The ULTIMATE Game Boy Advance SP! -

The ULTIMATE Game Boy Advance SP!

Jake Simmons
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Hopefully @Austin Evans has warmed up to soldering a little more

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  1. My SP is the same age and still works fine. Glad to see it's possible to update it .

  2. I wonder if Jake ever sells his gameboys bet he could make good money

  3. next year it will be able to drink

    me: Laugh in German

  4. Shake out your clothes out and double check your clothes bee for putting them away and hanging them up

  5. apparently that silver color is called platinum silver

  6. so much unbridled rage without any overemphasized emotions
    i can tell you wanted to tear him apart

  7. This guys logic if logic didn’t start rapping

  8. "We have a bunch of different ones with parts missing"

    Why is this me though? Lmao

  9. I love that gba sp.
    I want to upgrade my old sp i got to a version like that.

  10. Also try modding the game and watch zelda/mario

  11. I wish it was fully opaque, that retro Nickelodeon orange/Nintendo Spice Orange on a Gameboy looks so nice

  12. Great video. Really enjoyed the way you guys put this together. Recently modded an SP myself too – rusty soldering skills really on show

    That one missing screw cover got to me though!

  13. The greatest Game Boy was the Color. SP is nice, I like the whole line, but never trust anything with hinges not named RAZR

  14. Still trying to figure out what that Wordle was wth

  15. PS4/Xbox One Board are really good practice for using a hot air knife/gun. You can usually find cooked one for pretty cheap. Xbox One is better for practice cause it has more ports to pull off, and the solder just feels better than PS4.

  16. Can this guy modify my gameboy advance sp so I can stream the games? I don't have a gameboy player so yeah. I just want to be able to stream the games on the pc without a rom. Same with my DS/3DS games systems. Also everything on your website is soldout. (Gameboy wise.) I was hoping you'd have one so I could play it on the TV like I saw in this video.

  17. i like how this is step by step and not time lapse i tried to put a lcd screen on my ags 001 cobalt blue but i swapped it to metallic purple but now it does go on

  18. Amazing intro man I love how you were never completely hidden

  19. it's not practical on modern tech unless you have a microscope.

  20. 28:00 "that's it" that's how i felt when backlighting my GBC… turns out i bent the expensive custom ribbon cable just a bit too much x_x

  21. Well done on the collab, you have a talent 👍

  22. Dude retro remastered is fully sold out of everything gameboy. Please restock

  23. What are those blue hard protector cases hes got in the beginning? 😀

  24. Is there a place
    That sells modded game boys?

  25. I’m so confused, I thought this was Austin’s channel

  26. i am impressed by the assembly but i just die laughing from the savagery

  27. Hi jake my game boy won’t work could you repair it

  28. I don't remember who makes it, but there's a USB-C mod that also outputs audio too. You need a Motorola dongle for headphones bc it's an analog signal though.

  29. I have a ags001 and no previous nodding experience. What would you suggest I try and any websites that you recommend for parts?

  30. I didn’t even know their were giveaways, was just watching it for the sp

  31. I love how careful and thoughtful Austin is trying to be in this build and he's just getting absolutely roasted the entire time.

  32. Nintendo should build the ultimate console: a game port to play all games, from classics to now.

    Pretty much a modern GameCube but with mods.

    Did someone ever make a modded GameCube? If yes, I want one.

  33. Awesome content broseph!!!! And have your seen the slate????

  34. Austin is so intellectual combined with Jake’s solitude makes for a very interesting collab.

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