Top 10 Game Boy Homebrew Games... So Far! -

Top 10 Game Boy Homebrew Games… So Far!

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Check out some of the best indie Game Boyy homebrew games, as well as some tips for developers! See below for links to all the games I showed in this episode!

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Share in the comments what you believe makes a good Game Boy game. Try and make it useful for Homebrew developers so we can try and improve games in the future!

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* Games List *
The Shapeshifter 2

Super JetPak DX

Video (Preview):

Doc Cosmos


Indestructo Tank

Black Castle

DMG Deals Damage

Dangan GB

Wing Warriors

Tobu Tobu Girl DX

Bouncing Ball

Repugnant Bounty
Full Let’s Play:

* Video Contents *
00:00 Intro / Giveaway!
01:17 The Shapeshifter 2
03:23 Super JetPak DX
04:40 POWA!
05:59 Doc Cosmos
07:13 Deadeus
08:28 Indestructo Tank
09:38 Black Castle
11:57 DMG Deals Damage
12:47 Dangan GB
13:26 Wing Warriors
14:12 Tobu Tobu Girl DX
15:30 Download Only Highlights
15:46 Bouncing Ball
16:24 Repugnant Bounty
17:11 Thanks For Watching / Giveaway!

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Discover the best of the Game Boy homebrew scene with our top 10 list of the best Game Boy homebrew games so far. From classic 8-bit style games to innovative indie creations, this video showcases the talented Game Boy developer community and the rich history of Game Boy programming and game development. Whether you’re a fan of retro gaming or just want to see what the Game Boy has to offer, this video is a must-watch for all fans of Nintendo’s iconic handheld console.

Get a glimpse into the vibrant world of Game Boy homebrew and indie games with this comprehensive video. Explore the top 10 Game Boy homebrew games that push the boundaries of what this classic handheld console is capable of. From old-school gaming nostalgia to modern indie masterpieces, this video covers it all. Whether you’re a seasoned Game Boy gamer or just starting out, you’ll find something to love in this carefully curated list. So why wait? Join us as we delve into the amazing world of Game Boy homebrew games and discover the hidden gems that have made this classic console a beloved part of gaming history.


  1. A good game boy games makes… : simplicity, uniqueness, I would say the pick up and play factor , but that would ignore such fantastic roll playing games also the system

  2. A good Gameboy game is one that is simple, has tight gameplay, and has a pickup and play nature. Last year I beat Donkey Kong 94 for the first time and was blown away by how polished it was!

  3. What makes a good gameboy game:
    -please support color on the GBC. There's no excuse for being monochrome anymore
    -don't make a sidescroller

  4. Good homebrew GB game:

    Pick up and play, Not too long, not too easy, Rewarding gameplay, something new.

    Shmups i like most and look for. 😊👍

  5. The best GB games for me have really satisfying movement. Whether it’s bouncing around in Donkey Kong, sliding blocks in Tetris or driving cars in R.C Pro-Am, I love the sense of freedom that fluidity brings. A good soundtrack is also important. I don’t care much about graphics by comparison.

  6. Perfect timing with this video! I just modded my Gameboy Color with a backlit screen and was looking forward to collecting some old games and had no idea there was such a lively homebrew community.

    In my opinion, a good Gameboy game is something that makes you realize "hey, this is a really good game" and not just "this is good… for a Gameboy game".

  7. What makes a good gameboy game is a game that knows its limits of the system and doesnt try to be something its not, also replayability so you can share experiences with friends and bond due to the gameboys "portability". Another one is truly feeling like a home console game that can you can take around and show people. My examples would be Legend of Zelda and that one gta like game

  8. A good gb game is one who take the limits of the console as a assets to push the developer fantasy

  9. I have a hard time finding all the amazing mods for old games . Like battlefront 2 for psp . It got an amazing mod with so much more content. .. but I only stumbled upon it cause of a yt video

  10. A good GB game (for me) pop-ups given its originality. It might not have too much levels, or graphic details, but if it is a simple/intuitive puzzle or a linear adventure, as long as is compensated with humor and fun, I don't feel like I wasted my time. I would like to participate in the Pineapple Kid giveaway, thanks.

  11. A Good gameboy game manages to create the illusion of an entire world that's living inside the cardridge. A world that eleven year old me loved to get Lost in. A world that sparked a neverending love for handheld gaming.

  12. i knew there would be something like this. this is so cool! (im not participating in the giveaway)

  13. In my opinion a good Game Boy game must be be good to pick up and play for short and long sessions as well. Additionally I like when they make the best out of the limitations.

    My favorite Game Boy Homebrew probably is Deadus. I also really like Aportris for GBA.

    BTW: Great channel. I just stumpled on it and I love that you already have many videos with homebrew content.

  14. You are right that handhelds in general should include pick and play titles. After all this is how it was meant to work, grab your console, and play during 15 minute break.
    I remember back in the day when my Budd had a new PC and had not a lot of games, but he managed to grab a copy of freeware classic called Icy Tower. It is also very simplistic in its nature, but got us soaked in it for a few Good hours.

  15. New game with old mechanics. Easy to pick up and play, with nostalgic tastes and high Replayability. That's why i usually play fighting games. 😊
    Sadly, they are less and less popular.

  16. Short sessions that you can dip in and out of and get your daily fix 🕹️

  17. I'm working on having my 3D GBA game published with box art and cartridge! 🙂

  18. A good gameboy game is to have some great stuff

  19. All these cool games lit the fire (again) to create one myself.
    I finally finished my first game and put it on itch.
    Mr. Marmelade by Daydream Devil Games – A fast maze game that makes your thumb twitch 😀

  20. I like the fact that the lack of "modern" graphics really make you use your imagination

  21. Black castle looks awesome! Just found out it is being handmade in a village nearby 😀 thank you very much!

  22. Kyriakos Κυριάκος Xanthopoulos Ξανθόπουλος says:

    Good GB games combine the simplicity of the first computer games ever made along with a more Fancy realization. Good GB games make you rvisit And get into action right away, just for a couple of minutes or a couple of hours as well.

