The Story of Quake on the Game Boy Advance | MVG -

The Story of Quake on the Game Boy Advance | MVG

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In 2002 developer Randy Linden set himself a new challenge : Port Quake to the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. In this episode we take a look at how the impossible was achieved, but sadly never saw any commercial release.

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  1. This is not only a technical achievement, but a form of art. A triumph of human mind.
    Too bad NDS and PSP could easily handle Quake or Quake 2 ports but never got official releases.

  2. Quake 1 was BARELY work on my 166MHz MMX with 64MB RAM (in 640 x480) – was was the spec of GBA?

  3. I've never watched your videos before but this was randomly suggested to me and I have to say, great content. It was really interesting and you broke it down in a way that me, who has no knowledge of how hardware or even software works, could understand. Great video I look forward to more of these impossible ports

  4. I got totally lost by the technical explanations, because I listened to this video while working and I'll give it another try later.

    But I still enjoyed it quite this video quite a lot because of the awesome Super Aleste music.

  5. Yes this is pretty incredible, but come to no shock to me. If you were back in the scene many years ago , and would flutter in out of certain forum groups then u were in the know 😉😉😉👍🏻

  6. So is it possible to make the rest of the game? Or is this one level too big already?

  7. Talk about how your company Night Dive stole the work of ScummVM (Blade Runner) – also Enhanced edition? piss poor work, – you should be ashamed. Mistakes were made… Blade Runner Enhanced.

  8. What's the BGM at the start of video? Sounds niche

  9. are you going to do a video on the new ps4 9.03/9.04 exploit?

  10. Haven't played the original quake thus i gotta ask. Why is the number in the down left corner jumping around so hefty? From the symbol i would have guessed it is armor but having it jump around so much and also seems to be tied to the motion of the player makes my brain go 'huh?'.

  11. Thank you for this great video!
    I hope there will be one about the Quake 1 on the Nokia 3650 or N-Gage. 😀

  12. People don't realise the importance of such endeavours… It shows that basically you shouldn't simply run after power, try efficiency, you can use the money saved to do even better things on tech!

  13. Ah GBA, my beloved child.

    3D gba gamesxare the most beautiful 3d games

  14. I'm not a fan of consoles, but I love the geeky exploration of the good old times. I wish there was a similar channel dedicated to PC games.

  15. Liksang… never thought i'd hear that name again

  16. Insane quake and tomb raider. I would have loved to see what he could have done with the ds and if whatever he built would have ran better in a single screen mode

  17. Question – Why does the armour keep going up and down? I assume some bug that was yet to be fixed in that build?

  18. Does any one know where I could find the earlier E1M1 Quake Demo?

  19. Could watch videos on Quake ports all day. Always an interesting subject

  20. Wow bank switching I thought that was only a thing in sonic delta 40 MB.

  21. Can you make a video on the story of team rebug?

  22. Please host podcasts featuring legends such as Randy!

  23. As a CS student, I can only dream to be as good of a coder as Randy Linden. I don't do a lot of coding in my free time due to other hobbies and I'm increasingly interested in theoretical CS, but he def inspires me to improve my coding skills!

  24. Not heard from you in a while, hope all is well 🙂

  25. I hope everything is going well with you Mr. MVG It feel like forever since I've seen you… I miss you my fren… I'll be sending you prayers and well wishes 🙂 I hope to see you soon! 😀

  26. Anyone know a server for switch game modding? I'm looking to mod Naruto Storm Trilogy and Storm 4 on the Nintendo Switch, but I need to know how to use IDA pro and cheat engine with those tools.

  27. He did not create the impossible. He created something impressive. Or somethings others thought would be impossible. But he did not create the impossible.

  28. ngl the recent ps5 hacks going around are making me get really excited about the possibilities for a how the ps5's security was defeated video i really love those videos as there very informative about the past of how said console was defeated

  29. If this was released on GBA it would be the most sought after game on gba collectors list and probably would be considered one of the best GBA games of all time, what a shame 🙁

  30. That is incredible! Why on earth didn't this make it to market!

  31. Please consider making a video on PS3 and Xbox 360's multi monitor support in games like GT and Forza. For that you had to have multiple consoles and game copies for each monitor and link them with a modem. Interesting stuff!

  32. I'm no expert but by the sounds of things this guy might be capable of making decent use of the cell processor in the PS3. I bet he could get cyberpunk 2077 running better than the PS4 version at least!

  33. Great content and love everything you do at nightdive studios. Easily my favourite developer

  34. Who can make a better game

    A group of devs with tons of money and SDK's
    A group of guys in their house with an SDK made with black tape and some cables put together

  35. I found the demo rom online, but how do i get the quake 1 campaign levels on it? You mentioned tools for doing so, but i can't find them.

  36. Where do you get this version of the prototype???? The earlier build that looks more like the original quake.

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