THIS is NOT a GAMEBOY THO #gaming -


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  1. I have one that's like a PokeBall, and can carry more games.

  2. This is from Pheonix Resale! Glad showing out because it’s so cool! ❤🎉

  3. Ik he didn’t pack Minecraft for the switch knowing it runs better on the phone…

  4. Dont carry you games on your pocket its super easy to lose
    Use a hole puncher and put them in a keychain for safety

  5. that's cool as hell, I'd imagine the screen protector is a one use way to keep the case's glass looking clean for all the neat freak people (partially me lmao) but while it's cool, idk how I feel about a case without a strap and a clasp / zipper closer

  6. this is for people who have never held an actual gameboy in their life

  7. I just had an epiphany. Someone should make one of those retro handhelds but make the back into a case for switch games. Two handhelds for the effort of one

  8. POV: You put gamecards in your pocket "Where's my animal crossing gone?"

  9. Wait you still use game cartridges and 2023? Who does that? 😂

  10. One that's even cooler(or looks cooler) is the pokedex one. It's a smaller one than that but it can still hold like 3 games or sum I triple dog dare u to review that next 🗿🗿

  11. But if you lose that one thing you will lose so many games in one thing

  12. mine is way cooler and holds triple that one at the same size 🤣 I also probably got mine a quarter the price too 😁

  13. Well i guess theres no excuse to missplace your smol switch cartridges with dat gameboi

  14. If anyone puts switch games loose in their pockets, I fear them

  15. There are some that are thicker but close to same size that hold 72 or 74 games.

  16. *put game here *
    mom dont tuch it
    hour leater
    mom where is my game…
    i didn't nothing
    go to see in the trash and my games in the trash

  17. Lol I have that exact case for my switch and I lost it for like a year once lol

  18. I want a video that you recommend the best nintendo switch games in your opinion

  19. Bro what you do is you get a System Case that has game holders… That's what I do

  20. putting game cartridges in your pockets is a sin you cannot tell me otherwise

  21. Am I the only one who thought that was made of chocolate?


  23. When i was little,my dad would always tell me not to touch the end of the game as there is a motherboard there that could destroy the game or touch the end of the cd

  24. Imagine losing that and then losing all of those games😂

  25. i thought it was a famiclone console (those 500 in 1 things)

  26. POV: You backed up all your carts and or bought all digital

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