The ULTIMATE Game Boy Advance -

The ULTIMATE Game Boy Advance

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The form factor for the original Game Boy Advance is generally preferred by most people over the SP, however its non lit screen makes it much harder to use today. I wanted to spend some time and build what I would call The Ultimate Game Boy Advance using a new screen, better speaker and even a rechargeable battery pack through USB-C. Today we’ll be completing the build and bringing an old classic system up to modern times.

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  2. U rock guy happy superbowl tonight ok guy have a nice day today it's going on 1pm now guy

  3. This is also not ultimate sadly, the GBAccelerator exists

  4. the glass screens are not good, they never stick correctly and I can already see yours is sticking up in the bottom left corner so it will separate soon. I love the look but man I wish they wouldn't come with any sticky stuff on it at all and instead include an epoxy kit because the stuff they use sucks.

  5. This is a mod that im actually willing to do since i love GBA, will look into this. Since i have a clear version ill need to make mine look a little prettier, but hey i can opt out of things, such as the rechagable battery pack as i bought the 3rd party one with the attachable playstation handle grips a long time ago and still works, but i can upgrade the battery that at least.

  6. the unrestness of your hands, how you constantly touch and rub everything, keep making gestures is somewhat disturbing.

  7. Do you need to use the soldering iron on the 2 wires if you don't wanna control the brightness? Cause honestly I just want a back light that I can see out of and I'm happy

  8. And the thumb nail has the ultimate gna game on screen

  9. The deserted theory italy screw because william histomorphometrically sack per a aggressive christmas. erratic, rude ashtray

  10. I’ll just pay you to do it for me. Too much work!

  11. I enjoyed the video and I applaud your efforts but the GBA still can't compare to the Switch.

  12. I liked everything until you got to the battery.

    I believe that there is little reason for a battery pack when rechargeable AA’s are available.

  13. @SpawnWave even if it's a bit much could a bluetooth audio transmitter fit in with the motherboard?

  14. @SpawnWave can the new speaker you Used in this video fit into a gba sp 101/ 001?

  15. I need to find a company that makes these for you.

  16. Is there a way to make the L and R buttons less stuff? I swapped out the buttons on my GBA and the L and R buttons are really stuff and I’m not sure what to do

  17. Doesn't show how it performs in 240p test suite.
    Stop wasting anyone's time.

  18. This video could have easily been 4 minutes shorter

  19. The ultimate Game Boy Advance is one with Golden Sun stuck in the cartridge slot

  20. I had the same color scheme growing up. It was a Toys R Us bundle that came with Super Mario World. Sold it to fund an SP for $20usd. Learned a lesson that day lol. I really want one of these again but know it will just sit in a box.

  21. This is how the GBA should have been. Very good mods

  22. I need to get back one of those babies… So annoyed that my mom sold all my retro consoles when i went to live with my father 15 years ago lol. NES, SNES, GB Pocket, GBA, all gones 🙁

  23. Dude i wish the GBA were still $30.00!! Going and buying a gameboy advance and a backlit screen kit in 2021 isn't gonna happen for $80.00… gameboy advances have gone through the roof, they are about $100.00 now.. So right now at this time your looking at about $170.00 to buy a GBA and a backlit screen kit because I just bought one and back lit it.. It is awesome but its gotten so pricey!

  24. where can i buy a screen like that for GBA and GBC?

  25. where the hell you finding gba's for 20$???

  26. This is so awesome. How is the new screen centered? It looks like its a little off center, but that might be some camera trick

  27. Well for the battery, you could have gotten two lithium LR3 (AAA)´s with 1200mha each and smal usb-c lithium charging board for maybe 10$, a couple centimeters of leftover wire and you would have had more capacity for less money with the desired resoult. 2400mha is more than 50% over the 1700mha you bought. Just saying, "ultimade" could have had more than 50% more battery capaity with not really more effort.

  28. When the SP came out, I gave my Advance to one of my friends, I regret it so much now that I'm older.

  29. My old GBA was, well it started to malfunction. The chipboard was completely fine, but the buttons didn't respond as the silicone pads underneath started to break apart, the battery cap clip was broken so i had to use a piece of tape for that and the screen really bugged me as it didn't have backlight. I could have gotten a used SP, sure, but a few problems. It feels like shit, too small, as were the buttons and also the button layout felt off. Also, the battery, it will die out some time and kinda troublesome to get a replacement, don't have that problem with a 4pack of rechargeables. So upgrading my old GBA it was, it was rather easy really.

    So how did i upgrade my GBA?
    -New screen, believe the same kit you have, though mine came in a much better package. Fun fact about it, they used to give people old SP and DS screens to let people upgrade their GBA, however they ran out of those and now they make modified phone screens, which not only look better, they also are more energy efficient than the old crappy SP and DS screens. Stayed with the same type of colored case as i had.
    -New black pads
    -New cyan buttons
    -New battery cap
    -An Everdrive with every GB, GBC, GBA, NES, Gamegear and Master system games on it.

    I didn't upgrade my speaker, sounds pretty neat, maybe i'll look into that as well to have the true ultimate GBA, but for now, i'm quite happy and i think i'll be playing on it for at least a few decades. The cyan buttons and side attachments really make it pop out together with the black casing, a lot better than the old greyish buttons. Start and select button are black, makes it more symmetrical in design. It was an accident, as i wanted to have those cyan as well, but i bought black pads instead of cyan ones, however it was a happy accident which couldn't have gone better and i actually prefer is, cause of better symmetry.

  30. The GBA fills a holy trinity for handheld and Nintendo lovers that makes it so unique: classic old games, one of coolest, of not the best looking retro handheld, and ERGONOMIC. Considering how uncomfortable the earliest Nintendo handhelds were, the GBA really hits the perfect sweet spot for retro handhelds.

  31. quick question the Sb and advanced can take the same games right?

  32. I have a modded GBA with an original AGS-101 screen. It's my favorite daily driver for all things Gameboy 🙂

  33. The SP is cool looking and has that nice backlight screen (the 101). But it is honestly the most uncomfortable handheld Nintendo has ever released. I can’t use it for longer than like an hour before my hand starts to cramp. I much preferred the form function of the OG GBA.

  34. Thank you for the tutorial! Doing this now with my GBA and this helped soo much!

  35. The original GBA is the ONLY GBA… the other ones are just fake and bad

  36. I miss my GameBoy Advance systems. I had both the original and the SP models. If they ever put them on the Nintendo Switch Online store I will buy one. I will repurchase the games I had for it too.

  37. I like the Gameboy Advance and Goodwill is the perfect example of how much hand-me-downs are appreciated. At a low cost of course yet I believe with the right intentions the system still has a place on store shelves.

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