The ULTIMATE Game Boy Advance SP! -

The ULTIMATE Game Boy Advance SP!

Jake Simmons
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Hopefully @Austin Evans has warmed up to soldering a little more

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  1. I was popping out the hinges on my sp when reshelling. My daughter asks me a question, I loose concentration for a second, the hinge pops out and the precision screwdriver went straight through my index finger and out the other side.

  2. jake isn't that cool, everyone does this nowadays 👋

  3. Austin is so unbearable I had to stop the video after the idiot almost clapped the iron.

    Cool channel, free sub, never work with these dipshits again

  4. i got wordle (well wordly) on my Nokia 2720 Flip lol

  5. What were you doing under that table at the beginning?

  6. Hope I can win the giveaway I've never won a give away before

  7. I got a black SP that had “who are you?” Printed on it many many years ago. Still have and can play it today.

  8. This is so awesome haha don't tell the New York Times 🤣
    I want your hoodie 🤩

  9. I didn't even know i was subscribed to you but lit

  10. Can you do a 3Ds see you do something with it

  11. Love to have one gameboys sp look cool nice do good work on it and hopefully that do we do some business to gather let me know

  12. I want that game boy 😂 so cool guys, love your work

  13. Când You sens me a Nintendo switch caise ok poor

  14. Awesome video on teaching someone how to mod the GBA.

  15. Why does everyone love the SP? I hated it's form factor as it was not comfortable to hold for long periods. Give me the original GBA with back light any day.

  16. The hinges are the worst to remove. I broke my shell and cut my finger on the brittle plastic.

  17. What a great video! Also, couldn't the last word at Wordle have been nukes? I've never played the game, but from what I saw it would have been perfect

  18. I love watching Austin be so unknowledgeable with retro consoles

  19. I fixed up a pair of SPs like this last year. They were saved from a recycling center and looked like they were ground into a pile of gravel. Both are re-shelled and have screen replacements like this. They're fantastic little units now!

  20. Where do you get those cases/boxes for the SP👀

  21. Jake said he didn't even walk in with his tool kit

  22. I loved the SP more, but if I do a GBA then I have to do the classic model because the SP is too small now for my adult hands so it’s awkward to hold and can cause finger cramping.

  23. I am HOOKED! This was a fun vid to watch with the cutest outro of self-hype I have ever seen. Let's get you more subs!!!

  24. “This screen is going to be crystal clear”

    plays black and white port of wordle

  25. Roasting Austin because his house burned down…. 😂 that’s some true friendship right there.

  26. I didn't realize I'm watching on your channel and not on Austin 🤣🤣🤣

  27. Austin reminds me of my senior design partner. I hate my senior design partner.

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