Top 10 Game Boy Color Games -

Top 10 Game Boy Color Games
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Before tablets, before smartphones, how did we ever survive those family roadtrips that seemed to take forever? With a little thing called the Gameboy Colour. What, did you think we meant something non-electronic? We’re not that old. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Game Boy Color Games. Subscribe►► Facebook►►. Twitter►► Instagram►► Suggestion Tool►► Channel Page►►

For this Top 10, we’re looking at the best games specifically released for the Gameboy Color, rather than enhanced ports of original Gameboy Games, that means that The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX is out. That being said we are dropping the one per franchise rule for this list alone … just this one.

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  1. What in the world is this so called "family road trip"?

  2. Who made this list? i notice some awful choices in it. It is all except a top 10.

  3. Check out my vid, I back lit my gbc looks amazing!

  4. Dokapon is a adventure game RPG runs on rock paper scissors it's a great game allot of people didn't know about Im glad my grandma bought me a fun random game back in the day!

  5. So Pokemon Gold and Silver are the best games for both the GBC and the DS, really?

  6. 1. Pokemon Yellow
    2. Metal Gear Solid
    3. Grand Theft Auto 2

  7. You're top 10 games lists are shocking 🤦‍♂️

  8. Has he not heard of reproduction carts? I just bought a copy of Shantae for 10$

  9. Omg the pokemon crystal song… So much nostalgia 😭

  10. "resident evil" and "resident evil:gaiden"

  11. There was a star wars game from phantom of the menace that was too good to not be mentioned lol smh

  12. I was absolutely in love with my lime green Gameboy color and I had Pokemon silver to go with it. ( a game in which I was also in love with lol) 😋😁

  13. Pokémon games should have NOT been on this List becsuse Pokémon Fucking Sucks.

  14. What if the number 9 girl is in smash bros

  15. Crystal best Pokemon game ever. Still need to get one of the Gen 2 remakes though

  16. Lufia: Rise of the Sinistrals was a great GBC game.

  17. Oh wow 😲 I didn’t know Metal Gear Solid was ever released on the Game Boy?!
    I thought it was just the PlayStation!

  18. Rayman and Rayman the great escape. GBC version

  19. You should put tiny toon Montana’s movie madness on the list

  20. More like "what other Roms keep draining your cellphone battery?"

  21. when you want to play on your Gameboy on a car ride but…. its dark….

  22. Agreed PKMN is the best game of all time on GBC, despite Mario.

  23. I played a ton of bugs bunnys crazy castle series!

  24. I hate! ABSOLUTELY HATE!!! That I clicked on another watch mojo vid.

  25. >claims list will only have 1 entry per franchise
    >list has both zelda oracle games separately and includes a pokemon main game and a spin off pokemon game

  26. The best one ever, was Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

  27. Why didn't u guys included Spider Man GBC or Spider Man 2 GBC Watchmojo?

  28. My top:
    1. Zelda: Link's Awakening DX
    2. Pokemon Gold/Silver
    3. Wario Land 3
    4. Zelda: Oracle of Seasons
    5. Mario Golf
    6. Mario Tennis
    7. Shantae
    8. Wario Land 2
    9. Zelda: Oracle of Ages
    10. Metal Gear

  29. I remember being patient enough to wasting my battery life on Conker's Pocket Tales haha, never ever beat it sadly. But I loved it, guess it was the Conker fan in me despite being so use to a certain other title lol

    Seriously though, I admire the history of Conker, it's crazy.

    As for Pokemon? Oooh boy…hours and hours playing those, good times.

  30. I know I will get attacked for this, but I loved DQ3 on the GBC way more than Pokémon Crystal, which is better than Gold/Silver.

    It is not that I think Pokémon Crystal sucks, because it is a really great game. I just think DQ3 is that much better, which says a lot about it. Also, much rather play the GBC version than Switch version.

  31. There was originally a third oracle game but due to time issues it was cut. There's a reference to it in Minish Cap I think

  32. Shantae is my number one by far. Metal gear solid ghost Babel is number 2 for me.

  33. Bionic commando elite
    Dragon warrior 3 y monster
    Legend of zelda trilogy
    Megaman xtreme
    Metal gear soldier
    Pokemon pinball
    Tetris dx
    Wario land 3

  34. As a kid, I owned
    #7 & #4-#1
    And I am currently playing through #9

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