The Ultimate Game Boy? -

The Ultimate Game Boy?

Austin Evans
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Is the Nintendo 2DS the ultimate Game Boy?
Game Boy Color Unboxing!

With the release of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby alongside the new transparent Crystal Blue and Crystal Red Nintendo 2DS I started wondering, how does the new 2DS match up with not only the Nintendo 3DS but also to the Game Boy?




  1. But it can't be the ultimate gameboy if it's not a gameboy….

  2. Who the fuck would ever trade anything in at GameStop… It's so shitty that it's an insult to all gamers

  3. Ok i get your a NINTENDO FAN BOY🤣 dont worry so am i

  4. Alpha sapphire launched on the gameboy advanced?

  5. Wait the 3ds has 2gb? Idk comment plz just cuz im to lazy to google it

  6. Pokemon is my favorite series so ive started collecting every physical pokemon game. (I prefer physical games over digital)

  7. Shout out to the couple in the background…

  8. It’s just a 3DS but it’s flat and it doesn’t have 3D

  9. Nintendo 2ds

    Normal People: A 2ds

    Austin: The ultimate game boy

  10. The ultimate Game Boy is the Nintendo GameCube. Just so long as you’ve got the Game Boy Player hooked up to it.

  11. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

  12. You suck for bashing Nintendo for upscalling DS games on the 2/3DS series they"re the company that made both unites so………

  13. Even though the switch is the the console of the year, the 3DS and 2Ds will always and forever be the ultimate Gameboy.

  14. Hey guys this is Austin is this the ultimate game boy 🕹

  15. The GBA SP is the best Gameboy because it can play all Gameboy games, is backlit, can be charged and it can be closed to protect the screen but still is much more sturdy when compared to the DS.

  16. Oh yeah, not even 1 third of the Gameboy Library, no Link Cable-Support and thus, no Multiplayer besides Pokémon. Also, no colour for OG Gameboy-games, no Super Gameboy-Support, locked features for specific games (GBA-Shop in Zelda for GBC) and no GBA-games.

    No thanks (at least for Gameboy-games)

  17. Why are you guys watching a tech channel if your just going to make fun of his content

  18. The true ultimate gameboy is retro modding's GBA or the AGS-101 Gameboy advance SP

  19. They should make a crystal purple or pink one

  20. I love that he admits that he snuck his Game Boy into school

  21. Why won't my ultimate SNES play my carts?
    holds up gamecube

  22. holds up Switch Is this the ultimate Wii?

    I had to buy 2 AA batteries every week

  24. Over 4 years late but wow this is a misleading title

  25. …… Is this just a review on the 2DS

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