Top 10 Best Game Boy Advance JRPGs of ALL TIME! -

Top 10 Best Game Boy Advance JRPGs of ALL TIME!

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Obviously, this is only my opinion. My 10 favorite JRPGs on the GBA. Also not including fan-translated games.
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  1. An often overlooked Final Fantasy game is 5.
    It's really good, so much fun.
    The Advance is probably the best way to play the game.
    Play it

  2. Dislike because mother 3 not in the best jrpg games.

  3. Surprised not to see Final Fantasy Tactics Advance or Phantasy Star Collection here. Given the criteria for jrpg you've used in other videos, I think the Castlevania games would absolutely fit too. Harmony of Dissonance & Aria of Sorrow are two of the very best games on the console. Love the two Fire Emblem games though. Finished Sacred Stones back in November & it prompted me to run out & get a Switch to play Three Houses (a good decision).

  4. I love breath of fire ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺😊😊😊😊😊

  5. the ONLY thing I didn't like about the Shining Force GBA port was the changes to some designs.. the sprites also felt.. muddy lol but man.. the wolf dudes promotion class was just so boring in the GBA version T_T

  6. FF4 on the GBA is a walk in the park compared to its DS version.

  7. Having a gameboy player on your GameCube makes all these games all the better too.

  8. Tales of phantasia is awesome for GBA if not compare it

  9. lunar STSC on PSP was gorgeous, so sad Lunar 2 didn't get the same love, so I stick to the PSX versions since I like Lunar 2 better than 1 :p

  10. appreciate that tip about Tales of Phantasia at the end!

  11. 27 seconds in there's a game with what looks like a mecha dragon on the left and 4 characters on the right, one of them looks like a bald/bearded Neo. Anyone know what game that is?

  12. WE NEED MORE GOLDEN SUN one of my favorite game series ever only second to shadow hearts

  13. Dude, what's your accent…I can't quite place it. It's cool though, don't get me wrong and your English is good (I'm English and you speak better English than some of the English people I know!). Good video, useful info 🙂

  14. Tactics ogre is one of those games I always intended on picking up. I’d see it at GameStop and always say “next time”. I never bought it. I regret it

  15. I wonder if there is a fan translation rom of the missing fire emblem

  16. Loved you in Game of Thrones, man.

  17. I don't think ports are allowed, they took alot of spots.

  18. Just bought final fantasy 4 a week ago , i use to have so many games for so many consoles , after 5th grade i started smoking weed everyday , smoke so much i got desperate and started selling toys, games , etc. Just to get high. my god the regrets i have for selling my games from sega genesis, n64, gameboy, xbox, so many etc each for a dollar. Life's a bitch you guys respect your body and love yourself surround yourself with people with good intentions , sometimes we lose ourselves for people or Material, god bless all of you who havent tried coke , meth etc. Weed wasn't bad but when you take advantage of your body , you will lose so much in the end , physically , mentally , spiritually.

  19. Ohhh man .. FF6 love that game, personally I prefer the SNES version, hmmm it looks darker and more mysterious, and BAN Celes that Girl is a broken character ahhahaha nice top man , have a g8 year

  20. 'Charming charisma'' …. ehhhhh what?

    I wish Golden Sun were not 200$ each on Ebay :/

  21. Blazing Blade number 1? Mad respect man 👍

  22. How could I've missed that!!! Is one of my favorites of alltime!!! Just guessing some FIRE EMBLEM may have be in the first position!!!

  23. Yggdra union was just so hard, I started replaying it in emulator and cheat my way through

  24. Golden Sun games needs a console title fa sho.. pref ps4 or switch…love it as my top 3

  25. First time watching your videos and some of the games in the intro video looks fun can someone tell me the name of them please

  26. Riviera the Promised Land the best game on GBA.

  27. I was so happy to search for this on YouTube, and see that he's already done this.

  28. Wow. I think this is the first time that I've had every game on the list. I was looking for a few new games to play, but oh well!

  29. My favorites:
    1. Tactics Ogre : Knight of the Lodis
    2. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
    3. Fire Emblem Blazing Sword
    4. Fire Emblem Sacred Stones
    5. Final Fantasy V
    6. Final Fantasy I & II. Love FF2
    7. Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green
    8. Pokemon Emerald
    9. Final Fantasy VI
    10. Final Fantasy IV

  30. Why don’t these include mother 3? What about the fan translation?

  31. I'm looking for a turn based RPG game I played when I was young. I only remember the game is 3vs3 turn based game. It use robot animal to fight. The main character was given 3 fire element robot to choose at the 1st, eagle, wolf and chick. We can catch other robot animal with the special hand gloves. Can someone tell me the game's name if you guys know what is it call please

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