The ULTIMATE Game Boy Advance SP! -

The ULTIMATE Game Boy Advance SP!

Jake Simmons
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Hopefully @Austin Evans has warmed up to soldering a little more

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The Original Game Boy for Austin:

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  1. thats an amazing custom Metroid gameboy

  2. Hi Jake. Do you work with accelerators at all? Been wanting to add one to my DS Lite but it’s not the easiest thing.

  3. been watching Austin for years, definitely following you now too. good video

  4. Damn that DMG is awesome. What a great build too. I do like the longer videos.

  5. Brilliant work Jake, that must have been frustrating lol.

  6. Sick samus game boy! Never owned a dmg before!

  7. Honestly, you need to go work at their office and do awesome videos on both channels!

  8. the dichotomy of you and Austin was hilarious😂

  9. Definitely going to be checking out your channel from here on out

  10. U just need zero followers your stuff is lame thank u J To The O

  11. I LOVE the orange gameboy sp. I want one.

  12. Anyone know the kind of soldering kit they are using ??

  13. Glad the GB is getting love while the pocket/dock has the spotlight

  14. 14:17 unless you are soaked in gasoline soldering is not that dangerous. Worst thing is you get a bit burned that's it.

  15. Whoa! I am here for this kind of content!

  16. Won't lie the gameboy samus game boy looks amazing and the other mods for the GBA SP is a really amazing to see. Hope to see more.

  17. The gameboy advance sp has a special place in my heart and it was nice seeing it after so long

  18. Whait what mod is that? how you send the screen to the tv?

  19. 0:00 how long were u hiding under there!
    Great vid, btw ur lighting and colour grading is gorgeous

  20. Just beat Super Mario Land 2 what an awesome game

  21. I have an orange gameboy with a glass screen

  22. This is cool but you can definitely see the difference in energy. Austin is fun, crazy and enthusiastic and you are calm and collected. Kinda seems a bit awkward.

  23. I gotta build my SP Boxy Pixel mod. I have one of the original kit versions with the smaller screen and I’ve had the kit since July of 2021 lol. I build the original Game Boy Advance Boxy Poxel kit and I absolutely love it. Have the USB-C charging kit and dim control. All blacked out it’s just so perfect lol. Highly recommend the build even for beginners.

  24. Love this screen mod for the sp, wish I had more time to finish/add mods to some of my consoles. Constantly drawn back to gb macros though. I have a lot of projects right now and have been putting my time elsewhere, it’s good to see someone completing something lol.

  25. thumbnail having a switch dock is questionable ngl.

  26. Genuinely enjoyed this video. I love the banter and the dry humor. I don't even want the Gameboy lol just wanted to say thank you and I just subscribed so I can't wait to see what's next!

  27. I watched your video, only. Also subscribed, great video!

  28. Good choice in color! I went with clear orange too but with black buttons instead. Just did it recently too.

  29. That add timing for the sister calling was so perfect 🤩😍

  30. Austin brought me your talent earned the sub 😉👌

  31. could you connect a better controller to the USB C port while connected to a TV? or better yet add a Bluetooth mod?

  32. Both Gameboys (giveaway one and one for the vid) were beautiful. props for the work. How long did the Samus one take?

  33. Am I the only one that think he looks like Logic?

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