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Top 10 Game Boy Color Games
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Before tablets, before smartphones, how did we ever survive those family roadtrips that seemed to take forever? With a little thing called the Gameboy Colour. What, did you think we meant something non-electronic? We’re not that old. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Game Boy Color Games. Subscribe►► Facebook►►. Twitter►► Instagram►► Suggestion Tool►► Channel Page►►

For this Top 10, we’re looking at the best games specifically released for the Gameboy Color, rather than enhanced ports of original Gameboy Games, that means that The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX is out. That being said we are dropping the one per franchise rule for this list alone … just this one.

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  1. My son thinks 1# is pokemon yellow the best and most fun

  2. I sold my copy of Shantae for about $700.

  3. Who's looking for games to download bcos of ECQ all around the world? April 15, 2020

  4. The original Gold and Silver are better than Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Change my mind.

  5. I remember playing Gold, Silver, and Crystal so much. And I wasn't even AROUND during the time of these games! I used to play the game all the time though on my grandpa's computer on a sight called Playr, which has unfortunately been shut down. But nonetheless, I had so much nostalgia playing those games! I don't know what it was, but there was something about the music, the environment, and the overall vibe that made me believe it to be better than HGSS in my opinion. And I feel like the remakes are a great remaster of the original games, but I will always love the originals more regardless.

  6. Pokemon Gold and Silver along with Crystal are such awesome sequels. They are even better than the original games any day of the week. So many imrpovements were made.

  7. I heard there is a Rayman game that was released on this console. Does anyone know if it's good?

  8. I actually had only 1 game which i didn't finish because my gbc broke then i switched to nintendo ds then ps2 then ps3 which i play today

  9. Not surprised Shantae in on the list, I had fun playing it on an emulator

  10. Shantae should have been in the top 5 section not 10

  11. I'm glad Dragon Warrior monsters at least made it to the honorable mentions. I'm never hearing anyone talking about this game and it's so good!

  12. Pokemon Gold / Silver were probably the best Pokemon games ever made in my opinion. First time they expanded on the OG lineup and 16 badges, day night cycles, eggs – The list goes on!

  13. Commenting on the beginning, I want to say we also had the original Game Boy in 1989.

  14. The GBC was great, but too bad it had such a short life… it released in late 1998, the GBA came out just 3 years later.

  15. The only Mario spin-off that should be on this list is Mario Tennis

  16. Alone in the dark was a good looking game back then.

  17. I like the Roms cuz I dont have to risk breaking my actual copy of the game and last forever 😊

  18. WHERE IS THE TCG GBC POKEMON GAME????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

  19. ALSO WHERES MARIO GOLF AND MARIO TENNIS??????!!!!!!!!! PLEASE READ MY COMMENTS BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Both my original game boy colour and game boy advance still work like a dream. Looking for some more games to play while I'm in lockdown since I've already bored myself to death on my brand new Xbox one

  21. I’m not that old but in the olden days, from where I am, we used to play physical games all the time. Most of the kids of my age only introduced to video games in the early 90s. I myself was introduced to GB/GBC games in ‘99 when I was 16. Pokemon Blue is my first GB/GBC game ever.

  22. So when I say the Pinball I was like "I said a real pokémon game not a spinoff!"


  24. I knew you cowards would put the 2 Zelda games on here. Your list stinks.

  25. Ok but where's Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

  26. Pokémon TCG is low key a great game and I love the music too

  27. Do you know spider man return of the sinister six in nintendo gameboy sp has gameboy color identical game too and the color is based on ultimate spider man father’s pride comic and peter parker is in the game btw i don’t remember the title of the indentical game so don’t ask me i’m very sure it’s entitled diffirent, because i was struggling looking for it for really longtime

  28. I still have The Legend of Zelda Oracle titles myself.

  29. while kids out here are playing FORTNITE and ps5, I'm out here playing my gameboy advance with GBA/GBC/GB games

  30. Playing pokemon silver at night is so …….

  31. In my opinion crystal is the best version of pokemon gen. 2, but it sucks that it costs $60-$100 for just the cartridge.

  32. This comment is very late but I feel like the video is missing something, the list is great and I was wondering where was Survival Kids.

  33. So they said not enhanced ports but Terri's DX is that way to go breaking your own rule

  34. I watched this because Nintendo could be bringing these games to the Switch online. I think I should cancel the switch online.

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