The "SUP" GAME BOX - 400 in 1...or a knockoff Game Boy that's meant to be Supreme branded -

The “SUP” GAME BOX – 400 in 1…or a knockoff Game Boy that’s meant to be Supreme branded

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2021…does it even feel like it? Not really…but I am back!

Not completely yet, but enough to start getting videos together!

In this one, I look at a knockoff Game Boy 400 in 1 console that says “SUP” on it.
Yep, that’s pretty much it.
But this isn’t really in-depth, it’s more a chill and relaxed review. Nothing serious, just having a laugh at something silly.

I do have SO MANY more of these consoles around so if you want more, let me know!

2021 is going to be hectic, I do have a lot of content planned, but I am starting slow and then eventually will build up a bit of a schedule to keep you folks entertained.
Hope everyone is doing well 🙂

Intro: 0:00
The Product: 1:03
Unboxing: 4:00
The thing: 5:38
Power On: 7:47
Games List: 8:33
Super Mario Bro & Super Mario 14: 10:00
Super Mario Bros 3, Dr. Mario & Mario Bros: 12:41
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Chinese Menu & Turtles 4: 14:04
Contra 12 in 1: 15:22
Contra Force, Super Contra 7 & Kage: 17:28
Misc Games Showcase (Mortal Kombat 4, Angry Birds etc): 18:21
Rambly Conclusion & Donkey Kong: 23:28
TV-OUT & PC Connection: 26:13
Teardown: 27:42
Does anyone want to see more of these?: 29:33
Outro: 30:33

Be good people!
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Email: [email protected] (Business Stuff)
Mick Gordon – BFG 10K (Doom Eternal Soundtrack)

Audio Test:
Mick Gordon – BFG Division (DOOM 2016 Soundtrack)
Intro – made by: GRAMA Design (Grunge/Glitch)

*All images used in the video belong to their rightful owners but are used under fair use/demonstration.
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  1. I can't believe that these companies don't get closed down

  2. One doesn't just pass the lvl . One gets angry and smash it up

  3. Then one game in Japanese has a school girl being attacked by a tentacle monster.

  4. got mine off wish for ten bucks with 3.75 shipping. i love this. i got it under two weeks crazy. love it it plays great. yes the build is cheap but it works very well. for the money. man cant beat it.

  5. I thinl i know why mario is speedet up back then they programmen Mario mover per Frame but the hardware is better then the NES so it got more frames and it moves every frame

  6. Its 10 months since i have it and i enjoy playing it

  7. I just found 1 at a flee market for $20.00 and my runs perfectly and Mario runs regular. Definitely worth the price 👌


  9. I think you got scamed dude mine came with extra console

  10. bro can make it up to 400 games is that possible ?

  11. I have one of these. It's white. Even though it's a Game Boy knockoff, it's really cool and has very nice games. The only thing I didn't liked about it it's the battery. It drains too fast. I wish it could be better…

  12. Where I live this can be purchased for 10 US dollars.

  13. Данило Кетов 🇺🇦 [Анти-Т-50-2 Channel] says:

    I have this console

  14. hy how i can install sup geme box 400 in 1 to 900 in 1 or sup M3

  15. Only just realised "DOUBLE AGAINST" is local multiplayer

  16. I wonder if a wish smartphone with emulators on it could be a better gaming device than the knock off consoles

  17. three questions. 1st did you find a way to remap the buttons (like for MK)?. 2nd when it is fully charged, do the led changes color or turns off? 3rd wonder if you know a way to change the games via pc. thanks in advance

  18. the fact these people can keep scamming people with the same stupid NES with the same stupid terrible buggy games is just freaking outrageous

  19. I played a bit on one of these, and it was kind of fun. If nothing else, I got a good laugh at "Mr Mary."

  20. Cringe supreme shit triggers me. So ugly. Thanks for the review though!

  21. I screwed around trying to be cheap and bought one of these abominations for my daughter, so she would leave my consoles alone. It stopped taking a charge on the second day she had it. She was so mad I had to buy her a Switch Lite. Lmiao.

  22. I have 2 of this. I'm trying to beat mario bros lol

  23. I also had one of that
    Im gonna say i had a pretty fun and terrible gameplay

  24. "he's blocking!"
    "What am i supposed to do?"


  25. i have one of these and I HATE THE "SUP" LOGO, its literally ruining the gameboy charm for me, they could of have in the bare minimum mimicked the actual gameboy color screen logo thingy instead of such an awfull name and font..

    i only got it so i could paint it again and have a nice gaming prop, a bad excuse for a gameboy yeah, but thats what i could get(because the original of course is hella expensive and rare in good condition)

  26. I have this one and I wonder if I can mod it to put a Rasperry Pi in or something.

  27. I bought this one on the flea market for literally 2 bucks.

  28. I bought one in Croatia for 100 Kuna (13,5$).

  29. I have the same one, you really make it harder than it really is lol The buttons aren't that bad either. I know you reviewers, like making the little clicky noise of the little buttons lol

  30. I got one of the sup 400 in 1 portable game box and I actually like it

  31. 7:36 “It comes factory scratched; That’s a feature.” 😂😂 this vid cracked me up. I found one of these at a friends house and had to check for others’ opinions to make sure it really was as cursed as I thought it was. Seems like it, lol – thanks for the laughs

  32. I paid 250$MXN or 12.61$USD for one with 500 games

  33. I bought one of these if you check every game is repeated twice and donkey kong 2 is the same as donkey kong jr so there are only 199 games it is a scam

  34. This thing is being sold everywhere i look in the middle east for 8 bucks lol

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