last two on your list on ebay ten years ago for only 140 something dollars! Jack Bros also has a cool ending when you beat it, shortly after asking yourself why it had to be on Virtual Boy.

  2. I would love to see another video on odd 3rd party controllers

  3. I've got 13 of the 14 NA VB titles… the one I'm missing? Yup, JACK BROS.!!!

  4. Rarest Virtual boy games?
    I’m just going to say yes!
    Rex Mohs quote (Mario party, Scott the woz)

  5. Now it's time for the prices of these games to skyrocket because he decided to bring them up, just like the many other things he has the last few years.

  6. I love nintendo! But I'll probably will never own the virtual boy. Because this plays color in Red and black. And I was like ouch! My eyes😵 ouch!

  7. Migraine be damned, I want to have a Virtual Boy and try playing the games it supported.

  8. I’ve always loved your videos and I really hope Carl turns out well!

  9. good thing this isnt the top 15 rarest virtual boy games from the us that's more than the entire us library….

  10. I thought there were only 5 VB games to being with.

  11. The first looks like a rip-off of Xenon 2.
    The third, of Block out.
    Never played them, but that's how they look like.

  12. Thanks for coming to OMGcon I’m so glad to have met you ^_^ please come back again

  13. Very nice!
    I have 16 titles.
    Also Jack Bros (complete copy), but the japanese one.
    So, I´m rich yet!

  14. So much as I could find for this obscure console.

  15. Thank you so much for coming out and spending time with us at OMGcon this past weekend! You're awesome.

  16. Anyone have any idea where he got the entertainment centre from? Exactly what im looking for

  17. recently sold my complete Virtual Boy collection which included all the US games and while i miss having it on my gaming shelf, i found that the games were pretty niche and replay value wasn't there for the majority of games. Great video Nintendrew!

  18. How identical are we talking with that sister of nesters????

  19. Still got a vb and like 5-6 games. the stand fell apart tho 🙁

  20. Y do i feel like ive seen some of these game at my local comic/game shop?

  21. Could you do a video on how you did the wiring for your consoles… having them all plugged in at the same time and what you used … thanks !!

  22. Um nintendrew I’m a bit late but I found this hate video by skaibears and it’s really annoying me, like he brings you in it for no reason.

  23. Hey Nintendrew, do you think you could make a video about the Wii U? Like best games or something? I just found out the shop for it will be shutting down in March 2023

  24. Just found your channel and Im enjoying it. Its a fun upbeat channel. Good clean fun full of cool information. No cursing, pushing an agenda, or PC. as in politically correct, stuff. Very enjoyable. Subscribed.

  25. Can you make a vid about (Nintendo joy con stick not clicking) No tools

  26. Thanks for showing us footage of the games.. especially Waterworld, glad I haven't been looking for that one too intently… 3D Tetris reminds me of a game I used to play on my old DOS computer called Welltris which was basically Tetris but down a well with 3D shaped pieces.. again, glad I haven't been looking too hard… Now that Jack Bros… Oof.. guess the closest I'll come to getting that is some random lot set of the whole bunch from someone who doesn't know what everything is worth…. Who knows…

  27. Would unreleased games and games abandoned when the console was 86ed games count in the library for collectors ? Or would they just be curiosities?

  28. Nester was going to be in Pilotwings 64 as well, but they renamed the character on account of them going for a bird theme with the names and no one knowing who Nester was outside of the US.

  29. One would think the Virtual Boy is rare enough.

  30. AVGN did a Virtual Boy review a while back and a viewer sent him the Japanese version of Jack Bros with box…. wonder if he knows that it is probably worth a bit of money these days

  31. Expected to have Jack Bros being the rarest in the Virtual Boy

  32. That food delivery service isn't available in Canada.

  33. 3D Tetris reminds me of an old 90's arcade game called Block-Out. I wonder which came first.

  34. Oh shit I had water world on virtual boy that's a trip to see it again

  35. I don’t mean to come off as bragging, but what other time could I say this? I completed my in-box Virtual Boy collection!

  36. None of these games should cost anywhere near as much as they do. The bottom 3 should be $2 USD at most, Waterworld should be like 50 cents and even that's pushing it, and Jack Bros should be about $5 USD and that's only because it's a Megaten game and it's actually kind of fun.

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