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Top 5 Fan Patched Game Boy Advance Games

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I was a little delayed to put this sequel video up, because I got sidetracked with writing stuff about Monster Hunter Rise, but here it is, five great Japanese exclusive GBA games that got fan patches into English. Enjoy!

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  1. Godbless Mother 3 Translation patch.

  2. Since the site won't let me post my comment under the article you wrote, I'm going to come here and do it because I'm petty and it bothers me as misinformation annoys me. The Monster Hunter Rise Meme Article "Only True Fans will understand" while having 3 decent memes in general that require no true understanding of the franchise also contain your input on other memes that any true fan of the franchise would read and see that you aren't one of us. The Twins in Rise are Wyverians, an Elf like race in the Monster Hunter series that have a long life span compared to humans of the world which are completely normal and every game in the series has many of including most of the villagers in Rise being that worlds version of the human race and never use the movie for a source of knowledge as it is just wrong on so many levels. Then you have the Zelda Majora's Mask stuff that look to be some fan theory/idea that's poorly photo shopped and it would not be the first time TLOZ would have done a cross over with Monster Hunter as 3 Ultimate featured the ability to obtain Links bow, outfit and the Master Sword and Hylian Shield (sword/shield weapon) and it's even been an easter egg in the first game in which you receive the heroes sword and shield with the sword looking like knock off master sword.

    This post is more for me than you though if you do take the time read this then thank you and please verify things before trying to churn out an article for a quick buck because sure it's minor but you already are showing a lack of integrity for your chosen profession and it's not too late to correct that. Best of luck.

  3. I saw a video of you a few years ago about ffx demake for nes, do you have the rom file? please

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