  23. I'm also looking for simple games. I loved Zelda growing up and I still consider it one of the best on the console. But that's not the kind of games I'm really looking for. If I play a Game Boy game, it's likely going to be a very short session. I think some minimalistic games really aged better than more elaborate ones in terms of "desirability to play". I have yet to buy a single homebrew game but the ones that I'm really considering are the more simple puzzles or simple arcadey games.

  24. Are any of these games an actual physical cartridge to be played on a GameBoy, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance and GameBoy Advance SP hand helds?

  25. I just wish someone would take the time to make a Black Castle DX. 🙂 I'm enjoying it, while failing badly in 4-x, but would love to play it in color at some point. But it's definitely found its way onto all the devices I can run GB games on.

  26. i would really love to see a "reinterpretation" of Tail Gator or a sequel – dunno why but i even loved that game more than the Mario Games.
    Alone the music in my head when i remember it because i played it soo many times give me a smile.

    Just my thing => one of the most underrated games ever on the game boy

  27. A lot of GB games have great music, but often I find it doesn't related to the game itself. Having music that matches the theme of the game is really important. Difficult to do, but important none the less.

  28. Bro you look soft and cuddly and that hurts my soul… Get to the gym and grow your beard. You ain't no incel.

  29. It's so gratifying they still make Game Boy games getting so much out of the hardware. I just wish they made Game Boys in 2023… Nintendo would make an absolute bank just re-releasing their entire collection in physical copies. Imagine walking into a Walmart, spending $60 for a bright translucent green "Game Boy Neo" and eyeing a copy of Link's Awakening DX. Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal just…glinting in the artificial light behind bulletproof glass doors. Maybe finally release Pokemon Green as a special limited edition? Digitally remastered? Nostalgia Nuke. Just… chef's kiss. Millenial Heroin.

    Ahhhhh that would make so much be ok again. But no. Can't have nice things.

  30. To me a great gameboy game is made by its atmosphere. What makes me pull out my Gameboy other than nostalgia is a game that blends sound art and animation into a place I want to visit.

  31. A gameboy game is good when the gameplay is transformative. Whether temporary or progressive, it's a great feeling to experience a different gameplay experience through something like a power up or upgrade.

  32. I get that you're pushing for more quick, pick-up-and-play style GB games, and I agree they ABSOLUTELY have a necessary place in a portable, hand-held system, but I disagree that they are inherently the best style of game. I would argue Pokemon proves that longform games have a place in handhelds.

    Instead, I would argue that a good Game Boy Game offers an experience that can be played in chunks, and saved often, but leaves the player feeling like they have accomplished something in their free time. Take, for example, my two favorite GB-series games: the Game and Watch collections, and the Mario Golf/Tennis games. Both allowed for short-burst play, but both also had opportunities for longer play. And both had bigger things to unlock over time.

    Give me more games like those two, and I'll be in heaven.

  33. To make a good Homebrew game, understand that you are working in limitations of both how long people play, and a lot of physical (ram, sound, memory) parameters – but that you get around these with creativity and weirdness. Dangan GB is a perfect example of this from what I saw.
    I don't actually have a favorite GB Homebrew since I'm new to the community; I know about these things since I've flirted with the idea of making a game for older systems.

  34. a good gameboy game? good characters / character designs, great conversion into decently expressive and well sized pixel art. fluent gameplay can't harm.

  35. a good game boy game has to has to be easy to put down and pick up and must have a good soundtrack 🙂

  36. I always wanted to get into homebrewing/coding/programming but don't have the know how. Got a lot of ideas but no way to execute them. Any suggestions?

  37. Isn't Super Jet Pack DX a port from the ZX Spectrum?

  38. I have 5000$ i need somebody to make a berserk game

  39. I like Gameboy Games with a deep and unique Story, a great overworld and some impressive music. A great example is Mystic Quest (Europe) for the Gameboy (out of Europe it’s called Final Fantasy Adventure). Great story and some cool puzzles.

    A cool modern homebrew game is Gloryhunters. I backed it at kickstarter and can‘t wait to receive the game.

  40. Its amazing that with a lot of effort, anyone can create a game boy cartridge this days, I think that such skill would have been worth millions back when the gb was the rage.

  41. What makes a great GB game is great writing
    My fav game so far is Mud Warriors

  42. What makes a good Game Boy Game is simplicity, and being able to have fun with them—even on the go.
    It’s what made Super Mario Land 1 & 2 along with Nintendo’s other offerings so effective for GB.

  43. Considering I was a SEGA kid and rarely ever held and played a game boy, i honestly couldn’t answer what makes a game boy game great. Also I have played some home brews but I can’t remember what it when. Honestly, all I have to offer in this competition is my honesty haha.

  44. havent played a homebrew game tbh didnt know of them till now have recently got my first gameboy but have been having such a hard time finding games and getting into retro collecting cause theyre all sooo expensive now and in new zealand you just cant really find them or they take months in the post from other contries awesome to see theres people out there making new games now just to find them haha

  45. My favorite GB games (except Tetris) are all long form games: SaGa, Pokemon, and Link's Awakening.

  46. Honestly I’m really not a big fan of the Metroid series but I totally agree that Repugnant Bounty is a very good game! Great visuals, gameplay, etc! Everything you mentioned is spot on!

  47. Thanks as always – it's great finding out about new titles and your opinion is appreciated

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