Top 10 Free Oculus Quest 2 Games for Kids Plus 3 Bonuses -

Top 10 Free Oculus Quest 2 Games for Kids Plus 3 Bonuses

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So you’ve bought your kids the Oculus Quest 2 and now you’re wondering what games should you get so they leave you in peace for a bit. But you also don’t want to spend any more money.

Well have no fear WaqMan is here today we are going to go through the best Free Games for kids on the Oculus Quest 2, these are also for the Original Quest so don’t worry.

Cool stuff for your Quest or Quest 2:

Quest 2:

Oculus Link Adapters ALL IN 1:

Wireless Mesh:

RGB VR charging stand:

VR Cover Alternative:

Lens Cleaning Pen for Quest 2:

MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths:

Quest 2 Face Cover:

Quest 2 Lens Anti-Scratch Lens:

Quest 2 Elite Strap:

Quest 2:

Wireless Mesh:

PC Specs:
CPU: 3700X:
GPU: 1080TI:
RAM: 32GB 3600Mhz:

CPU: 3700X:
GPU: 1080TI:
RAM: 32GB 3600Mhz:

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Quest 2 Games to Buy First:

Top 10 Free Quest 2 Games:

Top 11 Hand Tracking Games:


As a potential early WaqMas present. WaqMa Clause has decided to giveaway an Oculus 2 VR HEADSET to one of YOU, if we hit 10k subscribers by Christmas! If for some reason we don’t I will still give away a copy of Arizona Sunshine, and we hit 8k I will also give a copy of Richie’s Plank Experience.

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  1. “Have no fear waqman is were” I love that

  2. Games for kids and you’ve got poker…..piss off

  3. is anybody under 13 getting an oculus quest here?

  4. Umm 10 free games and 3 bonus ones you mean 13

  5. Poker Stars…. For children?? Seriously??

  6. I like how he says poker is a kids game in vr and rec room that one is a kids game its just older poeple go on thare and make it a less inappropriate vr chat

  7. The problem is ur looking a the game play not the community rec room for example is good game but can have a vrchat like community

  8. Rec room is rated E but on a non junior account than its toxic

  9. Убийства из лука, зомби – отличные игры "for kids". Я совсем не ханжа, но это бред.

  10. Tysm me and my cousin have a oculus but we stopped using it because we had no idea fo games we should play with it and our parents said since we’re not using it she’ll sell it so we begged and she said ok one week but if you guys don’t play with it we’re gonna sell it so I hopped on my laptop and looked for games we tried them and we lovedddd them so TYSM

  11. And also don't worry of you don't know how to play rec room you can still play do the tutorial

  12. I love Bogo so much! I’ve finished it so many times but it’s addicting even tho it always repeats the best part is Bogo is exactly like real life pets! I’m gonna say one thing I love the fact sometimes she/he doesn’t want you to pet their leg! Or arm or head! It’s adorable but all these other games I haven’t tried yet 🙂 the first one seems awesome, I will try it as soon as I can can’t wait! And all the others of course!

  13. Great quest 2 games for kids! Pokerstars vr

  14. My dad Say pokerstars vr is not for kids

  15. Whats the first game at beginning of video called?

  16. "Bought your kid a headset? You will regret it"
    An article I saw that was strange.

  17. I don’t get it they said in other videos that Vrchat is not for kids only 13+

  18. Did you know kids can get banned and with that facebook will brick your headset


  20. Could you please write down the name of the games?

  21. Bogo is so cute! But I found a secret! Look inside the table where you can cook. You will find a picture! Idk who they are tho

  22. Just a while ago I searched up free kid friendly games and lots of these I got recently

  23. Bogo is hard to get fruits from the tree. Enemies, gambling there are not good for kids at all

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