Top 10 Kids Board Games that are ACTUALLY FUN for you too! Ages 5+ -

Top 10 Kids Board Games that are ACTUALLY FUN for you too! Ages 5+

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Playing games with your kids is awesome….unless you hate the game and are counting down the minutes until you’re done. What you need is a list of board games that your kids love….but that YOU’LL love too! These are my top 10 board games that your kids will enjoy and that you’re along for the ride. This list is recommended for ages 5 and up.

10) My Little Scythe
9) Crazy Race
8) Potion Explosion
7) Menara (Villa Palleti)
6) Meeple Circus
5) Leo
4) Indig
3) Zombie Kidz Evolutio
2) Carcassonne
1) Barenpark

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  1. Thanks looking for presents for nieces and nephews

  2. Barenpark and My little scythe awesome pick ups for us!

  3. This is great. I have been looking for games for my girls

  4. I enjoyed this video, I'm always looking for fun games to play with my 7 and 4 yr old. Subscribed!

  5. Zombie Kidz is great. What also worked for us was Santorini, Blitzkrieg (not the best theme for kids but easy to play), Fort, Downforce, and Minecreaft.

  6. Thanks for this – some great suggestions

  7. Thanks for this lively video, which was just the ticket for us – Leo (German version) and Menara are on the way to us, and will be Christmas presents. Keep up the good work!

  8. You went on and on and on about how "I enjoyed this game" but you gave almost no info (even 30 seconds0 on the games work. No help. I will look elsewhere for game helps.

  9. Great video juat before Christmas for some gift ideas. Thank you 🙂

  10. These look great! Looking for some fun new ideas for my 7 year old 🙂

  11. Nice informative video, I am/was looking for a game for my 5 year old grandson and this helped a ton. Thank you!

  12. Loved this! We love playing board games but of course our kids want in too. We really want to build their interest in board games but our oldest is only 5 so it is so hard to find a game that us adults would want to play. The best we've done so far is Sushi Go Party! Our 3 and 5 year olds love that game and it is not so painstakingly boring for the adults. Please keep reviewing kids games!

  13. My 3 year old loves King Domino and Catan

  14. Lots of great ideas for presents from grandad to little Sam, for his game night with his family. Many thanks! (Super presenting too!)

  15. Great reviews! Good to see new games for my kids! Appreciated! I'll order BarenPark soon 🙂

  16. A couple of games that works well with my kids lately:
    – Stuffed Fables – Awesome for the whole family.
    – Kingdomino – Fun, perfect size for travelling
    – One Deck Dungeon (Coop) – To introduce my girls with Dungeon crawler (ish?) type game
    – Roll for adventures – Who does not like dice games? Coop in addition, so perfect for us
    – Pyramide du Pharaon (2010) – Found this game in trash's neighbor ,lol. My kids LOVE it! 🙂 Very simple but fun and tense.
    – Carcasonne (The Castle) – I never really liked Carcassonne, but the castle version for 2 players fits me perfectly
    – Love Letters – They (my girls) immediately loved it. Created some custom rules for other cards.
    – Kahuna – Bought it for me and my wife, playing with my 7 years old! 🙂

  17. This is a brilliant list! Thank you for making sure they are games us parents enjoy too 😉
    Could you also do a list of educational games please? And…have you found any Judaism themed games?!?

  18. thank you so much for your hard working & sharing these amazing resources

  19. Love this video, some really great recommendations. Could you please do a part two or even a 7+ lineup.

  20. pls make next video on Dr Eureka its best game i ever played in my life

  21. I have all of these except for Leo and carcasonne. Agree with the list completely although I would add giro galoppo and viva topo as well.

  22. Disney Eye Found It and Codenames Pictures are good with kids and you don't need to play down

  23. I'm late to the party, but thanks! Always appreciate suggestions for kid games that aren't terrible for adults. My 4 and 6 year olds love Ghost Fightin Treasure Hunters, Animal Upon Animal, Slide Quest, Pyramid (of Pengqueen), and Ice Cool/Ice Cool 2

  24. My Little Scythe and Carassone are in our collection and faves of the adults and kids! Great recommendations. Thank you for this vid and uh, MORE PLEASE! 🙂

  25. Great picks! Since you allready own a couple of german games, I'd recommend two from Zoch: "Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck" (Pick-omino?, push ur luck with dice) and "Hickhack in Gackelwack" (an easier "Evolution"), no text except the introduction, easy to teach and fun for (drunken) adults as well;o)

  26. For me my little scythe is #1 and i like catan jr

  27. Getting Barenpark. How could I not after your rec.

  28. Great list! Thank you so much. New subie. 😊

  29. Can you do similar video for 2+ years ? 😅

  30. Why you don’t show at least one picture of what’s inside the box

  31. Philippians 4:6-7 6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

  32. Why not recommend KDM? Fun for the whole family!

  33. The only reason I'm here is because I wanna make horror story based on kids board games

  34. Where do you find info on these games when they first come out? My little scythe is already out of stock in a lot of places. Just wondering for those that come late to the game like me.

  35. Solid collection of games for kids. Thanks for sharing!

  36. what the games like domino and start with "R" Rubincan" ?? RamaKang"? I forgot! it's been 15 years

  37. It is great that you have links with the correct names in the description. I don't understand why the names of the games are misspelled in the chapters though…

  38. I just played Dragomino tonight with my almost-4-year-old and it was AMAZING! It was the first game I played with her that I actually enjoyed myself.

  39. is it a good idea to play some of these children versions of these games to ease yourself into the real deal (i.e my little scythe) ?

  40. About Carcassonne: "This is crap."

    Got it. xD

    But seriously, these are great recommendations. I'd be interested in seeing if this list has changed at all in two years. I saw you did a group video a few weeks ago, but from one content creator to another, don't be afraid to pop these out yearly just to capitalize on SEO, using tail end traffic to drive viewers like me to the newer lists!

  41. look at the size of that nose, its so big it needs to invade other peoples territory

  42. So how many games do you actually own? I've got about one hundred and eighty, although I tend to go more for vintage games than super modern ones. I do have a fair few of those too though, my latest being Cat In The Box (only just awesome BTW).

  43. So far played dragononimos, carcassonne, and quacks of quidleburg dash with just turned 5 year old..

  44. Thanks! Think I'll give Carcassone a try with my 4 year old. Might not worry too much about keeping score of points, but think he'll love it 😊

  45. Thanks for the list, looking for some games to take to my grandkids. Looking forward to playing some of these with them.

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