Top 5 RAREST Game Boy Color Games! | Nintendrew -

Top 5 RAREST Game Boy Color Games! | Nintendrew

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Interested in collecting for the Game Boy Color? Check out this list of the rarest titles in the US GBC library! In this video, we’ll run through the top 5 most expensive and sought after games for Game Boy Color and check out some gameplay footage. Thanks for watching!


All prices are based on loose NTSC-U/North American market values as of 8/31/18.

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  1. Shantae is definitely less valuable after the rerelease.

  2. 1:06 was this game made on the Pokémon engine 🤔 that’s pretty cool

  3. In just 2 years Shantae went from being $350 to $600 to $800. -_-

  4. While I did pre-order a limited run version of Shantae, I'm not gonna count it here as it's not the original release. The Wendy game I might shell out the cash for, though.

  5. I don't know if it is just me but I think he is a really big Nintendo fan, not sure but I get the feeling he is.

  6. Man, I used to have Survival Kids back in the day! Wish I'd known it was so rare. I would have been sure to keep it. Thanks for the video as always, Drew. Great content!

  7. when i was 5 i actually got the survival kids and i used to LOVE playing the game all day by myself since i had no friends back in the day. (sad) i still have the cartige with me and i just kept it in my basement

  8. One of my brother 's girlfriends gave me all his games and among them was Wendy's I remember that it was the game I put the most hours on ( I still keep it )

  9. Dbgt episodes and the resident evil are pure gold culture relics

  10. Ah yes my favorite kids game: lord of the flies.

  11. Cool guy ! I’m 31 and after a street life I only want a friend like him , my nerd side never die..

  12. Oh my god, I just found out that survival kids has risen in price to $90 but it’s still 34.99 on GameStop online preowned. Sadly it’s not available right now but I’ll keep an eye on it. Also, resident evil gaiden has risen in price to $95 and yet its only 44.99 on GameStop online preowned. I’m definitely keeping an eye on these two

  13. I am looking for Survival Kids and I do not see any available for less than $100 for a genuine English copy. :/

  14. Still have my resident evil 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️

  15. I'm kinda surprised that metal gear solid wasn't on the list

  16. I got resident evil Gaiden recently for 18 at a swap meet, had no label and seller thought it was a different game so I got lucky, just ordered a new label for it

  17. Next: Top 5 Rarest Switch Games
    Number 1 Super mario 3d all stars

  18. Sonic on game boy color 2002

  19. I actually have a copy of Resident Evil Gaiden. I got it from a kid in middle school on the school bus. The sucker gave me the game for free. I probably should seek out these other games as well.

  20. Voice actress Cristina Vee made me a fan of shantae since she voices the title character, I'm a huge fan of Cristina Vee.

  21. Survival kids looks like early version of ds game lost in blue

  22. I'm happy I still have RE Gaiden. It goes for around $250 now.

  23. wait wtf, i have that singer sewing machine operation software! we got that when we bought the sewing machine. but idk where is the cartridge now…. my mother even used that to experiment something

  24. The GameBoy Color is a bit underrated. It’s almost as good as the GBA, honestly!

  25. I can never get over how amazing looking shantae is for the game boy color. So impressive.

  26. Actually, Survival Boy looked like the best game to me! The graphics and tasks just looked wonderfully done, but I have to admit… I'd love to mix my love of sewing and video games!

  27. I just searched for gameboy games and here i landed, anyways i worked at nintendo and i was cleaning out my old honda and in the glove box i found about 20 or so cartridges , i used to bring games that never made it to production so a lot of them are longer than normal cartridges and some have big Chips sticking out and a few have Dip switches and there are even instructions with some of them and i have the original Memos printed for the R&D guys that survived the 32 years in the glove compartment "very yellowed" but in ok condition , i want to send them to someone that can tell me of they are worth much or if i would get sued since they were never released, any advice would be appreciated thank you

  28. I had the Wendy game when I was a kid and loved it! As an adult I went on the hunt to find it again, thinking it would be a cheep game because it was a short licenced game. Then I saw the price tags, ouch… I got it though.

  29. oh cool I should play these

    wanders over to a website that totally isn't a rom site

    Oh no I'm just downloading a cup of coffee.

  30. Why is there hobo bros and SMG4 on his channel list?!

  31. I play a lot the shantae remakes on my xbox one x

  32. Thank you so much for the shout out! Great video as always 🙂

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