There's New DOORS and The Boys are Scared. -

There’s New DOORS and The Boys are Scared.

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Roblox Doors had an UPDATE?!

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  1. When he held the candle out for the entire time I got triggered

  2. The skeleton key helps you open the backrooms on door 60 so do that to unlock a achievement

  3. And you can use the crucifix to lock the bosses but don’t use it on screech

  4. And when you get to door 61 flip the lever and go back to door 60 and the gate will be open and you will get to the A rooms

  5. Have you heard of the clown that hide from gay people? 🤨😁

  6. Me when I saw figure for the first time: OMG IS THAT A SLIM JIM DEMOGORDON?!

  7. Eddie- the bullsh*t doesn’t start until door 10

    Me who got ambush on door 3

  8. it aint rng its dev's choice to spawn it in or not also the crucifix banishes any creature but seek and figure will only stun them while the others doesnt appear for long you need to hold to activate it

  9. ok but nobody's talking about how eddie knew jack was in the closet at 33:08 and successfully trolled juicy 💀

  10. Narrator being a troll is my new fav thing lol

  11. Im getting mad that eddie got killed with a cross on him but i understand its a normal mistake

  12. When you go to that shop after the figure turn off the Jeff’s radio something happens

  13. My favorite moments:
    21:28) juicy scares Eddie
    23: 48) narrator dies XD (again)
    24:13) juicy dies 😂
    26:51) "The thing jumped out even further and grabbed my a$$!" -Narrator 2023
    27:30) they finally realise that they are losing it
    28:34) did anyone else realised that Figure was running like Naruto????
    30:38) figure sprints at narrator😂
    33:09) Eddie tricks juicy
    33:58) "AHHHHHH!!!………… SpIdEr-"
    37:17) Eddie gets angry at dupe
    38:58) baby tried to climb the dresser again 😭

    Okey bye bye!! Keep making awesome videos! Love you guys!!

  14. You don’t open the doors..

    They open for you.

  15. Hey Eddie if you are looking for more ROBLOX horror I highly recommend The Survey. It is pretty short but there are multiple endings and the scares are PERFECT. I definitely would like to see you play that sometime in the future.

  16. Why,am I the only one who thinks that Mexican talking cat at the shop was based of Eddie 💀 😂😂

  17. CaptainJackAttack could really make something with te last minute there 37:05

  18. "im out here gettin' obliterated in roblox" -JuicyFruitSnacks 2023

  19. alternative title; da boyz getting scared for the next 38 minutes of pixels momentage

  20. I found out something that if your not close to seek yet and you have a dupe if there are eyes next to one of the doors and only that door and there weren’t eyes yet than that’s the correct door. Also door 92 and after normally have rush or ambush.

  21. Use the cross to repel enemies…

  22. For the next time you play, the blue light is what ppl call an entity that leads you to the correct path, so giding light is a good entity

  23. Can anyone explain to him at the start of video, he got hallway jack I think

  24. Also Eddy You can use the crucifix to stop them just use it when they attack and hold it

  25. People who comes when the room flickers:rush and amber amber can't look at amber you can stay out of the closet but don't look at amber )
    Who chases you:seek

  26. how did glitch teleport you to the wrong door?

  27. Yo yous gots tos yous that cross correctly

  28. Basically if you ever become confused I'll explain how the game works with the monsters ofc Basically the monster that is very common and is a 100% chance of getting is called rush he comes through when the lights flicker you can either hide under the bed or in a closet then you have screech he's maybe like a 60% percent chance of getting he appears when you hear a static noises or a psst behind you to scare him off you will need to look directly at him then you have ambush he's like a 10% chance ambush is exactly like rush but you will need to go in and out of the closet or bed multiple times because there will be multiple coming through than you have Timothy he's the spider that juicy saw in the drawer almost half way through the video he's like a 5% chance of getting he just takes a small amount of energy away from you and jumps cares you nothing really to it he only hides in drawers than you have jack he's like a 2% chance of getting he only hides in closets then you have figure he's 100% he's one of the bosses you will come across figures at door 50 once you come to door 50 you will need to immediately crouch figure can hear you when your running around so crouching will help you alot more in door 50 you will need to find books that has numbers in it there will also be a paper near the middle that will say exactly which number goes where once you have the paper you will need to go upstairs and put the code into the lock but don't open it yet if everyone is downstairs still or else he will kill everyone but the person at the door so wait til everyone is there then you can go through after finishing door 50 you will come across a monster that is absolutely harmless his name is Jeff he Basically has a little shop where you can buy stuff with the coins you get from draws I forgot to mention there I'd another monster named seek you Basically just run from him you will meet figure again at door 100 you will need to find switches to use for the power box in order to turn on the power for the elevator you'll also need a key to open the door for the power box it will make you play a little mini game once you open the door after completing the games you will need to immediately run for the elevator and your game is completely finish congrats you beat the game I forgot to mention that around door 90 you will come across the green house it's completely dark so you'll need a flashlight, lighter, or candle whichever you have is fine rush comes through in the dark so you'll need to listen closely I'd suggest that you stay near the closets every door you go to stay near it for atleast 5-10 seconds if it's alright after that long you'll be fine to go to the next door but remember repeat that every door you go through until you hit door 100 once again I forgot to mention 1 more monster his name is dupe he only hides behind the wrong door that you choose there Will be either 2 or 3 doors that you will have to guess which is correct but yeah that's basically it have fun playing the game 👀✨️

  29. Well that was good…I'll like the video
    Well Done

  30. idk what to put I give up on username says:

    I'm mad that Eddie didn't use the cross when u hold it and a demon attacks u it disappears

    Edit: the plant gives u Regen the whole game to help u out

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