Top 10 Game Boy games -

Top 10 Game Boy games

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To celebrate the Game Boys 25th anniversary we wanted to talk about our top ten favorite Game Boy games of all time.
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  1. Good job guys I totally agree with alk of your choices hope to see more segments like these in the future

  2. Bro, you need to come More prepared looking. But we nerds 😃☺😊

  3. I. Agree. With. Your. List. That is all. Especially about Donkey Kong for the original GB. Yes. It was Nintendo showing off, and rightfully so, it combined platforming and puzzle games in an arcade style. It was perfect. I also agree with you order.

  4. Link awaken you can get a bow and arrow. By going behind , then let he look at him and run to the exit. But when go back the man will kill you

  5. Happy Pokemon was number 1. I feel like I can safely assume that Metroid 2 was number 11 XD

  6. We want Bayonetta in Super Smash Beros Wii U and 3Ds

  7. At the end Henry was totally about to say "EXCELSIOR!" 

  8. Too many colour games for a gameboy list and a lot of obvious choices in here. Was hoping for something a bit different.

  9. It is agian from nintendo what some might missed.

  10. dude seriously. take the damn inner tube off

  11. Is the guy on the left's outfit meant to be satirical?

  12. The first Marioland was the only Mario game not produced by the original creator 

  13. how do u spell that 3rd games name chanti? shanti? or something else lol

  14. I'd put Donkey Kong 94 at number 1. That game beats anything on the Gameboy, then I'd put Link's Awakening at number 2, and Mario Golf at number 3.

  15. How do you spell the game title for game #8 on the list? Tip: Put the titles of the game on screen or at least below in the caption.

  16. Without Castlevania 2 and Metroid 2, your top 10 is really missing out.

  17. 6:20 "It actually had a good translation for once" – immediately after saying this three "hornyhares" appear. Too funny. 

  18. wtf I thought this was a Gameboy list. specifically Gameboy. you should of advertised it as all Gameboys combined

  19. My top ten:

    #1 Zelda: Link's Awakening
    #2 Pokemon Red
    #3 Zelda: Oracle of Seasons
    #4 Zelda: Oracle of Ages
    #5 Donkey Kong Land
    #6 Kirby's Dream Land 2
    #7 Pokemon Silver
    #8 Donkey Kong Land 2
    #9 Quest RPG: Brian's Journey
    #10 Catrap

  20. The Siskel and Ebert of retro gaming, skinny guy and fat guy.  cool

  21. Here are the only games I ever played on my Gameboy:  TMNT, Motocross Maniacs, Castlevania, LoZ, Fist of the Northstar, Tetris, Super Mario Land,

  22. The Jimmy in GTA5 is just like the jimmy in metal gear

  23. Mario land 2
    Pokemon emerald
    Happy pokemon
    Pokemon red
    Kirby nightmare in dreamland
    Kirby and the amazing mirror

  24. I just want a bf that plays the original gameboy games

  25. they should have have call top gb colour games : )

  26. I think the guy on the left is a nerd, and the guy on the right is a hipster … and this whole video is a joke

  27. Sorry i just got to know, where do you get the number 64%…. hahaha

  28. I am actually 12. I like retro games. I would love to have a gameboy sp model as 101 with the back lit screen.

  29. i like you two guys because you actually look like gamers, ( virgins )

  30. Why all the guys who talk about video games or UFO's look like losers?

  31. Just a heads up guys…the Game Boy and Game Boy Color are two different systems!

  32. Every list of the best gameboy games has fucking Pokemon

  33. kojima had almost nothing to do with metal gear: ghost babel, which did NOT have the solid title in it in japan and had nothing to do with the solid series. it was more of a retelling of metal gear 2 (for the msx, which you didn't even bring up), with a few elements from solid.

    miyamoto also had almost nothing at all to do with dk94. if you count every game miyamoto was "producer" on as a game that "he and his team" were responsible for, the guy gets around and does more work than santa claus.

    stop attributing games' work to single persons, especially when they hardly even worked on those games or had almost nothing to do with them. also, the game boy color is not the game boy, it's different and more capable hardware – completely unfair to compare the two.

    terrible list by a couple of nerds trying to sound like gaming gurus when they won't do the legwork or build the frame of reference to actually make a decent list. sub-par clickbait looking for quick views to make quick revenue. the guy on the left at least kind of (emphasis on kind of) cared, the guy on the right shouldn't even be talking.

  34. Way too many GBC games in the top 10. There are far better games on the gameboy classic than a game like shantae. The first shantae is mentioned so much, because it's a rare expensive game. The newer shantae games are far better. If the first shantae game wasn't rare it probably wouldn't even be in a single top 25/50 list of gameboy games.

  35. I was trying to play GTA 2 on game it color the other day, oh my god is it bad

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