The Rarest Pokémon Game Boy Systems Ever Released -

The Rarest Pokémon Game Boy Systems Ever Released

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We’ve discussed many expensive and rare gaming systems in the past, including popular Game Boy handhelds, but on this episode we’re taking a look at the rarest and most limited edition Pokemon themed Game Boys ever made!

The Rarest GameBoy Games Ever Released:
The Rarest Nintendo Game Boy Systems:

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Pretty much everything in this video is owned by Nintendo/Game Freak/The Pokémon Company.

No copyright intended as it’s for review/commentary purposes.



  2. You just earned yourself another subscriber my friend

  3. dude I'm starting one as well for september

  4. What was wrong with the Psyduck you pointed at?

  5. My Pokemon 20th anniversary 3ds cost me $350 and is originally $199 in store but sold out everywhere. I shouldn't have opened my 3ds and just sold it in 10 years from now.

  6. I have the pickachu one, I got in in new jersy at target for 20 bucks in 2004

  7. Good video, very interesting throughout and professionally displayed.

    Quick question though, do you know the status of a generation 2 themed Gameboy Colour? It's blue behind, yellow on the front and has Pikachu and Pichu displayed around the screen. Blue directional buttons, green and red A+B buttons.

    Was most likely released around 2001, based on the release dates of the games. I have one lying about and I'm curious to see how rare it is.

  8. damn the new pokemon games look fucking cancerous lmao an ice type vulpix? nintendo stop fucking around with my childhood smh

  9. I have the Latios/Latias GBA in pretty damn good nick-only a couple of tiny scratches on the screen. It's a really nice coloured handheld too!

  10. I actually own the orange Torchic SP (And I still have the box, but the poor system is beat to hell and back…)

  11. the latios Gameboy is going for 512pound new

  12. i found a gold pokemon center ny gba for 59.99 on ebay

  13. i found a 3rd anniversary pokemon gbc for $420

  14. I ACTUALLY had a pikachu themed gameboy when I was little but I lost it.

  15. The new Sun/Moon 3ds xl design looks so bad ¶:

  16. i got the orange starter gsmeboy cib for 150$

  17. 2:24 i owned this when i was 10 i traded it for 2 games cause i ogt the console for free x.x around the age 15 i realized i shouldn't have traded it at my local pawnshop

  18. I know the guy who have this Pokemon GB Light Wow 😀 he must be a very lucky guy! 😀

  19. soooooooo uncomplete i am very surprised…
    did you do researches?^^

    because there are many rare systems and more informations about gba gbc gba sp that it needs to say ..

    Still nice to see this video but not complete at all ! the rarest arent on your video , but some of my pics are 🙂

  20. Great video dude! I recently started watching your videos and you make some good stuff. I really like the professional editing. Also, sweet Fire Emblem shirt!

  21. Isn't it weird that I have a Latias and latios GB SP

  22. How about the Pokemon Gameboy Micro? That has to be up there as well, and I'm shocked you didn't mention it. For a all red system with Pikachu on it, it's awesome.

    BTW, one's up on eBay right now for 625 bucks.

  23. i really like that or and as made a Delta episode with Rayquazza instead of making something like uh….. Delta Emerald

  24. I didn't know my yellow pokemon game boy was soo rare

  25. I was a child so I would never know about these systems besides the Pokémon game boy color I had along with a green and purple one, I was a super fan of Pokémon since it came out but can't say that I cared about systems when I was a child

  26. I have the Groudon, Pikachu, and Rayquaza SPs. Yeah, I'm a collector.

  27. I had a Gameboy Colour with a Pikachu and Pichu on it. All Yellow as well.

  28. "When Pokémon ruled the world" hopefully sun and moon can revive Pokémon

  29. i got a gbc pikachu and pichu edition

  30. is your intro song from a game boy game?

  31. the orange isn't rare there are copies from the housing..

  32. い ぉゔぇ 容量 ようつべ ヴィデオし / I love your YouTube videos . I spent 10 year and got all 721 shine Pokémon through lots of methods nuzlocks and random misers and trading and all shine methods

  33. Why would you waste $500 on some yellow game boy color with a little bit of design on it? I just find it really dumb :/

  34. when i ser this vídeo i got a shiny hatched rowlet n°671 lul

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