The Top 100 Game Boy Advance Games In 10 Minutes...according to Metacritic -

The Top 100 Game Boy Advance Games In 10 Minutes…according to Metacritic

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Another Top 100 list – this time for the Game Boy Advance (GBA)

The ranking from this list comes from Metacritic (); I’m aware that this is a somewhat controversial source as many of you abhor Metacritic – but I was unable to find a good user-vote based list. Still, I think the Metacritic list does provide a good view of the library.

And what a library indeed. The GBA has one of the largest libraries around for any game system, and there was a looooot of trash there; however, there was also a significant amount of genuine gems – many of which are showcased here.

Making this video was surprising for me, as I didn’t spend very much time with my GBA at all. Researching this video, I realize I missed out; there are some really impressive titles on this system – for example, the Doom and Duke Nukem ports were really something; and so many titles feature some gorgeous hand-drawn graphics. It really is amazing what some developers managed to cram out of the two button portable!


  1. A lot of underrated gems in this list, this brings good memories.


  3. 1. Pokémon Sapphire
    2. Super Mario Advance 4
    3. FF5 Advance
    4. FF4 Advance
    5. Fire Emblem
    6. Kirby & the Amazing Mirror
    7. Zelda A link to the past
    8. Zelda MC
    9. Golden Sun: The Lost Age
    10.Pokémon Emerald

  4. I wish Nintendo relaunched the Gameboy Advance, with backlit and rechargeable battery. I never had one but I find it such a great console.

  5. Whyd u put summon night 2 on rank 99th?! Is it too bored-? Its very cool and romantic games ive ever played (after harvest moon)

  6. When the highest rated game is a port of an snes game

  7. Why is Mario Kart Super Circuit rated higher than Minish Cap?

  8. Some of them suck ass now, specially the racing games, but at the time that's what we had 😏

  9. no mention of tiny toon adventures: scary dreams? smh

  10. For me, Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town has always been my favorite part of the series and one of my favorite GBA games..
    Oh the nostalgy and the countless hours <3

  11. Not matter what metacritic say:
    Pokemon Emerald 1st to me without any doubt.

  12. 2001 seems so far away when I watch my GBA cartridges collection… Yet it's only 20 years old… Nostalgia is the strongest and strangest feeling in the world.

  13. Can someone help me find a game where its like a story and there is a boy, a girl, and a baby, and you can switch characters to get to different parts of the game

  14. goes to show that metacritic is wrong, m fusion as 1 (except to super metroid fans, understandably) then golden sun as 2

  15. The legend of Zelda: A link to the past. My preferred one

  16. Kirby and the Amazing Mirror is super underrated and Golden Sun just hits DIFFERENT

  17. If number 1 is not a Pokemon game then it's not valid

  18. Advance Wars and Golden Sun games were awesome

  19. this guy put pokemon at 74 no offense but are you high or brain dead?

  20. man alot of games looked terrible on the gba, it make things like zelda, metroid, castlevania, final fantasy and golden sun seem head and shoulders above everything else on the system.

  21. Definitely metacitic should not be taken seriously when choosing a game…

  22. I was obsessed with car racing literally I played every car racing game 😉

  23. I just love these comments
    "I didn't see <my favorite game>, so this list sucks"
    "Metacritic doesn't know what they're talking about"
    "Tony Hawk?!?!!?!?!?!?"

  24. Pokémon, Kirby and the amazing mirror, Minish Cap, Golden Sun, Fire Emblem, Advance Wars – what a console GBA is

  25. There is a GBA game similar like super mario bros. Where main charachter looks like pikachu ((from pokemon)) with white color. After completing all stage level you defeat the boss then you go to next stage level. And when he drinks a red drink in a glass like this🍸 he have bullet to kill enemies i think its bullet looks like jungle boy wood piece. Final boss you have to defeat 2 times then you will ends the game.

    I didnt found it here

    Do you know its nsme and can you help me to reach to that game. I want to play it after so long time.

  26. Sometime i want to Know who note this game

  27. 1) Minish Cap
    2) Summon Night Swordcraft Story II
    3) Golden Sun
    4)Pokemon Advance
    5)The rest…

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